January 26

January 25

Today 3K presented their chapel. They did a dramatic presentation of a song by Lauren Daigle called “Come Alive”. It was so powerful; I was definitely crying most of the time! The short summary of the drama was that sin took hold of the students lives. Jesus then rescued them and fought back against the enemy. After recess, I suddenly felt the Holy Spirit leading me to give the class time to reflect and respond to what they saw and heard today. I am so glad I followed that leading because what they shared was incredible. God is so good! I played the song again, had the students find their own spot in the class to listen to the words and ask God to reveal to them areas they have sin in their lives or what they learned. After the song, I gave them time to draw or write what God was teaching them. I only had chance to talk to a few of the students, but one said “when I disobey my parents, I know I have sin in my life because I don’t want to pray at school”. Several were also convicted of the amount of screen time they have a night and suggested other ways they could have fun instead. During chapel this morning, one of the students chose an iPad over the Bible and that resonated with our class quite deeply. I have included the link to the song below. I would encourage you to listen to the song again with your child and ask them how they heard God speaking to them. It was so encouraging to watch God work.

We went skating this week. Thank you to those who came to volunteer.

In Language Arts we continued to practice asking questions before, during and after reading. We also discussed the characters, setting, problem and solution during read alouds. We wrote a class story together, and then students had the chance to write their own.

In math, students continued to practice addition skills.

In our Inquiry unit of Patterns in the sky, we examined how fall affects the clothes that we wear, as well as the things that we can do and see.  The students thought that we need to wear rain jackets, pants, long sleeve T-shirts and rain boots during the fall. They also mentioned that umbrellas are a must! They also noticed that we can see leaves changing colour and falling during.

In Art today, students made snowman out of paper snowflakes. They are hung up outside the classroom if you want to take a look!

Thank you to Ivan’s family for coming to share with us this week! We learned that both of his parents, Simon and Priscilla are accountants. In the summer, Ivan attended a summer camp where he got to go on lots of adventures! Ivan recently started attending St. John Ambulance classes. They have a large extended family and they enjoy eating out together. Their family attends Peace Evangelical Church. Priscilla was invited to an event about 10 years ago and was given a card with the details, while she was at the mall. She put the card in a drawer and found it a year later. They started to attend the church and were baptized a couple of years ago.

January 19

January 19

Dear Parents,

In Math, we continued to review the different addition strategies that can be used to help us add numbers. The students shared their ideas as to which strategy may be more efficient for a given set of addends (e.g. using double facts may be more efficient for 7+6).  As their number sense continued to develop, it is important for young children to discern addition strategies that are most efficient to use to solve a given problem.  When possible, continue to ask your child to solve authentic math problems involving addition (e.g. we had 3 oranges at home, now we have 9 in total, how many did we buy?) over the weekend.  In a couple of weeks, we will switch gears to learning about different subtraction strategies.

In Language Arts we continued to read stories by Kevin Henkes. We also read a couple of stories by John Klassen. His books are simple and are great for having the students think of questions. We discussed how it is important to ask questions before we read, during reading, and even once the book is over. There are two types of questions. Quick questions (who, what, where, when) that can be answered within the book and deep questions that cannot be answered in the story. At the beginning of the week we talked about what makes up a sentence. Students learned that a sentence needs a full thought, a capital letter and a period. As a class, we also wrote a story together. On Thursday, students had the chance to try writing their own stories with characters, a setting, a problem and solution.

In Math, we reviewed the different addition strategies that can be used to help us add numbers. The students shared their ideas as to which strategy may be more efficient for a given set of addends (e.g. using double facts may be more efficient for 7+6).  As their number sense continued to develop, it is important for young children to discern addition strategies that are most efficient to use to solve a given problem.  When possible, continue to ask your child to solve authentic math problems involving addition (e.g. we had 3 oranges at home, now we have 9 in total, how many did we buy?) over the weekend.  Over the next few weeks, we will switch gears to learning about different subtraction strategies.   

