Please Keep Me Home When I Am Sick!


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This is just a reminder that children who have not slept well, have a fever, a runny nose or coughing, vomiting or diarrhea  should stay home from school and public places to rest and get well.


  • When ill, children recover more quickly when allowed to rest, play quietly and not go “in and out”.
  • When ill, children are not able to learn – being at school but feeling ill, will not give them the education you want them to have.  When they return and are healthy, they will be able to catch up quickly.
  • The school understands that some viruses take 5-10 days to recover from.  The teacher can provide work for home if this is your child’s situation.  Please email and request it from the teacher. They will arrange for pick up.
  • Children with these symptoms are contagious and will spread the virus to surfaces.  Often a whole class becomes ill when sick children come to school.
  • Students returning to school must be healthy enough to participate in all school activities, including recess (outside) and PE.
  • Students returning who require prescription medication during the day must have a form completed by the physician.  All medication must be brought to the office.
  • Staff members are not permitted to give any over-the-counter medication to children.
  • Unless authorized (i.e. asthma inhaler, Epipen) by the school, medication (i.e. over-the-counter) is not permitted in the backpack for student to self-administer.  (Elementary Campus)
  • Enterovirus D68 has now been identified as a concern for the citizens of BC.  Please learn about it and how to take precautions.

Please have a plan for how your family will address having a sick child who cannot attend school.  Teachers, who have any concern, will remove an ill student from the classroom and parents will be contacted for pick up.

On behalf of the parents, teachers, staff and students,

Mrs. Neufeld

Principal – Elementary Campus



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2014 BEAR CREEK RUN Parent Information

What, when & where is the CESS (Bear Creek) Run?

The annual C.E.S.S. (Christian Elementary School Sports) Cross Country Run is coming up on October 22, 2014. The event is a 1.8km Cross Country Run for student in grades 4 thru 7. The run is held at Bear Creek Park in Surrey. Last year 1368 students from 18 different Christian schools participated in the run. The following information has been shared with all of the grade 4 and 5 students in PE class. The r un is a wonderful opportunity for students to represent RCS, challenge themselves physically, as well as praise God through the use of their bodies.

How do students prepare for the run? Students train for the cross county run during PE classes. In each PE class, students complete a distance of 1.6km (four laps around the RCS field). Students have the option of running/jogging the full distance, or doing a combination of running and walking. Each week the amount of walking is decreased and running increased, with the final goal of completing the full distance with no walking or stopping.

How do students get to go to the run?

Students must be able to complete the full distance without walking or stopping to qualify for the run. The rationale for this, is that participants are confident and familiar with the full distance. When students walk it slows down each individual race and eventually the entire day. This completion of the distance with no walking or stopping is the only way to qualify to attend the cross country run. There is no other selection process, students are not “chosen,” they must qualify to attend. Once students have qualified they must continue to demonstrate appropriate effort and behaviour in class to ensure they can attend.

How can I ensure my child will be able to attend? Run with your child, help them practice. The school field is always available on weekends and after school. The key to qualifying is to be able to run/jog the full distance without walking or stopping. If your child really wants to attend, the key is practice, run with them or give them the opportunity to run. Work on pacing and help them to build their endurance.

Why can’t students who don’t qualify come and cheer on their classmates? The day is for students participating in the run. In the past students who are not participating have had more behavioural issues and we simply don’t have the supervisors necessary to handle the extra students. If a student has not qualified they may not attend the run. Students not participating will attend school that day.

Reifel Bird Sanctuary fieldtrip


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On Monday, 4E will be going on a fieldtrip to Reifel Bird Sanctuary!

In this fieldtrip we will be discovering and exploring a wetland habitat.  We will be learning about the characteristics of wetland habitats, as well as the special adaptations that plants and animals have to live in this habitat.  Students can bring $1.00 to buy a bag of birdseed to feed the birds along the way.  This is optional and will need to be brought in the day of our fieldtrip.

We will be having an early lunch at 11:15 am.  If you normally order Nova Foods, please send a packed lunch with your child and they will receive their Nova Foods when we return.  We will be leaving the school at 11:45 am and return by 2:45 pm.

This field trip is entirely outdoors and will take place rain or shine.  Please remember to bring:

  • a good pair of walking shoes (waterproof if it is raining)
  • weather appropriate clothing (dress in waterproof layers)
  • optional – camera
  • optional – $1.00 for birdseed to feed the ducks

French with Mr. Lai


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Dear RCS parents and students,

Welcome to another school year at RCS! I am excited to teach my fifth year of French here.

I will be teaching the following classes: all classes from Grades 1-3, 4S, 4E, and all three grade 5 classes.

A note to new parents,

I will be starting an after-school club on Mondays for all new students in GRADES 3-5, beginning in January 2014. The club will follow the RCS club schedule. ALL new students in Grades 3-5 are encouraged and expected to join.

We will have our club in the 1WA classroom on Mondays from 3:00-3:30PM. You do NOT need to sign up with the office or through signupgenius.

All of our classes are taught in French. Please be assured that your child will NOT be assessed the same as the other students, who have had French since grade one. Your child will be caught up if s/he is willing to diligently work at school and at home. Our new students last year have had lots of success catching up.

DVDs: Student DVDs are here! We have a good supply of DVDs available at the office. If any of the DVDs run out of supply, I will place another order, and it

Please don’t hesitate to email me at if you have any questions or concerns.

The password for the Downloads section remains the same as before. Ask other parents or email me a request for it.

We have lots of fun in class! I hope your child will enjoy another year learning French.

You can subscribe to this blog at the top right of the page, and you will then receive an email every time I post.

Mr. Lai

French teacher, RCS Grades 1-5

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