Meet the Teacher Night


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Dear Parents,
“Meet the Teacher” night is this Wednesday, September 18, 2013.  We are so excited to see you!  
· At 7:00pm, all parents will gather in the Large Gym to hear remarks from the principal, introducing the staff and discussing some important reminders for the school year ahead.
· Around 7:30pm, after the staff members have left to be in their classrooms, parents will be dismissed to attend a 20 minute group meeting with their child’s teacher in their child’s classroom. 
· Around 8:00pm, an announcement will be made for parents to move on to the next meeting. 
oThis is for parents with two children at the school. 
oIf you have more than two children at the elementary campus, perhaps both parents can attend and each can individually attend a classroom session.
· Only two classroom sessions are held. 
· Once you have been to the group classroom meeting for your child(ren), you are free to go home.
We expect a crowd of over 400 parents – so parking will be a challenge.  You are permitted to use the parking lot at Jesse Wowk Public School.  Please remember to plan for childcare.  Children should not be coming to the school.
Mrs. D. Neufeld.

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