In Bible, we continued to look at the recurring cycle in the Book of Judges.  This week, we learned about Samson. We talked a lot about how Samson was strong when he had his long hair which represented his covenant with God. When he lied he was no longer strong. I asked the students about how they can grow spiritually strong. Some of them suggested that they could pray, read their Bible, worship, go to church and serve others. I encourage you to continue to have these conversations at home as you know your family best and how you grow together.

In our Inquiry unit of Patterns in the Sky, we examined how winter affects the clothes that we wear, as well as the things that we can do and see.  The students thought that we need to wear clothing to keep us warm, such as thick jackets, pants, boots, mittens, scarves and hats in the winter. They also noticed that we can go skiing, play in the snow, and see birds migrating during this season. I pointed out that while we often associate snow with winter, in Vancouver we get more rain. We also learned about spring. The students realized that they wear light jackets, rain boots and need to carry umbrellas. They also noticed that we can go for walks, picnics and ride bikes outside.

In Art, students finished their snowman at night ripped paper activity. It is up on the board outside of the classroom now!

Thank you to Elijah and his family for coming to share with us this week! We learned that Elijah’s dad is from Calgary and his mom is from Vancouver. Elijah also has two little brothers. They have a large extended family who they enjoy visiting with. Elijah even has some cousins that attend RCS! Every year they take a trip to Calgary to see some of their relatives. They have also traveled to Alaska, Lake Louise and Moraine lake. Their family attends Tapestry church, and they enjoy praying together every night.

A reminder that we will be going ice skating again next Wednesday, January 23.  We will be leaving school at 10:15 (students will have a quick snack before we go on the school bus) and begin skating at 10:45. The skating session will end at 11:45 and we should be boarding the school bus at 12:00 so that we can come back for lunch. Thank you to those who have said they can come and help. Please either email me or make a note in your child’s Back and Forth book if you can come and help. You are welcomed to come and skate with us for free at the Minoru Ice Rink.

Yesterday there was a lot of creativity going on during Exploration Time! 

I accidentally left a couple of Scholastic orders on my desk and wasn’t able to submit the order on Friday. If you are interested in ordering anything, please do so by tomorrow as I will submit it Monday morning.

I was thinking about two prayer requests as I was driving home yesterday!

  • This a heavy time of year for sickness. Please pray that we will stay healthy.
  • I have also been teaching the students about who God is and what it means to pray to him. Please pray for wisdom as myself and Mrs.Huang continue to have these discussions with them.

Have a restful weekend!

January 12

January 12

Thank you for all the birthday greetings, cards and gifts yesterday! You and your children definitely helped make my birthday a great day. It was also fun that we were able to wear Pyjamas and read books from home together.

It was nice to see the students come back from the holiday refreshed and ready to begin the second term.  The students reconnected with their friends and exchanged stories of what they did over their Christmas break.

The author that we will be looking at for the next few weeks is Kevin Henkes.  He is an award-winning author and illustrator of more than 30 children’s books and novels.  This week, we watched a short video interview with Kevin Henkes discussing his writing process with books like Chester’s Way, Kitten’s First Moon, and Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse. Kevin Henkes illustrates his own stories and they always have a lesson. We also talked about how all stories include characters, setting a problem and solution. As you are reading stories at home, you can discuss these components together!

On Monday, students wrote about their Christmas breaks. Throughout the week, a couple of students shared what they wrote and we discussed what they did well. It was exciting to hear about all of the adventures and experiences they had. We continue to practice printing each week and word sorts.

In Math, we reviewed some of the addition strategies that we have covered before the break such as “Count on”, “Make ten”, “Double facts” and “Doubles Plus One”.  I also introduced the “Up and Down” strategy (e.g. the traditional way of adding the numbers up and down) for addition but I cautioned the students that this is only one of the many ways to add numbers.  In order to develop our number sense, we need to be flexible and be able to use many different strategies to add numbers.  The vertical algorithm or “Up and Down” strategy tends to be more mechanical and may not enhance young children’s number sense. We also talked about the importance of being able to explain their thinking and how they solved the problem. We also played a new math game called 3 in a row. The game is played the same as “Make 10”, but students are trying to find 3 cards that go in order (3, 4, 5).

