December 15

December 14

I can’t believe Term 1 is over and Christmas break is here! Thank you for your thoughtful cards and generous gifts this week. Thank you also for your prayers, encouragement and support as we were finishing off the year and preparing for chapel. They all did an amazing job. I’m so proud of them!

Our class was blessed this week by the thoughtfulness and generosity of other teachers and students in the school. On Thursday, the students from K3 brought them a box of smarties. Yesterday you might have found a gift in your child’s backpack. The students of 5HN were going to have a gift exchange within their class. Instead, in thinking about showing love and kindness to others, the Grade 5 students gave their gifts to the Grade 1s. They were very surprised and excited. Some of the students in our class were able to visit other classes to distribute crafts they had been working hard on during Exploration Time.

We had a slow week. Most of it consisted of chapel practice, finishing up activities, listening to Christmas stories and a lot of playing.

We concluded our Inquiry unit of Patterns in the Sky by inviting High Touch High Tech to come to our class to answer some of the questions we have about this unit. They explored why we have seasons, how seasons affect all living things, how to read a thermometer, and how to make “snow”.

On Thursday, the kids were really excited to do Christmas activities. They made cards, played with play dough, played a Christmas math game and made a craft.

I pray that you will have a fabulous Christmas break and have an enjoyable time with your family and friends. May God’s presence bring you peace, joy, and love during this season and always! Merry Christmas! See you all in 2020!

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