RCS Gala – March 1


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RCS Gala Event – featuring our Grade 4 and 5 students

Tuesday, March 1st 

            6:30pm – 8:30pm
                  Secondary Gym
                  Tickets $25.00
                  Purchase here!  

  • Read more in January’s edition of The View – myrcs.ca publication
  • We are raising funds for our Here We Grow campaign and parents, grandparents, family and friends are welcome to attend. We will be serving a lovely catered dinner, amazing student musical features as well as learning more about our future plans.
  • Only performing students will be supervised at the Middle School. If you child is not performing you must arrange other childcare.
  • As this is a Fundraising Dinner, parents must purchase a ticket in order to see the performances. The only exception to this rule is if your children are featured both nights. In this case you may purchase a ticket for one evening and then email us for a Standing Ticket for the other evening. We have very limited space for standing and we need to keep close track of those wishing to stand.
  • Our Gala evenings are designed for adults. If you have children who aren’t performing, we encourage you to find childcare arrangements for them. If they must accompany you, you will need to purchase a Gala ticket for them. We do not have children’s meals or a child rate.

Mrs. Neufeld’s Reasons to attend the Gala,

  • I will understand the heart and vision of the Board and school administration.
  • I understand how being part of Richmond Christian School means supporting capital projects. 
  • I believe that Richmond Christian School provides parents a choice in education.  My financial contribution demonstrates my support. 
  • The development of the back of the Secondary Campus provides opportunities for Middle and Secondary students.
  • Supporting capital projects means
    • I am honouring previous parents who invested into RCS so my children could have a school.
    • I am supporting present Elementary/Middle parents so that their children can have opportunities when they attend the Secondary Campus.
    • I am building a future for babies yet to be born!

A Message from Mrs. Neufeld


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Dear Parents,

Presently, 10% of our school population is absent from school because of headaches, upset stomach, diarrhea, cough, fever, and other symptoms.  That is a lot of kids!  Students often need 5-7 days before being able to manage at school.  Please consider the following:

  • Ensure that you have a plan for care if your child gets sick.
  • Children sick at school will be sent home. Please have a plan on how your child will be picked up in the middle of the day.
  • If your child complains about not feeling well, please listen. It is scary and embarrassing for a child to vomit at school or be out of sorts because of a fever.  It is better to stay home and rest for one day.  Children who are ill cannot “cope” or “be brave”.  They are contagious and need to be at home away from people.
  • Practice good health: lots of rest, good food (fruits and veggies), washing hands with soap often through the day.
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