Grade 4 and 5: Last Quiz of the Year!

Dear grade 4 and 5 parents,

There will be one more written quiz next week. There is no new material to study that is different from the previous quiz (they will be the same sections).

Grade 4: Week of June 10

There will be vrai/faux, multiple choice (with word bank), and put words in order.

New Quizizz to practice at home: Join.quizizz.comĀ  – 580632

New Kahoots to practice (app is required): 0986492 and 0584069

Grade 5: June 12

There will be vrai/faux with corrections, multiple choice (with word bank), put words in order, and total questions.

There will be several new Quizizz codes to practice, as students have been working hard at creating the questions. They will be announced on Edmodo. First one: 425005

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