May 18

May 18

Dear Parents,

Thank you moms for coming to the Mother’s Day Tea last week! Below are some pictures!

As the weather gets warmer, students have been enjoying having picnics and playing outside during Exploration Time.

In Language Arts, we have been reading books by Barbara Reid. She is an illustrator and author who creates images using Plasticine. In writing, students have been working on using different sentence starters and adding interesting, descriptive details.

In Math, we have been exploring non-standard forms of measurement such as unifix cubes and paper clips. This week, students learned how to estimate before measuring. In the last week of May, we will be moving on to shapes.

In Bible, we have been talking about creation, the fall, the Resurrection of Jesus and the restoration.

In our Inquiry unit of Light and Sound, students compared how foil and cling wrap vibrates and affects the pitches of their kazoos.  They continue to make a hypothesis, record their observations and draw conclusions in their science journal.

In Health, we explored the core competencies of critical thinking and creative thinking. We have been doing various art projects where students to get to come up with their own ideas.  

Thank you to the Seto family for coming to share with us this week! We learned that Hannabella enjoys figure skating and watching TV but does not enjoy eating eggs. Our class enjoyed learning a new song, led by their family, to help us remember the memory verse 1 Timothy 4:12.


  • There will be no school on Monday.  Enjoy the long weekend with your families!
  • May scholastic orders will be due on Friday, May 24th.
  • Students will get new spelling words on Tuesday. Because it’s a short and busy week, the spelling test will be on Friday, May 31st.
April 28

April 28th

On Thursday, students created invitations for our Mother’s Day Tea. They learned that invitations are another form of writing. This Tuesday, the students will be bringing them home for you to see. Please return the slip of paper in the back and forth books to RSVP so I know how much food to prepare.

It was great to see the grandparents come to visit on Wednesday. Students showed their work and taught them how to play the math game “Bump”. Below are a few pictures.


We have been reading books by Peter H. Reynolds.  He is the award-winning author/illustrator of The DotIsh and Sky Color and writes stories to inspire young children to be more creative. The students used their creativity and turned simple dots into various scenes.

In Bible, we will be starting a mini unit on what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.

In Math, students were taught a card game called Guess My Card.  It helps to reinforce their ability to add numbers to twenty by using mental math as well as the idea that numbers can be decomposed into parts.  This is another card game that you can play with your child at home to improve their understanding of part-part-whole relationships (e.g. 11 is the whole and 7 and 4 are the parts), a key component in developing a young child’s number sense. The game is played in groups of three. Two students face each other and place a card on their forehead. The third person sits in between and adds the two numbers on their forehead, announcing the total. The two players holding the cards have to do mental math to figure out which card they are holding by looking at the number across from them.

This week, we launched our theme unit by introducing the big idea that light and sound help us understand our world, the difference between natural and artificial light, and ways that light can travel. Students were given pictures of natural and artificial light to sort.  I did not tell them the sorting rule but some of them were able to figure it out! They discovered that natural light comes from nature while artificial light is man-made.  We watched a BrainPOP video on how light travels and things that it can pass through.

Thank you to Moses and his parents Raymond and Theresa for sharing with us this week. We learned that they moved to Vancouver 2 years ago. Their favourite thing to do as a family is go to church together on Sundays. They enjoy traveling to Disneyland and having opportunities to learn and serve others.

April 14

Information for the week!

We had a busy week practicing for chapel.

Tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday our class will be practicing chapel from 8:35-9:00. Please try to be at school before 8:30 so that we can have as much time as possible on the big stage in the gym.

On Thursday morning, I will open up the outside door to the classroom at 8:15 for your child and one parent to come in, put their costume on and get settled before we leave for chapel. I will talk to the students about costumes tomorrow and send out an email to inform you. Please pray for health. Some students are sick and I started fighting a cold on Friday night.

As spring time is here, the weather can be unpredictable. Cold in the morning and hot by the afternoon. Please support your child in making sure they have layers on. A T-shirt under a sweatshirt, as an example. This way, they can take off layers when they are warm or put layers back on when they are cold. Thank you for your help at home!

After coming back from spring break, I introduced the students to class jobs. Our class is really getting the idea of caring for our room.  At the end of each day, students are busy cleaning, tidying and sorting our classroom space to make it spotless for the next day.  I hope you see the fruits of this labour at home as well!

iCare for the World Week began this week.  We talked about the different sacrifices that we can make for International Child Concern (ICC). We also discussed how Jesus sacrificed his life for us as an example of how we can help others.  A reminder that the donation envelopes should be returned tomorrow.

