September 15

Special Friend

Throughout the year students will take turns being the Special Friend. The Special Friend will help the teacher in the classroom, and take on the responsibility to update the calendar.

The Special Friend is encouraged to bring 1 small object to school for show- and-tell.

Show -and -Tell/Building Children’s Confidence
Show-and-tell is designed to provide children with a forum for speaking publicly. Therefore, please help your child feel successful as your child presents in front of classmates.

Here are some ways you can help your child get ready at home: practice describing the object with family before presenting at school
– train your child to look at the audience while talking in a loud enough voice to be heard by all who are listening
– train your child to state their name before sharing
– teach your child to end the presentation by saying thank you for listening

The first time for Show-and-Tell, please have your child bring their favourite toy.