October 5

October 4

Dear Parents, 

It was an exciting week in Language Arts! Mrs.Chan brought playdoh for the students to build vowels with. They learned that some letters can hold a ball (a, o, u) and some letters can hold a stick (i, e). After forming their letters, they were given pompoms and stir sticks to decorate their letters with. 

Because we have been featuring David Shannon as our author of the month, the students were very excited to begin their own “David” stories. Some decided to retell stories that we have read, while others came up with their own ideas.  

In Math, we explored the idea of equal sets. Next week we will talk about one more, two more and one less or two less. These are concepts that are important for algebraic thinking and number sense. Young children tend to grasp the idea of “more than” much more readily than “less than”. Therefore, it would be helpful to incorporate the language of “less than” if you are sharing some math concepts with your child at home.   

In Bible, we read through a book called “What Happens When I Talk to God”. It is an easy to read book that encourages children to God to talk every day and explains prayer in ways that they understand.  Below are two songs that we sang this week in case you want to listen to them at home!

In our Inquiry unit of Matter Matters, we invited a scientist/instructor from Hightouch Hightech to come into reinforce and explore the concept of matter.  She performed various experiments to illustrate what happens to a molecule when it is in a solid, liquid or gas state.  The students mixed vinegar with baking soda to create gas and made their own oobleck (cornstarch, food colouring, and water), a substance that acts like a solid when still, but a liquid when stirred.   

In Health, we talked about how regular exercise can help make our body stronger, sleep better, improve our moods and our immune system to fight against germs.  We also talked about how we can exercise safely by drinking water, wearing the appropriate protective gear and warming up before we play.  As I sent the kids outside for recess, I asked them to think about how exercise makes them feel. When they came back inside, they were excited to share that they felt happy, calm and relaxed. We have also started talking about an emotion each week. This week the focus was on anger. We brainstormed ways to solve problems or ease frustrations. Students suggested that they can take a deep breath, talk to a teacher, count to 10 or drink water.

  • Student individual photo orders are due on Tuesday, Oct 15 instead of Oct 8 (as stated on the package). Life Touch will return on November 7 for retakes if you were not satisfied with the first photo proofs.
  • There is also no school next Thursday and Fridayas teachers from the school will be engaged with professional development on those days.   
  • We have an ice–skating field trip on Tuesday, January 28th. Parents who come to volunteer are able to skate for free! I will be sending out more details closer to the actual skating date.
  • Please continue to replenish and check your child’s extra clothes box! Rainy season is here and our class loves to play in puddles and the mud. Rain boots are also a good idea.

Below are some pictures from our root beer float day.


Have a wonderful weekend! 

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