Grandparents day is coming up on Wednesday, April 24th, from 8:45-11AM.  Some students brought home their invitations already, the rest will go home this week as they get finished. If grandparents are not able to make this occasion, a grand-friend can come in their place.

We will be holding our Mother’s Day Tea on Friday, May 10 from 1:30-2:45. This is a special time for you and your child, so please find alternate arrangements for younger siblings.  More information regarding Mother’s Day Tea to come. Please send me a picture of you and your child as we create a special surprise for you.    

Thank you to Tyler’s parents, Ian and Shindy for coming to share with us this week. Tyler also has an older brother Gavin who is in Grade 3. We learned that their family ancestry is from China and the Philippines. They love traveling to Legoland In California and have been to the Disney resort in Hawaii. Both Shindy and Ian work for a mining company. Their family attends Tapestry Church where they enjoy greeting at the door and going to VBS.

Message from Ms. Huber:
To help students and staff prepare for the evening musical, the library and computer lab will be closed after school on Thursday, April 18th. Please arrange to pick up your child at 2:45. 

Have a good weekend!

April 5

April 5

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful, restful 2 weeks with your family!  It was lovely to see all their cheerful, excited faces as they came back to school this morning.  For term 3, we will be trying something new for Special Friend, prayer time and classroom clean up.

Next week our classroom schedule will be changing slightly. Instead of beginning our day with devotions, six students will be going to A.R. immediately at 8:30. Everyone else will be starting with read to self. To support our students with the new routine and start to prepare them for the beginning of grade two, after Easter, I will ask families to assist by letting students come into the classroom and do their morning jobs by themselves on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Parents and caregivers can drop students off at our door, but please do not come in. We will continue with noisy reading on Friday mornings before chapel if you (and younger siblings!) would like to come in and read. I am sorry to take away your noisy reading time in the morning, but I trust that you will be able to find other times during the day to read together. The students do not know about the change yet as I will be discussing it with them on Monday.

In Devotions this week we sang two songs to reflect about Easter coming up. I have included the links below if you would like to sing them at home. In Bible over the next couple of weeks we will focus on Easter and preparing for our chapel on April 18th.

In Language Arts, we started reading books by Robert Munsch. The students love his sense of humor! We discussed that sometimes, he uses words that we don’t use when we are talking at school such as “stupid”. Students also worked on a “Spring Break News” report and brainstormed words about spring to create an acrostic poem.

In Math, students were given another chance to apply their addition and subtraction skills in our mock shopping centre. Half the class was assigned to be shoppers and everyone else was a store keeper. The shoppers were given $10 to go and purchase items that were either $1, $2, $5 or $10.  Then they switched jobs.

In Art, students used their finger to dab paint on a scene of the cross.

We will resume with Inquiry (our theme units) after Easter.

iCare for the World week will begin on April 9.  Each year we raise money for International China Concern (ICC), an organization that cares for abandoned and disabled children in China.  We will be doing various activities in class to reinforce the idea of making sacrifices for others.  Your child will receive a donation envelope today.  If you wish to participate, you can donate either online or offline using the directions on the envelope.  Please return all donations by Monday, April 15.   

We will be holding our Mother’s Day Tea on Friday, May 10 from 1:30-2:45.  It would be great if you can take time out to join us that day. Please send me a picture of you and your child (just the two of you if possible) by Friday, April 26th. Because this is a special time for you and your child, please find alternative childcare for younger siblings that day. More information regarding the Mother’s Day Tea to come.    

Earlier this year, Ms.Huber found a youtube channel of two comedians who love reading children’s books and spreading the joy of reading. Our class LOVES to listen to them tell stories. Your child may have even introduced you to them. In October they started a “library loan” program where you could send them a book, they would read it, mention your names, sign the book and send it back. Ms.Huber and I gave it a try to see what would happen. Yesterday another class in the school realized that our story was read! If you would like to listen to the story, the link is below.

Notes and Reminders

  • Please hand in scholastic forms or order online by Thursday, April 18th.
  • Our class gets very warm, especially in the afternoon. Wearing layers helps students to listen to their bodies and take one off or put one on when they feel warm or cold.
  • Clubs start next week and go until May 31st.
    • Lucas, Tyler (hockey club Fridays at lunch)
    • Elliot (Lego club Friday after school)
March 16

March 16

Dear Parents, 

The report cards were released online yesterday.  Please take a few minutes over the weekend to discuss with your child what they have done well in and what they need to improve on.  Regular reflections enable students to be more aware of their thinking and learning. Below is board in our class with visuals that I have been using with our class to help them self reflect.

