March 1

March 1

Dear Parents,   

Thank you again for taking time out to come and celebrate your child’s learning on Thursday during our student led conference.  Hopefully, it provided you with a glimpse of what your child is learning and doing in class. It was also a great reminder of how much the students have grown since the start of the school year.  Children are naturally curious, and it is our job to cultivate that sense of wonder and help them become lifelong learners. It was their idea to have you self-assess so thank you for going along with it!  

The students were invited to 4L on Friday to play arcade games that the grade four students made using cardboard and a whole lot of imagination and creativity.  Just like at an arcade, the students were able to win prizes (gently used toys donated by the grade four students) for playing the games.  This was a great way for 4L to share their learning with their younger peers.    

In Language Arts, we continued to practice our reading strategy of Ask Questions.  When reading with your child, you can employ this strategy to help him/her increase engagement and comprehension of the text. We read several books by our featured author Oliver Jeffers.  The students realized that he likes to stretch out the problem in his stories.  

During Exploration this week, I added in a new option, “Scratch Jr” which is a simple coding game. It was exciting to watch those who had played the game before teach those who wanted to learn.  

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