Student-Led Conferences Sign-up


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Signup for student-led conferences are now open. If you haven’t signed up yet, please CLICK HERE to sign up.

Signup closes on Wednesday.

Term 2 Clubs


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Term 2 Clubs will start on January 14th. Club lists are posted on the bulletin board between the Computer Lab and Mrs. Snider’s Kindergarten classroom. There have been no changes in club assignments.

Friday is Pajama Day


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This Friday is Pajama Day and Family Groups! Your child is invited to wear his/her pjs to school. They are welcome to bring a favourite book from home, labelled with their first and last name, or use the classroom books to read with a buddy in their Family Group. There will be no chapel in the gym this Friday.

Book Fair Starts Monday, October 29


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Book Fair Information

  • Students will have opportunities to browse the fair during their library classes
  • Gr. 4 students may bring money if they have parent permission–keep in mind that all sales are final
  • No Accelerated Reading after school during Book Fair Week
  • To avoid misunderstandings, students are not to buy items for friends or lend money to friends.

Parents, thank you for reviewing these reminders with your children at home.  Ms. Huber and I will also remind the students at school.

Have a wonderful book adventure next week!

Beaty Biodiversity Museum Field Trip – Oct. 9


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On Tuesday, October 9, 4E students & staff will visit the Beaty Biodiversity Museum @ UBC.

Students will explore the diversity of life God has created.

Students will discover creation’s interconnectedness by comparing structures and behaviours of local animals and plants.

Through hands on activities and museum specimens, students will learn how God designed plants & animals to survive & thrive in their unique habitats and communities.

We depart by bus at 9 am and return at 1:45 pm.

Students are asked to bring a recess snack & a bag lunch in a small backpack.


Walk to the Tapestry


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Hi Parents,

This is a reminder from Mrs. Schneck for you to check the permission form for a practice walk to the Tapestry as we practice emergency procedures in the new school year. If you haven’t given consent, please do so soon!

Thank you!

No Nova Foods on October 19


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Please be aware that Nova Foods is closed on October 19.

Parents who regularly order Nova Foods will need to pack lunch for their children on that day, or order from the school hot lunch program (MunchaLunch) for that Friday. 

Thank you.

Welcome to 4E


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Welcome to a new school year! I am delighted to be your child’s teacher and excited for all that is to come. Please subscribe to this blog to keep up to date on announcements and updates from the 4E classroom.

To help us to get to know one another better in 4E, we are doing mystery bag presentations.  Your child can include 3-6 items that represent who they are, their family, or their interests and talents.  All of the items must fit inside the bag.  The children will present the contents of their bag to the class and tell a little about themselves while presenting each item.  After each presentation there will be a time for questions from their peers to help us learn more about each other, and then we will pray for the presenters. All bags need to be at school by Tuesday, September 11. I look forward to getting to know the children through this activity.

Sociograms & Grade 5 Class Lists


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This week, the Grade 4 teachers will collaborate to create the class lists for Grade 5.

Image result for elementary school friendships

Many factors are considered when creating class lists, including gender, academic, behavioural & social needs. To assist us in this process, we will ask each student to complete a “sociogram” this week (4E will do this activity on Wednesday).  The sociogram helps us identify the students with whom your child works well & gets along.

These are the questions your child will be asked:

  1. Who do you like to play with at recess or lunch?
  2. Who would you invite over to your house for a birthday party, playdate, or sleepover?
  3. Who do you work well with on projects?
  4. From 4S & 4L, who would you enjoy having your Grade 5 class next year?

Students will be asked to write at least 5 different names for each category.

Please take the time to talk about these questions with your child over the next 2 days so they are prepared to fill out the 4E Sociogram in class on Wednesday, May 9.

Thank you for your prayers & support!

Ms. Epp

Britannia Shipyards Photography Field Trip – Friday, April 27


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The students from 4E will be participating in an off-campus field trip to Britannia Shipyards on Friday, April 27, 2018 from 11:00 to 12:15. The bus will leave the campus at 11:00 am and is expected to return at 12:15 pm.

Please remember:

  • Camera (charged batteries + memory card)
  • Dress for the weather (bring umbrella if raining)

Thank you very much!

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