In Language Arts, students continued to work through different activities such as their WTW sorts, writing creative stories, reading to self or partners and practicing their handwriting. We also continued to read stories by Oliver Jeffers.

In Math over these past two weeks, students learned about the value of Canadian bills and coins. When we come back after spring break, they will be able to apply their addition and subtraction skills in a mock shopping centre. Over the holidays, if possible, allow your child to use money to buy small items at a convenience store to consolidate their mental math strategies. They were very excited to learn. If you are traveling overseas, your child could contrast and compare the money from that country in terms of the denominations used and the pictures on the money.

In Bible, we learned about the Easter story. This will be the theme of our chapel on Thursday, April 18th. We focused on learning two songs this week which I shared with you below.

If you are going traveling over the break and come across a library, please take a photo of your children in front of it! If you are staying local and visit the library, we would also love to see those photos. Also, if you read together as a family, those photos are welcome as well. We just love to see our community reading and enjoying libraries! Email all photos to Ms. Huber.

Thank you to Eason’s family for coming to share with us last week! We learned that his parents run a renovation business. Eason has an older brother Jason who also goes to RCS and is in grade 3. Eason was an active and happy baby. He enjoys playing chess and in the snow with his family. This summer they went camping with their church. They have also been crab fishing off the sunshine coast.

Thank you to Franklin’s family for coming to share with us this week! We learned that Franklin was born in Richmond and his birthday is in June.  Franklin has an older brother Gerald who is in Grade 5 and also goes to RCS. He also has a younger brother Harold. A favourite verse for their family is Proverbs 22:6.

Our class loves to find bugs and build homes for them. Below is one that was found yesterday!

Yesterday the students were excited to play with shaving cream!

Have a great Spring Break!

 Message from Mrs. Laing and Mrs. Mung regarding Accelerated Reading (AR) in Grade 1

Thank you for attending our AR Parent Meeting on March 11th. We are encouraged by your commitment to your child’s education and appreciate and value your partnership.

For those of you unable to attend the meeting, please take note of the following housekeeping details:

  • AR Training will take place during school hours from April 1-12th
  • Beginning the week of April 15th, your child will be attending AR in a small group, 1x/week, for 30 minutes.
  • Your child’s AR class will run from the week of April 15th – May 31st, after which AR and the library will be closed for the summer inventory process to occur.
  • Grade 1 students are NOT permitted to take AR quizzes after school; however, they are most welcome to come to the library and read books. Please keep in mind that Grade 1 students must be supervised during after-school library time. The library is open from 2:45 – 3:15 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

If you have any questions about the workings of the AR program, please feel free to contact Mrs. Wendy Mung, our AR Technician ( If you have any questions about how the AR program is used to support our early literacy program at RCS, please feel free to contact Mrs. Angela Laing, our Literacy Coach (

We look forward to introducing your child to the wonderful world of AR!

March 4

March 4

Sorry for the delay in a blog post.

The students were busy last week getting ready to show you their learning! Thank you again for taking time out to come and celebrate your child’s learning on Wednesday during our student-led conference.  Hopefully, it provided you with a glimpse of what your child is learning and doing in class. It was also a great reminder of how much the students have grown since the start of the school year.  Children are naturally curious, and it is our job to cultivate that sense of wonder and help them become lifelong learners.

This week we learned a new reading strategy called “Auto the Otter”. Students were encouraged to look for sight words in the stories they read.

We started reading books by a new author, Jory John.

Thank you to Annie and her mom Lucy for coming to share with this week! We learned that Annie loves playing outside, swimming, skating and ringette. She likes ringette because it is a team sport! At home, Annie enjoys colouring, doing crafts and cooking. A family tradition of theirs is to go to the top of Grouse Mountain to start off the new year. In January, Annie and her family took a trip to Switzerland. They were able to visit the Olympic museum where they were able to see models of different stadiums including the Richmond Oval! They also went to Germany and saw lots of castles.

The students were invited to 4L on Thursday to play arcade games that the grade four students made using cardboard and a whole lot of imagination and creativity.  Just like at an arcade, the students were able to win prizes (gently used toys donated by the grade four students) for playing the games.  This was a great way for 4L to share their learning with their younger peers.

Please have a chat with your child about their snack and lunches.  Some students have been feeling hungry even after they finish eating.  They have grown a lot since September so they may need a bit more food at breakfast, snack or lunch to fuel their brains and bodies.  Good snack ideas that are quick, easy and filling include fruit, cheese, yogurt, crackers, etc.

