How We Make Class Lists


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Dear Parents:

You may have wondered how class lists for the upcoming year are created. Here’s the inside scoop:

There are many factors our staff team take into account for creating Gr. 5 class lists. These include a balance of gender as well as academic, behavioural and social needs. We also solicit student feedback by having each child complete a “sociogram”. A sociogram is a chart for students to list:

  • 5 Grade Four students with whom they usually play at recess
  • 5 students from the other two Grade Four classes that they would love to have in their Grade Five class next year
  • 5 Grade Four students with whom they work well on projects
  • 1 girl and 1 boy whom they respect (explain why)

If your child lists at least 10 different names, our staff team will ensure that one of the students listed will be in your child’s Grade Five class next year.  We regret that we are unable to take special requests for class placements.

Thank you for your understanding,

The Grade Four Team

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