September 29

September 29

Dear Parents,

It was great seeing so many of you on Thursday! Literacy is a key component of learning for young children.  It is truly a partnership between home and school.  We hope that our sharing gave you some insights into how young children learn to read and write, and how you can help at home.  If you were not able to attend last night, the information covered will be included over time in my weekly blog.   

In Math, we completed our unit on Patterns by asking students to explore geometric (growing) patterns and translate patterns.

We followed up on the idea of trusting and obeying God by looking at the life of Abraham.  The students learned how Abraham obeyed God when he was asked to move to Canaan and had to sacrifice the son that he had at an old age.  He trusted God even though he was asked to make tough choices. Below are two songs we sang this week.

In our inquiry unit of Matter matters, we defined matter as something that takes up space and is made up of three groups: solids, liquids, and gases.  Solid is something that takes on a definite shape, a liquid is something that you can put your hand through, feels wet, and takes on the shape of the container that it is in, and a gas is something that you can also put your hand through but may not feel.  We practiced sorting different objects into these three groups. On Friday, we had root beer floats so students could see the three states of matter! On Tuesday, High Touch High Tech will be coming into our class to do a few matter related science experiments as we prepare to wrap up this unit.

In Health, we continued to discuss ways to improve our wellness choices.  This week, we talked about types of exercise that the students enjoy.

Our Chapel has been scheduled for Friday, December 13.  Please mark that date on your calendar and come to support 1N on that morning (8:35-9:05).

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