Dear Grade 1-5 Parents,

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All students should aim for around 15 minutes (at least) per week of at home review. Grade 5 students will be averaging more than 15 minutes, with occasional written homework (unfinished work from class time).


Quizlet has been an amazing tool for home review. Here are the new Quizlet classes for home review of vocabulary words. I have reset all the class members from previous years. Last years classes are no longer valid. These are automatic links. Please join the class that your children are enrolled in this year. Sets/Material will be added throughout the year. They will contain French and English meanings of all words that we learn. If you haven’t signed up for Quizlet yet, please register for an account at You can also download the app (free) for your iOS device here. Tell your child the screen name so that they can relay that info to me. Here is a post on how to remove last years classes.

HERE is the link to the new 2019-2020 quizlet classes.

You may print each list of words at your own leisure. Grade 4s and 5s will receive printed lists in class.


Your child will have the same username and password for accessing the  French ONLINE portal as last year. For MOST students, it will be the same login and password as AR. The new portal will be available in TWO WEEKS. Grade one students will be given their usernames and passwords soon.

It is important to not go ahead of the assigned section.

Please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions:

I look forward to another year of languages with your child!

Mr. Lai

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