Second Units for All Grades and LINKS for review

Dear Parents of Grade 1-5 students,

We have recently begun our new units for all grades. Grades 1-4 students will have access to these on the PORTAL:

Username and passwords are the same as before. The English versions of each play are available in the Downloads section of this blog. Email me for the password if needed.

The Grade 5 unit is not on the portal but is on Quizlet.

Regular home review of the vocabulary will benefit each student.

Here is the current pace for each grade:

Grade 1: Le Petit Chat Cherche une famille: Sections A and B (link to Quizlet class)

Grade 2: Boucles Violettes et les Trois Ours: Sections A (link) and B (link) and Vocabulaire avec images

Grade 3: Les Animaux du Bayou: Section A (link) and B (link) and Vocabulaire avec images

Grade 4: Louis la grenouille (I am replacing the old Arbre Ungali with Louis for Grade 4): Section A

Grade 5: Noé et le grand déluge


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