March 8

March 7

I hope you are having a good weekend so far!

This week, we started to practice and discuss the meaning of the verse 1 Samuel 16:7 “The LORD does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.” 

Below is a message from Ms. Huber:
After School Library Info Next week, due to a school event, the library will be closed on Thursday after school. Therefore, the library will be closed on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday after school next week. Please make arrangements for your children to be picked up at 2:45pm.
Library and AR will be open Monday and Tuesday as usual.

March 1

March 1

Dear Parents,   

Thank you again for taking time out to come and celebrate your child’s learning on Thursday during our student led conference.  Hopefully, it provided you with a glimpse of what your child is learning and doing in class. It was also a great reminder of how much the students have grown since the start of the school year.  Children are naturally curious, and it is our job to cultivate that sense of wonder and help them become lifelong learners. It was their idea to have you self-assess so thank you for going along with it!  

The students were invited to 4L on Friday to play arcade games that the grade four students made using cardboard and a whole lot of imagination and creativity.  Just like at an arcade, the students were able to win prizes (gently used toys donated by the grade four students) for playing the games.  This was a great way for 4L to share their learning with their younger peers.    

In Language Arts, we continued to practice our reading strategy of Ask Questions.  When reading with your child, you can employ this strategy to help him/her increase engagement and comprehension of the text. We read several books by our featured author Oliver Jeffers.  The students realized that he likes to stretch out the problem in his stories.  

During Exploration this week, I added in a new option, “Scratch Jr” which is a simple coding game. It was exciting to watch those who had played the game before teach those who wanted to learn.  

February 22

February 22

The student-led conference is scheduled for Thursday, February 27th. During the half hour session, your child will take you around to a couple of different centres in the classroom. They will be showing you some of their work, teaching you a math game and telling you a story through the story workshop materials. While they are showing you their work, please find things to celebrate with them. They are very excited to be the teacher for the day.   

On Tuesday we went to the Aquarium! We had beautiful weather and the students had so much fun exploring, touching some of the animals and learning about their adaptations. If you went on the field trip and have any pictures you can send me, that would be great!  

During Literacy this week, we talked about how we can learn from good writers and examined ways that you can wrap up a story by rereading some of the books that we have read as a class this year.  Students noticed that some books end when there is a solution to the problem (e.g Swimmy by Leo Lionni), the main character learns a lesson (e.g. Wemberly Worried by Kevin Henkes), or a surprise (e.g. The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch). 

Mrs.Chan game to do a whole group word work lesson with the students on ‘silent e’. When there is an ‘e’ at the end of a word, the vowel becomes a long one (it says it’s name). I attached a video so you can see a similar way that she taught it. It may take students time to understand this concept when they are reading and writing.  

In story workshop yesterday, students wrote another story and focused on what kind of ending they wanted to have. After, students were encouraged to go back and add periods and capital letters. Adding punctuation is a skill we will continue to work on through the year.

On Wednesday, we did some activities for 100 day. I read them a story and they coloured a picture. Then they went next door where they did a craft with Mrs.Tsang. Mr. Chan taught them a new iPad game.  

In Art, students have been making different snowmen to feature perspective. Yesterday we talked about “birds eye view” and they made a snowman as if they were looking down from above.  

I hope you have a great weekend!

February 15

February 15

Below are some pictures of yesterdays pink and red day!

In Language Arts, we continued to focus on story elements (characters, setting, problem, solution) during reading conferences and read alouds. The students wrote a story and were encouraged to think about a problem and solution. I am very proud of the way students are taking risks and applying new strategies in their learning! 

In Inquiry, students learned about the characteristics of different habitats (Arctic, Desert, Rain-forest, Grasslands, Ocean, Freshwater, Forest), what animals live there and how the animals adapt in these habitats. We also read several books about caring for the environment by recycling, saving water and saving electricity.  

In Math, students played different games to practice their addition and subtraction skills.  

Information and Upcoming dates 

  • Monday, February 17th: Family Day (No School) 
  • We will be celebrating our 100th day of school on Wednesday, February 19.  Students will be rotating through the different grade one classrooms that day to work on activities that are related to 100.   
  • Thursday, February 27th: Student-led Conferences 
  • If you would like to volunteer in the classroom (sorting work, organizing books etc.), I have put up a February calendar outside the classroom door to sign up on. 
  • February scholastic will be ordered on Friday, February 21st
  • Due to the short week and field trip on Tuesday, we will not be having Library this week. Students can keep their books for an extra week if they would like!
February 8

February 8

During literacy centres this week, we talked about how we can learn from good writers and examined ways that you can add details such as a problem and a solution to a story.  We reviewed a few books from our featured authors and identified the problems in those stories. I also introduced another reading strategy called Skippy the frog.  When reading an unknown word, a student can skip it, read until the end of the story, and then try again. The following is a video illustrating this strategy:

This week we read several books by Leo Lionni. We also included some math in our literacy this week. The students chose their favourite author, wrote why and said their favourite book. Mrs.Fok displayed them on the bulletin board as a graph and we were able to see that Mo Willems won!

