March 16

March 16

Dear Parents, 

The report cards were released online yesterday.  Please take a few minutes over the weekend to discuss with your child what they have done well in and what they need to improve on.  Regular reflections enable students to be more aware of their thinking and learning. Below is board in our class with visuals that I have been using with our class to help them self reflect.

In Language Arts, students continued to work through different activities such as their WTW sorts, writing creative stories, reading to self or partners and practicing their handwriting. We also continued to read stories by Oliver Jeffers.

In Math over these past two weeks, students learned about the value of Canadian bills and coins. When we come back after spring break, they will be able to apply their addition and subtraction skills in a mock shopping centre. Over the holidays, if possible, allow your child to use money to buy small items at a convenience store to consolidate their mental math strategies. They were very excited to learn. If you are traveling overseas, your child could contrast and compare the money from that country in terms of the denominations used and the pictures on the money.

In Bible, we learned about the Easter story. This will be the theme of our chapel on Thursday, April 18th. We focused on learning two songs this week which I shared with you below.

If you are going traveling over the break and come across a library, please take a photo of your children in front of it! If you are staying local and visit the library, we would also love to see those photos. Also, if you read together as a family, those photos are welcome as well. We just love to see our community reading and enjoying libraries! Email all photos to Ms. Huber.

Thank you to Eason’s family for coming to share with us last week! We learned that his parents run a renovation business. Eason has an older brother Jason who also goes to RCS and is in grade 3. Eason was an active and happy baby. He enjoys playing chess and in the snow with his family. This summer they went camping with their church. They have also been crab fishing off the sunshine coast.

Thank you to Franklin’s family for coming to share with us this week! We learned that Franklin was born in Richmond and his birthday is in June.  Franklin has an older brother Gerald who is in Grade 5 and also goes to RCS. He also has a younger brother Harold. A favourite verse for their family is Proverbs 22:6.

Our class loves to find bugs and build homes for them. Below is one that was found yesterday!

Yesterday the students were excited to play with shaving cream!

Have a great Spring Break!

 Message from Mrs. Laing and Mrs. Mung regarding Accelerated Reading (AR) in Grade 1

Thank you for attending our AR Parent Meeting on March 11th. We are encouraged by your commitment to your child’s education and appreciate and value your partnership.

For those of you unable to attend the meeting, please take note of the following housekeeping details:

  • AR Training will take place during school hours from April 1-12th
  • Beginning the week of April 15th, your child will be attending AR in a small group, 1x/week, for 30 minutes.
  • Your child’s AR class will run from the week of April 15th – May 31st, after which AR and the library will be closed for the summer inventory process to occur.
  • Grade 1 students are NOT permitted to take AR quizzes after school; however, they are most welcome to come to the library and read books. Please keep in mind that Grade 1 students must be supervised during after-school library time. The library is open from 2:45 – 3:15 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

If you have any questions about the workings of the AR program, please feel free to contact Mrs. Wendy Mung, our AR Technician ( If you have any questions about how the AR program is used to support our early literacy program at RCS, please feel free to contact Mrs. Angela Laing, our Literacy Coach (

We look forward to introducing your child to the wonderful world of AR!

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