In Inquiry, we introduced the big idea that patterns and cycles help us understand the natural world.  This week, we began to explore the idea that seasons affect all living things.  We will be looking at why we have seasons, and how they affect our daily lives. We also found out that we have seasons because of how the earth tilts towards the sun.

Over the next month, the students will be looking at the lives of five judges: Deborah, Gideon and Samson.  They will be learning about the recurring cycle in the Book of Judges where the Israelites forget their covenant with God, oppress by their neighbours, and plead to God for a deliverer. This week, the students were introduced to the role of a judge, the cycle of disobedience, and our new memory verse, 2 Corinthians 6:16.

Yesterday we talked about perspective in art. Students began to make a snowman by ripping paper into small pieces.

Important notes and reminders

  • On Monday, I will be away from school. We are going to use the same WTW words next week and I will test them Friday on different words than this week. If you need another copy of the word sort, please let me know and I will send another copy home on Tuesday.
  • Scholastic orders went home this week. Please return or place your order by Friday, January 18th.
  • A reminder that Club begins next week and run until March 1. The list is posted on the board by the computer lab.
December 15

December 15th

Christmas break is here!

It was a very busy, but fun week.

Thank you to Rosie’s family for coming to share with us this week! We learned that Rosie’s mom Paula works at an office and her dad Cheng is a baker. Rosie has an older brother Joshua who is in Grade 5. Their family enjoys traveling to the beach together. They have been to Nanaimo, Parksville, the Sunshine Coast, Tofino, and Hawaii. In the winter, their family takes a trip to Sun Peaks to go skiing. Their resort is right on the ski hill! We learned how God transformed their family’s life and how they seek to serve him as a house hold.

On Tuesday, our class went to the Aquarium. The day started with a tour through different habitats by a volunteer. After lunch, they were able to explore with their groups. Some of the students were very excited to see Scuba Claus (a scuba diver diving in a Santa suit). If you volunteered and have some pictures you are able to send me, I would appreciate it a lot!

The students met with their grade twelve prayer buddies on Thursday.  They came to our campus to eat lunch, pray, and play with each other at recess.  Each child in grade one has been matched with a grade twelve student so that they can pray for each other for the rest of this school year.  We plan to visit the prayer buddies at their campus in the Spring and sing for them during their convocation in June.

On Thursday morning, students rotated through Christmas stations which included making two crafts (one they brought home and another will be on display in January). They also got to play Bingo, read Christmas books and play with play doh.

Yesterday, the students helped to tidy up the class and we watched a Veggie Tales Movie called Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas. To end of the day, the whole school went to the gym to sing some Christmas songs together.

Everyone should have brought home their home reading books this week. Sorry for the delay in some of them going home. Please leave them in a safe spot and at home if you plan to travel so they don’t get lost.

Thank you for your support and prayers this term. Some of you have been asking about my sprained ankle. I am having some trouble getting the strength and flexibility back, but it has come a long way. I pray for you all that you have a safe, restful, fun break together. I can’t wait to hear everything that happened!

December 8

December 8

I can’t believe there is only one more week of school left before the break! There is a lot of important information this week.

The kids did AMAZING on Tuesday night! Below are some pictures from while we were waiting. If you took any pictures or movies of them singing and would be willing to share them with me, I would really appreciate it! It’s always fun to watch them together as a class.

Last week, students had a lot of fun decorating gingerbread cookies with their family groups.

In Language Arts we introduced the Reading Power of visualization: making pictures in your head.  The Reading Power, visualize, enables students to be more aware of the descriptive language that good writers use in their text.  We practiced a simple visualization exercise where I called out a single word and students made a picture of that word in their heads.  They then described what they saw to a partner. For ‘ice cream’ for example, what flavour was their ice cream? What kind of cone did they have? How many scoops of ice cream? We decided that some words (e.g. puppies, ice cream, lollipops) are much easier to visualize than words like “the” or “at.”  I also read a story with the cover of the book covered up, and I did not show the students the pictures. They had to visualize the story as I was reading it. Then students were asked to write 1 word to sum up what the story was about. The next day I read the story again, “Picture a Tree” by Barbara Reid, revealing the pictures. The students then got to make their visualizations of the tree with Plasticine.

