February 23

February 22

The student-led conference is scheduled for Wednesday, Feb 27.  During the half-hour session that you can sign up for online, your child will take you around to different activities in the classroom. You will get to experience story workshop, play a math game, look at their favourite art piece and compare their writing from September to today. I will be in the room to greet you and your child and to supervise, however this is not a time to discuss student progress. Student-led conferences are a time to celebrate student learning! If you have any questions or concerns at the end of the conference, I would be happy to meet with you at a later date. The students are really excited that you are able to come and see what they have been working on in class.

This week we celebrated our 100th day of school. We rotated through to 1N to work on an art activity related to 100, to 1D to put together a 100-piece puzzle, and finally to 1C to play 1010 Puzzles on their iPads. Thank you for supporting your child in bringing in 100 objects to sort!

On Thursday morning, we had story workshop again. The students have been working on adding a middle and end (a problem and solution) to their stories.

Thank you to Charmaine’s family for coming into share with us! It was special to hear that Charmaine’s older sister helped her make the powerpoint. As a family, they enjoy celebrating Christmas and Chinese New Year together. When it snows, they have fun playing together outside. They like to pray, play card games, watch movies and eat together. Charmaine enjoys making pancakes with her mom Chris and building Lego with her dad Tim. Charmaine also has an on older sister Eunice and a younger sister Gemma.

Thank you so much to those who brought in supplies for our creation station! The students have loved inventing. I have a good stock of materials so I won’t need any this week.





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