Current Sections for All Grades

Dear Grade 1-5 parents,

Here is the current pace for what to study on Quizlet and the AIM Portal.
In the portal, always choose the sections that are closest to the top of the section on the far right (The first set of actions from the top):

Each grade has different list of words. Most of the sections correspond exactly with the Quizlet Sections.

Grade 1
Sections A and B

Grade 2
Section E with review of Sections A B C and D

Grade 3
Section E with review of Sections A B C and D

Grade 4
Sections A B and C

Grade 5
Sections A and B

Reminder that the portal is and Quizlet is at and in the App Store. All students should be reviewing a minimum of 20 minutes per week total for both resources. This is monitored and will count towards their homework mark for report cards. Within Quizlet (In the browser), you can print off the bilingual lists using the … button.

Some students still have not yet logged into the portal and Quizlet. Please let me know if you need assistance with usernames and passwords.

Mr. Lai (

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