The Hunchback of Notre Dame Theatre Production


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The Hunchback of Notre Dame is a musical based on a novel that deals with mature themes.  The difficult themes include bullying, manipulation, deception, and betrayal.   The positive themes include sacrifice, loyalty, courage and perseverance.  The Disney animated movie has moments of darkness and sensuality that our production does not.

Mrs. Neufeld, along with the grade four and five teachers, are inviting students from these grades on a field trip to Gateway Theatre on Friday, May 17, at 11 a.m.  The purpose of going as a class is academic; the purpose of going as a family is for shared experience.  The academic experience will include knowledge of the theatre building, processing abstract concepts, studying the unifying elements of a play, and character identification.

We believe that seeing this musical together as a family is a great opportunity to strengthen family bonds.  RCS carefully chooses musicals that agree with our faith and family values.

But will my child be bored watching it more than once?  We don’t think so!  This is because:

1.  There is a lot of humour and plot points that will be more evident the second-time around.
2.  When going as a class they will be focusing on studies; as a family they can relax and enjoy the show.
3.  The story lends itself to great discussion.  The program will give you some ideas for home.
4.  Going as a family demonstrates support of RCS students and the arts.
5.  Grab the opportunity for a memorable family night at the theatre!


As always, we desire to help all families to see the show.  Email Mr. Sig Ong for details on “affordable family tickets.” (


Darlene Neufeld

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