We also began reading books by the author Jan Brett. The students noticed that her books have a unique style where she has side bars on her pages that show what’s coming up next in the story. She has many fun Christmassy and wintery stories.

In Bible, we have been discussing the birth of Jesus. On Monday and Tuesday, students wrote about it in their Bible journal.

In Inquiry, we talked about the difference between Physical Adaptations (physical features an animal has on its body to help it survive) and Behavioural Adaptations (things an animal does to survive like camouflage, hibernate or migrate). The students then created their own animal thinking about the adaptations it would need.

In Art, we began an outdoor scene of tissue paper trees on top of a sunset painted background. Stay tuned as these will go up on the outside bulletin boards soon.

In Math we were focusing on the strategies of making ten and using double facts to help us add. For instance, if you have the question 7 + 8 and you know the double fact 7 +7 = 14, then you just add 1 more to it. Therefore 7 + 8 = 15. If you could reinforce double facts (1+1; 2+2; 3+3 etc. up to 10 +10) at home that would be great. It helps when students are able to see the doubles in real life such as an egg carton.

Thank you to Joshua’s mom Lily for coming to share with us. We learned that Joshua enjoys reading, visiting the library, building robots with his dad, fencing, and playing the piano. Joshua has been enjoying his first year at RCS and being a part of Science Club. Joshua’s dad is a computer engineer and his mom just finished school to be an Education Assistant. He also has two older brothers. As a family, they enjoy running, hiking and eating yummy food together. Lily’s favourite verse is Joshua 1:9 so that is where he got his name from.

Thank you to Jake’s family for coming in to share last week. We learned that Jake has an older brother Micah who is in Grade 4. They look alike and they have the same birthday, October 1st! Jake’s dad Daniel is a computer engineer for BOEing and his mom cares for the home.

Tuesday, December 11 we go to the Aquarium. We will be leaving school at 8:45 am and arrive back around 2:30 pm. In order to minimize what the students carry around the aquarium, your child only needs to bring a small snack, a cold lunch (a sandwich or wrap etc.) and a small water bottle to school that day, preferably in a small backpack (If you have ordered Nova lunch that day, please call them to cancel the order).  There is no need to bring the Back and Forth book.  If you have a message for me that day, you can email me the night before.  If your child usually exchanges their home readers on Tuesday, please have him/her bring them Monday or Wednesday instead. This is a normal school day where you will drop off your child to school at the usual time.  If you wish to take your child home directly from the aquarium, please email me so that I can help make the necessary arrangement ahead of time.  Otherwise, students will come back to school to get their belongings and be dismissed at 2:45pm. If you are volunteering for our Aquarium field trip, please hand in $16 to me on Monday if you have not already done so. Thank you!

Notes and Reminders

  • The Grade 12 buddies will be coming for a visit on Thursday. Please ensure that students have a lunch at school by 12:00 as they will be eating early.
  • In term two, show and tell will be a bit different. I will select one or two students each day to share a piece of their writing so students will not he bringing items in from home.
  • There will be no Words Their Way next week.
  • We will continue with Home Reading next week, however, we do not expect the students to be reading the leveled books during the Christmas holidays.  Any unread books can be used after we come back from the holidays. If you are traveling, please keep the Home Reading books at home.
  • The library will be closed after school on Friday, December 14th. Students are welcome to keep their books over the break. If you are planning to travel, please keep library books at home.
  • I will be replacing the content of the Back and Forth Book next Friday.  If you would like to keep the pages, please email me by next Friday.  Otherwise, I will shred and recycle the pages.
  • Donations for the Crisis Pregnancy Centre will be accepted until Friday December 14. Gently used items can also be donated. Suggested items are sleepers and outfits (newborn to 12 months), undershirts, bibs, blankets, towels, washcloths, and bottles. Socks, slippers, hats, shampoo, lotions, diapers, wipes, and toys are also appreciated. Food items such as powdered formula, baby cereal and jarred baby food is perfect. Moms can receive treats too: toiletries, magazines and treats.
November 23

November 23

Dear Parents,

It has been a busy couple of weeks!

