April 28

April 28th

On Thursday, students created invitations for our Mother’s Day Tea. They learned that invitations are another form of writing. This Tuesday, the students will be bringing them home for you to see. Please return the slip of paper in the back and forth books to RSVP so I know how much food to prepare.

It was great to see the grandparents come to visit on Wednesday. Students showed their work and taught them how to play the math game “Bump”. Below are a few pictures.


We have been reading books by Peter H. Reynolds.  He is the award-winning author/illustrator of The DotIsh and Sky Color and writes stories to inspire young children to be more creative. The students used their creativity and turned simple dots into various scenes.

In Bible, we will be starting a mini unit on what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.

In Math, students were taught a card game called Guess My Card.  It helps to reinforce their ability to add numbers to twenty by using mental math as well as the idea that numbers can be decomposed into parts.  This is another card game that you can play with your child at home to improve their understanding of part-part-whole relationships (e.g. 11 is the whole and 7 and 4 are the parts), a key component in developing a young child’s number sense. The game is played in groups of three. Two students face each other and place a card on their forehead. The third person sits in between and adds the two numbers on their forehead, announcing the total. The two players holding the cards have to do mental math to figure out which card they are holding by looking at the number across from them.

This week, we launched our theme unit by introducing the big idea that light and sound help us understand our world, the difference between natural and artificial light, and ways that light can travel. Students were given pictures of natural and artificial light to sort.  I did not tell them the sorting rule but some of them were able to figure it out! They discovered that natural light comes from nature while artificial light is man-made.  We watched a BrainPOP video on how light travels and things that it can pass through.

Thank you to Moses and his parents Raymond and Theresa for sharing with us this week. We learned that they moved to Vancouver 2 years ago. Their favourite thing to do as a family is go to church together on Sundays. They enjoy traveling to Disneyland and having opportunities to learn and serve others.