October 19

October 19

Dear Parents,

The author who we will be focusing on over the next few weeks is Mo Willems.  He is known for the Piggie and Elephant series, and the Pigeon series. We read a few of his books this week and watched video interviews of him to learn more about his writing process.  In addition, each child received their home reading package this week.  The package needs to come back to school on the day of the week specified on the bag so that your child can exchange for new books and read with a teacher. During literacy centres with Mrs.Chan, students continued to practice reading words and blending sounds, worked on their No David stories, practiced their printing with Mrs. Mung, and listened to stories on Epic.

This week, students played various math games to help with their number sense using dominos, ten frame cards and playing cards.  They also learned a game using the ipads called ten frame mania.

In Bible, we continued to look at the story of Abraham and Isaac to learn how we are blessed when we obey God. We have been singing two songs to remind us about being thankful.  

Yesterday, the students were excited to “Meet” their Grade 12 buddy on paper. The high school buddies sent over a letter with their picture and a prayer request. After I handed out the letters, I gave them some time to pray on their own for their buddy. It was so special to watch and hear their heart for their new, older friend.

We began our new Inquiry unit of Me to We.  The students will be exploring the roles that they have at home, in school, and in their community and how they can contribute to the groups that they belong to. This week, the students were excited to start class jobs at the end of the day. They were busy washing tables, organizing the books, sweeping the floor, emptying the organics bin and cleaning the white boards. We discussed as a class how they are showing love and care for the classroom and the cleaners that work hard to keep our class clean.  

In Art, students have been experimenting with line, colour and pattern while working on fall pictures. They traced different shaped fall leaves, overlapping one another on a white piece of paper. Last week they worked on colouring the leaves with crayon.

Have a great weekend!

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