Last week, we had fun skating! Thank you to those who were able to come!

This week, we explored the ways that we can add numbers, such as counting all and counting on by using the number line, ten frame, and fingers. It is our intent to move the students from the counting stage to the reasoning stage of addition and eventually to the mastery stage where students can do addition mentally without the aid of manipulatives.  We also did problem solving questions in the form of a video clip, where students had to discuss what they were wondering with the group. We talked about what it means to count on (e.g. What is 3+2? I count past 3 two times) and Make Ten using unifix cubes, number lines and ten frames. We made unifix towers ten blocks high in different combinations using two different colours. Students were also able to play two math games, Bump and Collect 10. If you have a deck of cards at home, ask your child to teach you to how to play! It’s really fun. Students were also able to complete some practice worksheets and read math books.

In Bible we continued learning about Moses – how God spoke to him in the burning bush and told him to tell Pharaoh to let God’s people go. Moses did not think he was good enough to do this. We talked about how God will give us all the skills we need in order to do whatever he is wanting us to do. We do not have to be afraid or worried or think we can’t do it.

In Inquiry we began our new unit, Amazing Adaptations.  Students are expected to learn how animals adapt to their environment to meet their basic needs. We introduced the big idea: animals adapt and change to survive. We watched a short video clip about how animals camouflage to their environment.

Thank you to Avalee’s family for coming to share with us last week. We learned that Avalee’s mom Swan works at Phoenix dance and music school. We learned that her dad Dat is an accountant. Avalee has a younger brother Devon who loves Spiderman! As a family, they enjoy dressing up as twins. They celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. They enjoy reading, visiting playgrounds, picking fruit, travelling, art projects and playing in the snow. Their family attends Fraser Lands Church where Swan teaches Sunday School and Awana.

Thank you to Andre’s family who came to share with us this week! Andre’s mom Vivian is a piano teacher and teaches a couple of students in our class. His dad Vincent is a realtor. Andre has a younger brother Isaac. As a family, they enjoy traveling and seeing what God’s creation. They have been to Kelowna, Big White and Mexico. Their family just got back from a trip to New York and the Bahamas. Andre, Vivian and her students recently played piano at a seniors home to use the gifts that God has given them to bless others.

Notes and Reminders

  • December Scholastic orders will go out next week. Please return them by next Friday to ensure they are here before the Christmas break. Sorry for the short turn around between months.
  • Your child will need to bring a small bag (about a quarter cup) of nut-free candy to decorate their cookies during our annual Christmas cookie decorating Friday, November 30during family groups. It is also a day to dress up in red and green.
  • Our last Bible verse before the Christmas break will be sent home next week.

Hope you have a great weekend!

November 13

November 12

This week, we talked about the meaning behind the poppies that people wear during Remembrance Day.  The students discovered that this is a day we remember all the heroes and soldiers who have made sacrifices for our country so that we could have peace. We read a story called, “What Does Peace Feel Like?” Students then brainstormed and wrote about what peace feels like, smells like, sounds like, tastes like and looks like to them. You could discuss with your child what peace looks like, feels like etc. for each of you. I explain that when they feel peace, they feel loved, safe, happy, relaxed etc.

We learned a new new reading strategy this week called Lips the Fish where you get your lips ready to say the first few sounds of the word out loud.

They also learned how to draw Elephant and Piggie from the Mo Willems series.

Students did their own ‘Words Their Way‘ sorts and wrote their spelling quizzes today. They should have been brought home. Once you receive the quiz, please review the results with your child so they know what to watch out for next time. For the word sorts, keep in mind that one mark was given for correct spelling and another mark was given for writing the word in the correct category, unless it was a picture sort. For picture sorts, I was only looking for the vowel sound. Please celebrate how they did on their first quiz. We discussed on Friday that making a mistake actually helps our brain remember how to spell it the next time. Next week the new sorts will be given out on Tuesday so the students will have one less day to practice their words.

