Sociograms & Grade 5 Class Lists


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This week, the Grade 4 teachers will collaborate to create the class lists for Grade 5.

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Many factors are considered when creating class lists, including gender, academic, behavioural & social needs. To assist us in this process, we will ask each student to complete a “sociogram” this week (4E will do this activity on Wednesday).  The sociogram helps us identify the students with whom your child works well & gets along.

These are the questions your child will be asked:

  1. Who do you like to play with at recess or lunch?
  2. Who would you invite over to your house for a birthday party, playdate, or sleepover?
  3. Who do you work well with on projects?
  4. From 4S & 4L, who would you enjoy having your Grade 5 class next year?

Students will be asked to write at least 5 different names for each category.

Please take the time to talk about these questions with your child over the next 2 days so they are prepared to fill out the 4E Sociogram in class on Wednesday, May 9.

Thank you for your prayers & support!

Ms. Epp

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