November 30

November 30

1N will be celebrating Christmas with activity centres on Thursday, December 12th from 11:00-12:15. If you are able to come help run a centre (craft, bingo, play doh etc.) please let me know by December 6th. Thank you!   

1N students are very excited about their upcoming Chapel on December 13th! We will be starting to practice next week.

For our “growth mindset” videos this week, we discussed about the power of “yet”. When we can’t do something or don’t know about something, it is perfectly okay to ask for help. Instead of saying “I can’t do this”, we can actually say “I can’t do this…yet!”. The students then wrote a sentence and drew a picture of something they are still learning to do. They thought it was funny that I am still learning as well!

This week in Word Work, we reviewed what syllables are and also learned that a closed syllable usually has one short vowel that is followed by one or more consonants. The students practiced identifying words that have a closed syllable (i.e. math, hen, him, hot, cup).

After learning about Moses last week, we read about Joshua this week. We discussed how Joshua walked by faith and not by sight–that although the spies saw how much stronger and bigger their enemies seemed, Joshua trusted God and was not afraid. And of course, the students loved hearing about the way God powerfully brought down the walls of Jericho.

Since we started exploring different addition strategies in Math several weeks ago, we have covered strategies such as “count on”, and “make ten”.  This week, we discussed how we can add by using “double facts”. The students learned a new game and we listened to a doubles rap. 

In our Inquiry unit of Patterns in the sky, we examined how spring affects the clothes that we wear, as well as the things that we can do and see.  The students thought that we need to wear light jackets, pants, and long sleeve shirts during spring. They also noticed that we can see flowers and plants bloom during spring. 

A reminder that your child will need to bring a small bag (1/4 cup) of nut-free candy to decorate their cookies during our annual gingerbread cookie decorations next Friday during our family group meeting. 

Message from the library:
During the last couple of weeks before the Christmas break, we have a few after school library closures. These are in addition to our regular Wednesday afternoons. 

The library will be closed after school on: 

Tuesday, December 3rd 

Thursday, December 12th 

Friday, December 13th 

Hope you have a good weekend!

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