In Art, students painted their pumpkin using different shades of orange. After it dried, they were able to add a pattern on top!

We’ve been enjoying the sunny days by taking occasional walks with stops at the playground.

This week, no one signed up to do family sharing so Mrs.Huang and I shared about ours! We learned that Mrs.Huang and her husband moved here from Taiwan. They have two sons, Bryan who goes to UBC and Julian who just turned 16 and also attends RCS. Mr.Huang works at T&T supermarket. As a family, they enjoy outdoor activities such as going for walks and hikes. Mrs.Huang’s favourite verse is Proverbs 3:5&6.

I shared with the students that my great grandparents moved here from Scotland, England and Germany. My mom’s side of the family are all Christians and my dad’s side of the family are non-Christians. I decided to follow Jesus when I was 6 and I was baptized when I was 12. As a family, we enjoy going to sporting events together. We also enjoy traveling together.


November 3

November 2

Thank you for coming out to Parent Teacher Conferences, it was great to have that one-on-one time with you!

In Language Arts, students continued to write in their journal about their weekend. They also learned about two new reading strategies, Helpful Hippo and Flippy the Dolphin. Helpful Hippo is a reading strategy where students can expand their vocabulary by asking someone (usually an adult) to define words that they may not have seen before.  As you read with your child at home, when reading books that are above their independent reading level, try to point out several words that your child can use naturally in their writing or oral speech.  Challenge your child to use those words for the rest of the week. Students have learned that vowels make two sounds. Flippy the Dolphin involves trying the other vowel sound.

Our spelling program, Words Their Way (WTW), will begin next week on Monday. Students will be taking home a word sort or picture sort to cut up and do at home. They will be receiving different word sorts depending on their needs. As we discussed at Literacy Night, students learn best when there is a balance between will and skill, thus we want the students to be doing sorts that are appropriate for where they are at so that they can feel competent and successful, and ultimately enjoy spelling.  The focus of WTW is on the patterns in the English language, rather than the memorization of individual words. Your child will be practicing these words at school and should be able to tell you how the words are sorted based on specific patterns. If you click on the “Words Their Way” tab on the top of my blog, you can see the specific activities to do each night of the week with your child. These will repeat each week when your child brings home a new sort. During the last day of the week (usually Friday), the students will be tested on their understanding of the patterns of these words with a spelling quiz.  I will choose 10 words from the sort randomly to test the students. For each word, 1 mark will be given for the correct spelling and 1 mark will be given for placing the word under the correct heading (according to the correct pattern). The quiz will be sent home for you to keep and to monitor your child’s progress.  I have included a video made by our literacy coach, Angela Laing, answering some commonly asked questions regarding this program.

In Art, students traced the pumpkins that they drew with black glue. They will be painting them either this week, or next week.

In Math, most of the students made their own number line to reinforce their understanding of number sequence. The rest will make them next week. Being able to see and work with a number line enhances their mental math strategies for adding and subtracting numbers.  We will be referring to this tool throughout the school year.  We introduced the students to the proper usage of the iPads and furthered their understanding of subitization with the introduction of the Ten Frame Mania app. Subitizing is recognizing numbers at a glance.

Another good math app for the iPhone or iPad that you could have your child do at home is called “10 Frame Fill.” The app asks questions that we have been doing in class such as, “How many more dots to make 10?”

We have also begun problem solving using videos demonstrating a problem that leaves the students wondering about what information needs to be solved and figuring out how to go about doing that based on the information given. Students used their whiteboards at the carpet to record the important information and to show their work of how they solved the problem.

In Bible, we watched a short movie about Joseph. We looked at the way that Joseph trusted God even when he was sold into slavery by his brothers.

In Devotions, we started to learn about the names of God. The first one we talked about was “I Am Who I am” or Yahweh.

