May 18

May 18

Dear Parents,

Thank you moms for coming to the Mother’s Day Tea last week! Below are some pictures!

As the weather gets warmer, students have been enjoying having picnics and playing outside during Exploration Time.

In Language Arts, we have been reading books by Barbara Reid. She is an illustrator and author who creates images using Plasticine. In writing, students have been working on using different sentence starters and adding interesting, descriptive details.

In Math, we have been exploring non-standard forms of measurement such as unifix cubes and paper clips. This week, students learned how to estimate before measuring. In the last week of May, we will be moving on to shapes.

In Bible, we have been talking about creation, the fall, the Resurrection of Jesus and the restoration.

In our Inquiry unit of Light and Sound, students compared how foil and cling wrap vibrates and affects the pitches of their kazoos.  They continue to make a hypothesis, record their observations and draw conclusions in their science journal.

In Health, we explored the core competencies of critical thinking and creative thinking. We have been doing various art projects where students to get to come up with their own ideas.  

Thank you to the Seto family for coming to share with us this week! We learned that Hannabella enjoys figure skating and watching TV but does not enjoy eating eggs. Our class enjoyed learning a new song, led by their family, to help us remember the memory verse 1 Timothy 4:12.


  • There will be no school on Monday.  Enjoy the long weekend with your families!
  • May scholastic orders will be due on Friday, May 24th.
  • Students will get new spelling words on Tuesday. Because it’s a short and busy week, the spelling test will be on Friday, May 31st.

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