December 7

December 6

Below is all the details for next week and chapel. Please let me know if you have any questions. Please pray that I will recover from a cold. I lost my voice yesterday and that makes teaching a challenge. Please also pray that the students stay healthy. They are so excited to share with you what they have been practicing and learning about. Thank you for your support!  

Chapel Practice: Monday- Thursday we will be practicing in the gym each morning. Please try to be on time as we will be leaving the class after attendance at 8:30 so students can practice and be comfortable with the microphones and space on the stage.

Chapel Morning: At 8:15 on Friday morning, I will open the outside classroom door so that students can come in, get their costumes on and have some time to settle into the class. It also gives time for Mrs.Fok and I to take students to the bathroom.

Costumes: Yesterday the students were excited to try on their costumes. From past Christmas chapels we have costumes for all the actors. I have listed below what they can wear from home, if possible. Please don’t go out and buy anything- we can make it work! You can also send a change of clothes for after chapel if needed.

Readers (Luke, Emma, Aaron, Sophia, Theo, Katie, Boaz, Esther): They can choose something nice to wear

Speakers (Isabella, Naomi, Kaitlyn): They can choose something nice to wear

Sheep (Damien & Caroline): white or grey shirt

Donkey (Summer) all grey

Leo: Short sleeve shirt, dark pants

Abby: white or grey shirt and pants

Ian: Dark pants and shirt

William and Jenson: light shirt, any pants

Josie, Evan, Hanna: long sleeve shirt, any pants

Rachel: light shirt and pants

This past week:

We had a busy week with the matinee and Christmas concert.

Our family groups met today to decorate gingerbread cookies. 

On Wednesday, the Grade 1s were excited to read with Grade 5 students.

For home reading, students will still be bringing in their package to exchange new books next week. I will send books home again but students are not required to be reading the leveled books over Christmas. Any unread books can be used after we come back from the holidays.

In Math, this week, we reviewed doubles facts. Students also learned how to “Make 10” using drawings and manipulatives. For example, 7+5 are “unfriendly numbers”. Moving 3 manipulatives over from the 5, makes the equation 10 +2 which is easier for students to add.


In our Inquiry unit of Patterns in the Sky, we explored how summer affects us in what we need to wear, as well as what we can see and do. 

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