Notes and Reminders

  • The March calendars went home today.
  • Scholastic fliers will go home tomorrow and will be due on March 15th.
  • Please see the email regarding an important A.R. information night on Monday, March 11th.
  • On Friday, March 8th our chapel theme will be “Incredible Companion” so bring your special friend who has been with you through thick and thin, also known as your favourite stuffy! We will have our annual stuffy toss at the end of chapel.
  • Clubs have ended this week.  If your child was involved this term with after-school clubs, please be sure to pick them up at their usual dismissal time from our classroom next week.
February 23

February 22

The student-led conference is scheduled for Wednesday, Feb 27.  During the half-hour session that you can sign up for online, your child will take you around to different activities in the classroom. You will get to experience story workshop, play a math game, look at their favourite art piece and compare their writing from September to today. I will be in the room to greet you and your child and to supervise, however this is not a time to discuss student progress. Student-led conferences are a time to celebrate student learning! If you have any questions or concerns at the end of the conference, I would be happy to meet with you at a later date. The students are really excited that you are able to come and see what they have been working on in class.

This week we celebrated our 100th day of school. We rotated through to 1N to work on an art activity related to 100, to 1D to put together a 100-piece puzzle, and finally to 1C to play 1010 Puzzles on their iPads. Thank you for supporting your child in bringing in 100 objects to sort!

On Thursday morning, we had story workshop again. The students have been working on adding a middle and end (a problem and solution) to their stories.

Thank you to Charmaine’s family for coming into share with us! It was special to hear that Charmaine’s older sister helped her make the powerpoint. As a family, they enjoy celebrating Christmas and Chinese New Year together. When it snows, they have fun playing together outside. They like to pray, play card games, watch movies and eat together. Charmaine enjoys making pancakes with her mom Chris and building Lego with her dad Tim. Charmaine also has an on older sister Eunice and a younger sister Gemma.

Thank you so much to those who brought in supplies for our creation station! The students have loved inventing. I have a good stock of materials so I won’t need any this week.





February 16

February 15

Monday feels like a long time ago! We spent most of the morning outside exploring the fresh fallen snow. The students loved making angels, but realized it wasn’t the right snow for building with.

Below are a couple of pictures from Exploration Time this week.

Thank you to Kristen’s family for coming to share with us this week. We learned that Kristen’s dad Eliot is an accountant. Her mom Jacky is a forensic analyst. Kristen also has a little brother Nathen who enjoys noisy reading in the morning with us and going to preschool at RCS. As a family, they enjoy playing in the snow during the winter and picking berries to bake with in the summer. At home, they enjoy reading and making crafts. Kristen and her brother Nathen enjoy having sleepovers together on the weekends. Their family attends Koinonia Evangelical Church where Eliot helps with parking and Jackie teaches Sunday school.

100 Days: On Wednesday, February 20th, we will be celebrating 100 days at school!  Please help your child choose 100 SMALL items to bring that day for math activities.  We will be counting and sorting these items to show 100 in different ways.  These 100 small items should fit easily into a sandwich size ziploc bag.  Example items could be beads, cheerios, pasta, buttons, etc.

Signup for student-led conferences are now open. If you haven’t signed up yet, please CLICK HERE to sign up. Signup closes on Wednesday. Student demonstration of the core competencies will be a big part of conferences this year! The kids are so excited to teach you all about them. At the end of the conference, you as parents will get to fill out a reflection page about how you saw your child demonstrating the core competencies through your time together or their work. I will list a couple of them so that you can be thinking and get comfortable with the language.

  • I can get ideas from the world around me.
  • I can explain my thinking.
  • I can work with others.
  • I can listen to others.

Notes and Reminders

  • I will be putting in the scholastic order on Tuesday after school. If you would like to order books, please hand in the form or order online by then.
  • There is no school on Monday! Enjoy your day together as a family.
  • Many students had to change their pants or socks this week after playing in the snow. Please send a replacement change of clothes if they wore those home. Thank you! As the snow lingers on the ground, it really helps if they have a pair of boots as the snow is so deep, their feet get wet if they are wearing running shoes. I have been really impressed with how each child has been able to get him/herself ready to go outside! They have become so independent!
February 9

February 9

On Monday, our class got to play outside for a little while before the snow melted. They were so excited!

The students got to spend 30 minutes per day this week dancing with their instructor, Mr.Nando. They were amazing! Yesterday they were able to share one of their dances with the other grade one students.