Yesterday we had another morning of story workshop. I read a story called “One Day, the End”. It goes through mini stories where there is a beginning and end, but no middle. As students played and then wrote their story, they were encouraged to think of a middle. It has been exciting to watch students apply their learning in word work stations to their story writing.

In Math, students continued to practice different subtraction strategies such as Count back, using manipulatives and drawing pictures. This week, students learned how to use double facts to subtract. For example, they can say to themselves “If I know that 2+2=4, then I know that 4-2=2.

In Bible, we read the story of Samson. During worship time each morning, I find a song that matches with the memory verse. We started to practice Luke 10:27  “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind”.

In Inquiry the students did a fun activity learning about hibernation. Students learned that bears hibernate because their food becomes inaccessible during winter, thus they need to eat and store up all the energy before winter arrives. They played a memory game to learn about the types of food bears eat. Yesterday, they also learned about camouflage. Each student was given a moth to colour. They looked around the room to find a place they could hide their moth (if they wanted to hide it on the green wall, they needed to colour their moth green). Mr. Paul came yesterday afternoon to find them all. The students were very excited!

Below are some pictures from Exploration Time yesterday. Two groups decided to put on a show for the class!

On Monday you will find a list of words and spelling concepts in your child’s folder that we have started to focus on during word work. Our goal is for students to begin to apply these spelling concepts in their daily writing tasks rather than just on a spelling quiz.  

Upcoming Dates & Reminders

  • February 17th: Family Day (no school)
  • February 18th: Field trip to the Vancouver Aquarium. More information will come soon!
  • February 27th: Student-led Conferences
January 31

January 30

The students met with their grade twelve prayer buddies yesterday.  They came to our campus to eat lunch, pray, and play with their grade one buddies at recess.  Each child in grade one has been matched with a grade twelve student so that they can pray for each other for the rest of this school year.  We plan to visit the prayer buddies at their campus in the Spring and sing for them during their convocation in June. 

Tuesday was skating!

In Language Arts this week, we read some books by Kathryn Otoshi. Today we also had our second story workshop. We focused on Thinking: I can ideas from the world around me.



Our white board has a new addition to it! This is how students have been learning to self-assess. After talking about a core competency or they have practiced a skill, students place their magnet under the heading they think they are at. It was exciting this week to watch students reflect on where they are at in the their learning journey.

In Math, I introduced subtraction and the students suggested it’s when things get taken away. Today they explored subtracting numbers using manipulatives.

In Inquiry, we talked about migration and did a simple experiment to learn why birds fly in a V shape.

You will find a spelling assessment in your child’s Back and Forth folder today.  This assessment is intended to help us gather information on what we need to focus on with your child.  We discussed as a class that it’s okay to make a mistake, as our brains get stretched and we try to learn from it.  

At school we use old  socks as white board erasers and some have needed to be thrown away. If you have any you are getting rid of, we can help reuse them at school!

Hope you have a good weekend!

January 27

January 26

This week was Dance week and students had a chance to learn some dance moves from their instructor Nando.

In Language Arts this week, we reread some of our featured author books from the year to find interesting story starters. During read alouds and reading conferences, students continued to practice asking questions before starting the story. We talked about how asking questions can help us understand the text better and gives us something to look for. Next week students will learn that there are two types of questions, quick and deep-thinking questions. Quick questions are quick to ask, quick to answer, and is right there in the book. While the answers to deep-thinking questions are not directly in the book and are more inferential, help us think beyond the story, and the answer can differ from one person to the next. Students also continued to practice the visualizing reading strategy. Visualizing helps us to make text-to-self connections by leading us to connect what we are reading to our past experiences and representing them in our own imagination. It also encourages us to pay attention to the details of the book. I read a story and paused 4 times for students to draw what they saw in their imagination.

We had our first Story Workshop this week. We talked about how we are all authors with stories to share and tell. With manipulatives and materials provided, the students were encouraged to use them to create their own stories. The students had a fabulous time! All of the students were very engaged and had creative ideas to share.

In Inquiry, we are continuing with our study on animal adaptations. We explored how animal features help them survive in the environment. The students coloured penguins with crayon and then sprayed them with water. The wax of the crayon repelled the water. Students learned that this is similar to how penguins stay dry and warm in the wild.

In Math, we continued to focus on addition strategies. The students also practiced explaining their mathematical thinking by sharing how they got their answers. Next week, we will begin subtraction.