The new memory verse that we will be starting next week is Proverbs 3:5-6. I will play a song version of this verse for the kids. You could play it at home as well to help your child learn the memory verse. I will ask that your child tell me the verse by November 21.

Thank you to Andrew’s family for coming to share with us this week. We learned that Andrew’s dad is from China. He used to work in business, but now does investments. Andrew’s mom takes care of the house and kids and is learning English. Andrew has an older sister Tina who is going to school in the United States where she can focus on her love for golfing. Andrew enjoys golfing, playing with Lego, piano, skating, swimming and hockey.

Today, a group of students were excited to show how they used the three core competencies to play cooperatively with each other using a bunch of different materials.

Reminders/ Notices:

  • Individual photo retakes are scheduled for Tuesday, Nov 6.  If you wish for your child to retake his/her individual picture, please email me or write in the Back and Forth book to let me know.
  • Nov 8 – Curriculum Night at 7 pm at the school for parents
  • Nov 9 – Our Remembrance Day Assembly
  • Nov 9 – Scholastic Orders due
  • Nov 12 – NO SCHOOL (Remembrance Day observance)
  • Nov 13 – Skating Field trip – make sure you approve the permission form by next Friday, November 9.
  • Message from Mrs. Teodoro:

We are no longer distributing Nova Food paper forms to each student. Online orders can be made directly at these food delivery providers instead:



 If you require a paper form, please pick up from the office. Thank you.

Have a blessed weekend!

October 27

October 26

In Language Arts we learned a new reading strategy, check for understanding. Sometimes students will continue to read without fully understanding the text. Students learned to stop and ask some of the following questions:

  • Who did you just read about?
  • What just happened in the story?
  • Was your brain talking to you while you read?
  • Do you understand what was read?

If they can’t answer the questions, students should back up and reread the story, or choose another reading strategy to support their understanding.

This week in journal writing, students wrote about who they like to play with.

We began reading books by the author, Mo Willems. The class was already quite familiar with his Elephant and Piggie books, as well as his Pigeon series.

On Thursday, we cut open a pumpkin and brainstormed describing words. Some suggested the pumpkin was bumpy, stinky, stringy, orange and slimy. Next week, we will use these words to write a pumpkin poem.

Students have also continued to work on their printing books and the routines for the Words Their Way program. We will have one more week of practice.

In Math we played some domino and card games to improve number sense, focusing on ‘equal to’ and ‘1 more than’. Students also filled in their own November calendar with dates that are important to them. Please go over it with them at home and add classes or events they may be missing. Please help your child put the calendar in a place where they can see and make use of it to reinforce the concept of time. Some suggested that they would like to tape it to their doors, inside their room or on the refrigerator door.  We discussed how the calendar can help us organize our routines.

In Art the students observed the pumpkin that we carved to draw what they saw. This is a project that will take a couple of weeks to complete.

In Inquiry we got into groups to brainstorm and write down ideas about how we contribute to our home and class. Students then presented these to the class. The Communication Core Competency that we focused on here was: I can share my ideas and learning and I can listen to others. Some students suggested that at home they can help wash the dishes, fold laundry and pick up their toys. At school, students suggested that they can clean up after Exploration Time and ensure that their jackets are hung up.

Thank you to Oliver’s family for coming to share with us this week. Oliver’s dad Patrick is from Taiwan. He is a dentist and went to university in Pennsylvania. Oliver’s mom Greta is also from Taiwan. She studied music at Columbia university and now works at Patrick’s dental office. Oliver was born in New Jersey. He enjoys art, reading, skiing and music. His younger brother’s name is Preston. Preston loves raspberry timbits! As a family, they enjoy biking and traveling. They have been to Banff, Legoland, and Hawaii. They celebrate birthdays, Christmas and Chinese New Year.