In Language Arts students continued to practice retelling a story they have read when I called them over for home reading. I also paired up students and had them hunt with a partner for a story with an interesting lead. Students learned that there are many ways to start a story besides “Once upon a time”. In writing, they wrote about their weekend.

Yesterday, we had another morning of story workshop. I read a story about ideas and we discussed as a class how they can get ideas from the world around them. This is one of the core competencies that we will be talking about as we work through this unit together. The students were able to choose a table to work at. They had 45 minutes to play and write a story. To conclude the morning, we sat in a circle and students were able to read their stories to each other.

In Bible, we talked about the new memory verse. Below is the song we sang in worship this week.

In Math, we discussed some math vocabulary to help us describe a subtraction number sentence such as minuend, subtrahend and minus.  We worked on a couple worksheets using the counting back and number line strategies. Yesterday, the students became subtraction word problems! I called a group together, called a number to sit down, and the rest of the class answered how many students were left standing. It is our goal to move students from the counting stage to the reasoning stage (students can explain with reasons how they got the answer) and eventually to the mastery stage (instant recall of answer) over the next year or two.

We concluded our Inquiry unit of Patterns in the Sky by inviting High Touch High Tech to come to our class to answer some of the questions that the students have about this unit.  They explored why we have seasons, how seasons affect all living things, how to read a thermometer, and how to make “snow”.

Thank you to Melody’s family for coming to share with us this week. We learned that her dad David is an accountant and enjoys exercising on his bike when he gets home. We learned that her mom Gladys stays home to care for their house. Her and Melody enjoy taking pictures on Snapchat together! Melody also has a younger brother who was able to come and visit as well! Melody enjoys playing her ukulele. Their family attends Lord’s Grace Church.

Thank you to those who brought in supplies for our students to create with this week! On Tuesday, there were 19 students making non fiction books and various items out of toilet paper rolls. After exploration time is over, we have started a class circle time. The students who want to can share what they made. The others listen, ask questions or share an encouraging comment.

A quick reminder that next Thursday, February 14, will be Red, Pink and White Day.  Your child is encouraged to come to school wearing those colours to celebrate Valentine’s Day. If students would like to bring cards for their classmates, they are welcome to do so! Please do not send goodie bags or large items as their “Valentine’s Day mail boxes” will be very small.

February 2

February 1

Dear Parents, 

First of all, I have to share with you a picture of the sunrise I got to see over the school field!

Next week will be Dance week.  All specialist (Music, French, PE) classes will be cancelled.  Students will be attending 30 minutes dance classes taught by a dancing instructor from Monday to Friday.  Library will be changed to Wednesday instead! 

In Language Arts we:

  • Continued to work on printing books
  • Practiced retelling stories (characters, setting, problem, solution) and writing basic ones
  • I read aloud various stories where the main characters write their own story

On Monday, we talked about diversity and similarities in our classroom. Students worked in pairs and asked questions to a partner to learn more about the other person. They then filled out a Venn diagram to visually see what they have in common, and things that are different between them. It was exciting to hear the discussions and see new friendships form.

On Tuesday, I introduced Story Workshop. The students enjoyed listening to a story about the beach. I then retold the story using shells, pebbles and wooden figures to represent people. I also made up my own story afterwards. The students were seeing that they are all authors with stories to tell. They can use their own experiences to tell a story, or their imaginations. Students then had a chance to practice this with their own story boards and manipulatives.

On Wednesday, students began working on a new snowman art project. We have been talking this term about perspective. This time, they created one as if they had a “birds eye view” of their snowman.

Thank you to Victoria’s family for coming to share with us this week. We learned that their family is from Taiwan. Her dad David trades stocks and enjoys riding motorcycles. Her mom Kelly works at Elite Education Institute as a principal and also teaches Grade 11 and 12 math. Victoria has a younger sister Elizabeth who is in Kindergarten at our school. Together, they enjoy riding bikes, skating, and playing dress up. Their family enjoys camping and watching the Canucks play. Together they have visited Cancun, Vegas, Hong Kong, San Diego and Alaska. They attend Willingdon church and enjoy visiting with grandparents after the service.

Below are a couple of pictures from Exploration Time over the past couple of weeks.

Notes and Reminders

  • Valentines Day is on Thursday, February 14th. If students would like to bring cards for their classmates, they are welcome to do so! Please do not send goodie bags or large items as their “Valentine’s Day mail boxes” will be very small.
  • I created a small “creation station” today (kind of like an art center). If you happen to have some toilet paper rolls etc. or any small craft supplies that you don’t need and are in the way, we could definitely include it so the students can explore materials and create.
  • The February verse and calendar will be going home on Monday.