February 8

February 8

During literacy centres this week, we talked about how we can learn from good writers and examined ways that you can add details such as a problem and a solution to a story.  We reviewed a few books from our featured authors and identified the problems in those stories. I also introduced another reading strategy called Skippy the frog.  When reading an unknown word, a student can skip it, read until the end of the story, and then try again. The following is a video illustrating this strategy:

This week we read several books by Leo Lionni. We also included some math in our literacy this week. The students chose their favourite author, wrote why and said their favourite book. Mrs.Fok displayed them on the bulletin board as a graph and we were able to see that Mo Willems won!

Yesterday we had another morning of story workshop. I read a story called “One Day, the End”. It goes through mini stories where there is a beginning and end, but no middle. As students played and then wrote their story, they were encouraged to think of a middle. It has been exciting to watch students apply their learning in word work stations to their story writing.

In Math, students continued to practice different subtraction strategies such as Count back, using manipulatives and drawing pictures. This week, students learned how to use double facts to subtract. For example, they can say to themselves “If I know that 2+2=4, then I know that 4-2=2.

In Bible, we read the story of Samson. During worship time each morning, I find a song that matches with the memory verse. We started to practice Luke 10:27  “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind”.

In Inquiry the students did a fun activity learning about hibernation. Students learned that bears hibernate because their food becomes inaccessible during winter, thus they need to eat and store up all the energy before winter arrives. They played a memory game to learn about the types of food bears eat. Yesterday, they also learned about camouflage. Each student was given a moth to colour. They looked around the room to find a place they could hide their moth (if they wanted to hide it on the green wall, they needed to colour their moth green). Mr. Paul came yesterday afternoon to find them all. The students were very excited!

Below are some pictures from Exploration Time yesterday. Two groups decided to put on a show for the class!

On Monday you will find a list of words and spelling concepts in your child’s folder that we have started to focus on during word work. Our goal is for students to begin to apply these spelling concepts in their daily writing tasks rather than just on a spelling quiz.  

Upcoming Dates & Reminders

  • February 17th: Family Day (no school)
  • February 18th: Field trip to the Vancouver Aquarium. More information will come soon!
  • February 27th: Student-led Conferences

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