January 27

January 26

This week was Dance week and students had a chance to learn some dance moves from their instructor Nando.

In Language Arts this week, we reread some of our featured author books from the year to find interesting story starters. During read alouds and reading conferences, students continued to practice asking questions before starting the story. We talked about how asking questions can help us understand the text better and gives us something to look for. Next week students will learn that there are two types of questions, quick and deep-thinking questions. Quick questions are quick to ask, quick to answer, and is right there in the book. While the answers to deep-thinking questions are not directly in the book and are more inferential, help us think beyond the story, and the answer can differ from one person to the next. Students also continued to practice the visualizing reading strategy. Visualizing helps us to make text-to-self connections by leading us to connect what we are reading to our past experiences and representing them in our own imagination. It also encourages us to pay attention to the details of the book. I read a story and paused 4 times for students to draw what they saw in their imagination.

We had our first Story Workshop this week. We talked about how we are all authors with stories to share and tell. With manipulatives and materials provided, the students were encouraged to use them to create their own stories. The students had a fabulous time! All of the students were very engaged and had creative ideas to share.

In Inquiry, we are continuing with our study on animal adaptations. We explored how animal features help them survive in the environment. The students coloured penguins with crayon and then sprayed them with water. The wax of the crayon repelled the water. Students learned that this is similar to how penguins stay dry and warm in the wild.

In Math, we continued to focus on addition strategies. The students also practiced explaining their mathematical thinking by sharing how they got their answers. Next week, we will begin subtraction.

Exploration Time continues to be the highlight of each day. Once or twice a week, students have been presenting to each other what they made. The others have a chance to give questions or comments. It’s a great way for them to practice speaking and listening skills.

A reminder that we will be going ice skating on Tuesday! We will be leaving school at 10:15 (students will have snack before we go on the school bus) and begin skating at 10:45. The skating session will end at 11:45 and we should be boarding the school bus at 12:00 so that we can come back for lunch.

Hope you had a good weekend!

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