January 18

January 18

Dear Parents,

The snow made for a very exciting week. Mrs.Fok and I had a lot of fun taking the kids outside yesterday for most of the afternoon to play! They built snowmen, snow forts, snow balls, snow angels. Others just had fun running through it, while listening to the snow crunch with each step.

In Word Work this week, we continued to reinforce some of the concepts that we have covered before Christmas.  As well, we read more books by Kevin Henkes.

In Math, we reviewed the different addition strategies that can be used to help us add numbers. The students shared their ideas as to which strategy may be more efficient for a given set of addends (e.g. using double facts may be more efficient for 7+6).  As their number sense continued to develop, it is important for young children to discern addition strategies that are most efficient to use to solve a given problem.  When possible, continue to ask your child to solve authentic math problems involving addition (e.g. we had 3 oranges at home, now we have 9 in total, how many did we buy?).  Over the next few weeks, we will switch gears to learning about different subtraction strategies.

In Bible, we continued to look at the recurring cycle in the Book of Judges.  This week, we learned about Othniel, the first judge that God had sent to deliver the Israelites from the king of Aram.  Students wrote about the cycle of disobedience in their writing books.

In our Inquiry unit of Amazing animals, we talked about animals that are important to the First People’s on the Northwest coast. Students were then paired up and given an animal to find some information about. They learned that animals need food, water, shelter and a habitat to survive.

In Art, students ripped up paper to make a snowman at night.

Below are some pictures from Exploration Time this week! Once or twice a week we clean up early so the kids can present to the class what they made.

Extra notes!

  • Next week will be Dance week.  All specialist (Music, French, PE) classes will be cancelled.  Students will be attending 30 minutes dance classes taught by a dancing instructor from Monday to Friday.  Please note that Library will be moved to Wednesday!
  • The Grade 12 students will be coming to pray and play with the Grade 1s on Wednesday, January 29th over lunch.
  • Scholastic orders will be submitted next Friday

Have a great weekend!

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