Current Pace for All Students

Dear parents,

Here are the current sections for all grades. All vocabulary from both Quizlet and the Portal should be the same words.

Grades 2 and 3 are reviewing additional vocabulary that is available on Quizlet but not the portal.

All grade 4 and 5 students have the printed lists of words. If any parents in grade 1-3 prefer a paper copy, all material on Quizlet can be printed. Check out my images to show how.If anyone is having trouble, I can send you a copy if needed.

We will be switching over to the second story for each grade right after student-led conferences in February.

Grade 1:
La Poule Maboule sections C and D

Grade 2:
Les Trois Petits Cochons Sections E and F

Additional Material: Les Parties du Corps

Grade 3:
Le Chat et la Lune Sections E and F

Additional Material: Les Contraires

Grade 4:
Comment y aller Sections C and D

Quizizz codes for review: 902055  018803 (more to come)

Grade 5:
Louis la grenouille, Sections C (beginning D soon)

How to print any list on Quizlet.

  1. In the class set, go to the three dots, and choose PRINT. Unselect PRINT IMAGES

2. Choose “OPEN PDF”, you should be able to find the option to print now

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