October 29

October 29

Dear Parents,

On Monday, students wrote about one interesting thing that happened on their weekend. Keeping their writing focused and exploding a small moment (who, what, where, why, when) are skills that we will continue to reinforce this year. We also read several books written by Mo Willems, our featured author. Thursday afternoon was exciting! Ms.Huber came to join us and we read an Elephant and Piggie story together. Eventually students will be able to work on their own Mo Willems story. This week they learned how to draw Gerald!

We practiced two reading strategies this week. Ask someone to define a word is a reading strategy where students can expand their vocabulary by asking someone (usually an adult) to define words that they may not have seen before. As you read with your child at home, when reading books that are above their independent reading level, try to point out words that your child can use naturally in their writing or oral speech.  The second strategy is called “Flippy the dolphin”. Since each vowel has two sounds (long and short) I encouraged them to change the vowel sound if they read it one way and the word sounds wrong.

I am very proud of the way our students have picked up the routines for Literacy Rotations this week. Students are participating more actively in their focused group. The small grouping also allowed students to ask more questions to clarify or extend their knowledge and skills. I am beginning to see the skills being transferred to their reading and writing. The jail words we have talked about so far are: to, was, the and you.

Our school’s book fair is scheduled for Oct 28 to Nov 1. If you are interested in buying books for your child, you can visit the fair at these times:

Monday 9:30am-6:00pm

Tuesday 12:00am-8:00pm (Closed between 5-6pm)

Wednesday-Friday 8:30am-3:15pm

In Math, students continued to work on different number sense games. Next week we will be talking about number lines. Being able to see and work with a number line enhances their mental math strategies for adding and subtracting numbers. We will be referring to this tool throughout the school year. Students also filled in and decorated their own November calendar with dates that are important to them. We will be completing a monthly calendar each month going forward. Some suggested that they would like to tape it to their doors, inside their room or on the refrigerator door. We discussed how the calendar can help us organize our routines.

In Bible, we continued to review the stories of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and Esau. We discussed the way Jacob stole Esau’s birthright and blessings was unkind and unpleasing to God. We also learned how God is faithful and merciful, even when we sin and have made poor choices. Below are two of the songs we sang this week.


In our Inquiry unit of Me to We, we talked about how students contribute to their families. Students suggested that they help their families by doing the laundry, unloading the dishwasher, washing the dishes, making their bed and keeping their room clean.

As there is no school today, we are not going to have library this week. Students can keep their books for an extra week to enjoy!

October 19

October 19

Dear Parents,

The author who we will be focusing on over the next few weeks is Mo Willems.  He is known for the Piggie and Elephant series, and the Pigeon series. We read a few of his books this week and watched video interviews of him to learn more about his writing process.  In addition, each child received their home reading package this week.  The package needs to come back to school on the day of the week specified on the bag so that your child can exchange for new books and read with a teacher. During literacy centres with Mrs.Chan, students continued to practice reading words and blending sounds, worked on their No David stories, practiced their printing with Mrs. Mung, and listened to stories on Epic.

This week, students played various math games to help with their number sense using dominos, ten frame cards and playing cards.  They also learned a game using the ipads called ten frame mania.

In Bible, we continued to look at the story of Abraham and Isaac to learn how we are blessed when we obey God. We have been singing two songs to remind us about being thankful.  

Yesterday, the students were excited to “Meet” their Grade 12 buddy on paper. The high school buddies sent over a letter with their picture and a prayer request. After I handed out the letters, I gave them some time to pray on their own for their buddy. It was so special to watch and hear their heart for their new, older friend.

We began our new Inquiry unit of Me to We.  The students will be exploring the roles that they have at home, in school, and in their community and how they can contribute to the groups that they belong to. This week, the students were excited to start class jobs at the end of the day. They were busy washing tables, organizing the books, sweeping the floor, emptying the organics bin and cleaning the white boards. We discussed as a class how they are showing love and care for the classroom and the cleaners that work hard to keep our class clean.  

In Art, students have been experimenting with line, colour and pattern while working on fall pictures. They traced different shaped fall leaves, overlapping one another on a white piece of paper. Last week they worked on colouring the leaves with crayon.

Have a great weekend!

October 12

October 11

Dear Parents,

In Language Arts, we continued to listen to video interviews and read books written by David Shannon.  We learned how good writers need to write each day.