Exploration Time continues to be the highlight of each day. Once or twice a week, students have been presenting to each other what they made. The others have a chance to give questions or comments. It’s a great way for them to practice speaking and listening skills.

A reminder that we will be going ice skating on Tuesday! We will be leaving school at 10:15 (students will have snack before we go on the school bus) and begin skating at 10:45. The skating session will end at 11:45 and we should be boarding the school bus at 12:00 so that we can come back for lunch.

Hope you had a good weekend!

January 18

January 18

Dear Parents,

The snow made for a very exciting week. Mrs.Fok and I had a lot of fun taking the kids outside yesterday for most of the afternoon to play! They built snowmen, snow forts, snow balls, snow angels. Others just had fun running through it, while listening to the snow crunch with each step.

In Word Work this week, we continued to reinforce some of the concepts that we have covered before Christmas.  As well, we read more books by Kevin Henkes.

In Math, we reviewed the different addition strategies that can be used to help us add numbers. The students shared their ideas as to which strategy may be more efficient for a given set of addends (e.g. using double facts may be more efficient for 7+6).  As their number sense continued to develop, it is important for young children to discern addition strategies that are most efficient to use to solve a given problem.  When possible, continue to ask your child to solve authentic math problems involving addition (e.g. we had 3 oranges at home, now we have 9 in total, how many did we buy?).  Over the next few weeks, we will switch gears to learning about different subtraction strategies.

In Bible, we continued to look at the recurring cycle in the Book of Judges.  This week, we learned about Othniel, the first judge that God had sent to deliver the Israelites from the king of Aram.  Students wrote about the cycle of disobedience in their writing books.

In our Inquiry unit of Amazing animals, we talked about animals that are important to the First People’s on the Northwest coast. Students were then paired up and given an animal to find some information about. They learned that animals need food, water, shelter and a habitat to survive.

In Art, students ripped up paper to make a snowman at night.

Below are some pictures from Exploration Time this week! Once or twice a week we clean up early so the kids can present to the class what they made.

Extra notes!

  • Next week will be Dance week.  All specialist (Music, French, PE) classes will be cancelled.  Students will be attending 30 minutes dance classes taught by a dancing instructor from Monday to Friday.  Please note that Library will be moved to Wednesday!
  • The Grade 12 students will be coming to pray and play with the Grade 1s on Wednesday, January 29th over lunch.
  • Scholastic orders will be submitted next Friday

Have a great weekend!

January 12

January 12

It was nice to see the students come back from the holiday refreshed and ready to begin learning again. The students reconnected with their friends and exchanged stories of what they did over their Christmas break. With pajama day and snow on Friday, it was an exciting day!

When it snows, the students will be playing outside throughout the day. Please also help your child come to school prepared for outdoor play (i.e. with boots, mittens, hat, scarf, snow pants). Please also check backpacks for wet clothes after school and send back a change for the next day. It might also help to have an extra pair of socks in student backpacks as well. Thank you for your help!

The reading strategy we talked about this week was visualizing. I explained to the students that visualizing is like creating a movie in their mind. They closed their eyes, I said a word (ex. ice-cream, flower, crayon), they imagined a picture in their brain and then shared what they saw. The students realized that they all saw different things in their brain and that’s okay!

The author that we will be looking at for the next couple of weeks is Kevin Henkes.  He is an award-winning author and illustrator of more than 30 children’s books and novels.  This week, we watched a short video interview with Kevin Henkes discussing his writing process.

In math, students took what they know about doubles and applied it to doubles plus one (ex. I know that 2+2 =4 so when I see 2+3, I just add 1 more and it is 5).

Over the next couple of months we will be reading from Judges. Students will be learning about the recurring cycle in the Book of Judges where the Israelites forget their covenant with God, oppressed by their neighbours, and plead to God for a deliverer.  This week, the students were introduced to the role of a judge, the cycle of disobedience, and our new memory verse, 2 Corinthians 6:16.

We started our new Inquiry unit of Amazing Adaptations.  Students are expected to learn how animals adapt to their environment to meet their basic needs.  This week, we launched the unit by introducing the big idea to this unit: animals adapt and change to live.

A reminder that Club begins next week.

Upcoming dates

  • Tuesday, January 28th: Grade 1 Ice Skating (10:15-12:15). Please email me if you will be able to join us. Thank you! 
  • Friday, January 31st: Teacher’s Professional Development Day. NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS.
  • Monday, February 17th: Family Day. NO SCHOOL.
  • Tuesday, February 18th: Vancouver Aquarium 8:45-2:4. Please email me if you are able to join us!
  • Thursday, February 27th: Student-led Conferences