Grade 4 and 5 Term Quizzes

Dear Grade 4 and 5 parents,

There is a quiz upcoming for each grade for this term. This will take place on NOVEMBER 16 (FRIDAY). Both French English copies of the scripts are available in the downloads section. The password is rcsfrench. Students should be reviewing all worksheets.  Along with Quizlet and the AIM Portal, I will be sharing some Kahoot and Quizizz codes for HOME PRACTICE. I will update them here on the post over the next two weeks. Students who pay attention in class and review Quizlet and the Portal at home will find the quiz not difficult.

Grade 4:

Three study sets are beneficial on Quizlet:

  1. Section A
  2. Section B
  3. Comment y aller (with images)
    Quizizz code: . – 824707 (USE REAL NAMES)

There will be multiple choice questions and definitions in English and French. Students should be familiar with the play Comment y aller.  Spelling memory is NOT required.

Grade 5

Section A of Louis la grenouille and the set with images.

  1. Fill in the blanks.
  2. Mets les mots en ordreSpelling memory is NOT required.Quizizz code: . -252344 & 282041 (USE REAL NAMES)

ALL Grade 5 students should be using Edmodo and keeping up with announcements there.

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