We will begin our home reading program starting next Tuesday, Oct. 15. 10 Students will begin and bring home their reading package (in a large Ziploc bag) on Tuesday, 5 students on Wednesday, 5 students on Thursday, and 5 students on Friday.  The expectation is for you to read with or read to your child one book each weeknight.  However, we do understand that all households are busy, and you may miss a night of reading from time to time.  For more information on how you can help at home, refer to the green handout in your child’s home reading package.

One of the key focus in primary math is on the development of students’ number sense, their intuition about numbers and their relationships.  Number sense is something that grows and develops over time as a result of exploring numbers, visualizing them in a variety of context, and relating them in ways that are not limited by traditional algorithms.  The ability to manipulate numbers and see them flexibly (e.g. 8 can be a 5 and a 3 as well as a 4 and a 4) will eventually help students see the relationships in higher math (e.g. algebra, calculus, etc.).  In order to help children grow their number sense, we will be focusing on four aspects of number sense:

  1. Subitization (recognizing a small number of objects at a glance)
  2. The concept of one more, two more, one less, two less than a given number
  3. 5 and 10 as anchor numbers
  4. Part-part-whole relationships

All the activities that we will be introducing this year, whether it is an app on the iPad, practice work, math puzzles, and games, will be based on the above four principles.

In Bible, we reflected on things we are thankful for.

Notes & Reminders

  • Scholastic Orders: are due on Friday, October 18th.
  • Photo Orders: are due October 15th. If you missed the deadline, photos can still be ordered online.
  • Photo retakes are on November 7th . Please let me know if you wish your child to retake his/her photo so I can add them to the list.
October 5

October 4

Dear Parents, 

It was an exciting week in Language Arts! Mrs.Chan brought playdoh for the students to build vowels with. They learned that some letters can hold a ball (a, o, u) and some letters can hold a stick (i, e). After forming their letters, they were given pompoms and stir sticks to decorate their letters with. 

Because we have been featuring David Shannon as our author of the month, the students were very excited to begin their own “David” stories. Some decided to retell stories that we have read, while others came up with their own ideas.  

In Math, we explored the idea of equal sets. Next week we will talk about one more, two more and one less or two less. These are concepts that are important for algebraic thinking and number sense. Young children tend to grasp the idea of “more than” much more readily than “less than”. Therefore, it would be helpful to incorporate the language of “less than” if you are sharing some math concepts with your child at home.   

In Bible, we read through a book called “What Happens When I Talk to God”. It is an easy to read book that encourages children to God to talk every day and explains prayer in ways that they understand.  Below are two songs that we sang this week in case you want to listen to them at home!

In our Inquiry unit of Matter Matters, we invited a scientist/instructor from Hightouch Hightech to come into reinforce and explore the concept of matter.  She performed various experiments to illustrate what happens to a molecule when it is in a solid, liquid or gas state.  The students mixed vinegar with baking soda to create gas and made their own oobleck (cornstarch, food colouring, and water), a substance that acts like a solid when still, but a liquid when stirred.   

In Health, we talked about how regular exercise can help make our body stronger, sleep better, improve our moods and our immune system to fight against germs.  We also talked about how we can exercise safely by drinking water, wearing the appropriate protective gear and warming up before we play.  As I sent the kids outside for recess, I asked them to think about how exercise makes them feel. When they came back inside, they were excited to share that they felt happy, calm and relaxed. We have also started talking about an emotion each week. This week the focus was on anger. We brainstormed ways to solve problems or ease frustrations. Students suggested that they can take a deep breath, talk to a teacher, count to 10 or drink water.

  • Student individual photo orders are due on Tuesday, Oct 15 instead of Oct 8 (as stated on the package). Life Touch will return on November 7 for retakes if you were not satisfied with the first photo proofs.
  • There is also no school next Thursday and Fridayas teachers from the school will be engaged with professional development on those days.   
  • We have an ice–skating field trip on Tuesday, January 28th. Parents who come to volunteer are able to skate for free! I will be sending out more details closer to the actual skating date.
  • Please continue to replenish and check your child’s extra clothes box! Rainy season is here and our class loves to play in puddles and the mud. Rain boots are also a good idea.

Below are some pictures from our root beer float day.


Have a wonderful weekend!