Reminders/ Notices:

  • Parent-Teacher Conferences are held Monday from 3:15-6 pm and Tuesday 12 pm – 8 pm. There is NO SCHOOL Tuesday.
  • We do not dress up for/celebrate Halloween at school. Wednesday will be a regular day.
  • Our school book fair is scheduled for Oct 29 to Nov 2.  If you are interested in buying books for your child, you can visit the fair at these times:

Monday 9:30am-6:00pm

Tuesday 12:00pm-8:00pm (closed between 5:00-6:00)

Wednesday 8:30am-3:15pm

Thursday 8:30am-3:15pm

You are also welcome to purchase books for our classroom library.  A wish list will be compiled.

  • More Book Fair information from Ms. Huber:
    • The library will be open for book exchange on Monday, Thursday and Friday as per usual (no book exchange on Wednesday)
    • Students will have opportunities to browse the fair during their library classes.
    • Ms. Huber sent an email with specific details.  Please look at it for more information.
  • Some students do not have a box of extra clothes at school or have gotten wet outside and not returned their clothes. Please send an extra shirt, pants, underwear and socks in case any accidents should happen or return the clothes that were taken home.
  • I can still use some help for the skating field trip on November 13th and the Aquarium field trip

Have a good weekend and I look forward to meeting you next week during our Parent-teacher conferences!

October 20

October 19

Dear Parents,  

The students were very excited to find out that the students from 5H were coming to read with them this afternoon. We will meet up a couple of times this year to share stories together.

We began our spelling program, Words Their Way (WTW), this week.  Students are learning how to prepare their WTW sorts and the classroom routines needed with this program. Individualized spelling sorts will be sent home and spelling quizzes will begin when the students are more familiar with this program, most likely a couple of weeks from now.  

In literacy this week, we continued to read stories by David Shannon. “No David” is one of his popular books and a class favourite. The students were excited this week to write their own stories about David. When they are finished, they will be put on the board outside in the hallway. We introduced a new reading strategy this week called Eagle Eye. Students learned that if they don’t understand a word, they can look at the pictures for a clue.

Students also learned how to read “EEKK” with a buddy this week. Elbow to elbow and knee to knee.

This week, students played various games to help with their number sense using dominos, ten and playing cards.

In Bible, we continued to look at the story of Abraham and Isaac to learn how we are blessed when we obey God. As a class, we talked about what it means to trust God and times when they can trust in Him.

We began our new Inquiry unit of Me to We.  The students will be exploring the roles that they have at home, in school, and in their community and how they can contribute to the groups that they belong to.  This week, we defined the groups that we belong to (e.g. family, school, class, sports team, etc.) and talked about ways that we can help 1N. One way students learned they can contribute to the class community is through caring for their belongings.

In Art we continued working on our fall leaves using pastels to colour them in. We coloured over top of sandpaper to create a textured background. Today, students completed the art project by doing a watercolour paint wash.

We will be going skating on November 13 and January 23, leaving the school at 10:15 and arriving back at 12:15. If you are able to come to Minoru ice rink to help the students put on skates and/or skate with the children, please let me know. We could use as many parents as possible. You can meet us at the rink at 10:30 am on those days. Thank you!

We will be visiting the Vancouver Aquarium as part of our Inquiry unit of Animal Adaptations on Tuesday, Dec 11.  Please email me if you can volunteer to be a group leader that day.  You will be taking care of a small group of students around the aquarium.  We will be requiring your assistance from 8:45 to 2:45. The admission fee for the first five parents to email me as a volunteer will be covered as part of the group rate at the aquarium. You will need to meet us at the Aquarium as there is not enough room on the bus.  

The next Show and Tell item will be something that represents a group that your child belongs to. This ties into our ‘Me to We’ inquiry unit. For example, if your child is on a soccer team, he/she could bring in a medal or trophy the team won or a picture of the team. If your child is in Awana, he/she could bring badges received or a book that is used.

Thank you to Daniel’s family for coming into share with us this week! We learned that his dad Darren is a software engineer. His mom Angela is a business manager. Darren and Angela met in Halifax and moved to Vancouver after they got married. Daniel has a little sister, Mia. Daniel enjoys reading and swimming. As a family, they celebrate Chinese New Year, Christmas and they love to travel.

Have a great weekend!