Here are the new raps for term 3.  Have your children rap them for you!

Here is the new primary rap (All classes in grades 1-3)

La classe commence en français

Ouvre la tête, enlève l’anglais

Je mets l’anglais dans la poche, c’est vrai

Et je parle seulement en français!

Grade 1

Je veux une famille et je veux manger aussi.

Alors est-ce que je peux rester ici?

Tu ne peux pas rester ici avec moi!
Ma famille aime les chiens, mais pas les chats!
Je suis désolé, au revoir!

Grade 2

Petite fille, viens ici!
Pourquoi est-ce que tu es partie?

Les trois ours sont gentils!
Et on veut être tes amis!

Grade 3
Je ne sais pas ce que je vais faire.

C’est un jour spécial, c’est mon anniversaire!

Alors je ne reste pas toute seule ici,

Je vais aller voir mes amis, oui!

Audio for pronunciation practice

Here is something a parent suggested that I do.  I’m assuming most parents do not speak French.  These audio files will help you and your children with the pronunciation.  You can download them and add them to your iPhones and iPods to listen.  Students can repeat, but also test themselves by saying the English translation immediately after each word is spoken.

There are MANY sections, so this is an ongoing process.  I can do a few sections at a time.  It will take a while to have ALL the sections completed.  I will take requests for certain sections.  Please indicate the grade your child is in if you are requesting.

Once again, please keep these within the RCS community.

Grade 2: Boucles Violettes: Boucles violettes new words Microsoft word file: boucles violettes new vocabulary

Grade 4: Cya section d Cya section e Email me if you need the word lists.  A lot of you have received this file already if you interviewed with me in October.

Les étoiles! (All-stars)!

I am extremely proud to introduce the grade 2, 3 and 4 all-stars that were chosen this week to perform for younger classes.  Students who showed excellent work in acting/pronunciation and costumes will perform once again next week.

Presentations will take place in the corresponding French classroom

Please make sure you son/daughter has their costumes (and their lines still memorized).  Parents of performing students are welcome to attend.

Presentations will take place DURING school time (not in the evening)

Class Presenting for Time
3B 2S in 2S room Thursday, April 14 at 9:35AM
4EG 2K in 2S room Thursday, April 14 at 9:05AM
4E 3H in 3C room Friday, April 15 at 11:30AM

4E and 4EG will be presenting their plays AFTER Spring Break!

Grade 2 all-stars:

Class Narrateur Premier Deuxième Troisième Loup
2S Bryan Alexa Jesse Perry Jordan
2C Darren Lydia Liam Matthew Alpha
2K Jesse Oscar Esther Katrina Isaac

Grade 3 all-stars:

Class Narrateur Chat Chien Mouton Cheval Roi/Renne
3B Annie Jamie Bianca Rachel Charlotte Aubrey
3C Adrienne Jeremiah Jacob Benjamin Naomi Edward
3H Elizabeth Matthew Britney Hannah Kristy Y Joshua

Grade 4 all-stars:

Class Narrateur Marie/Marc Policière Conducteur Capitaine Zozo
4S Connor Caleb Catherine Joel Katherine Jackson
4E Lauren Michael




4EG Jennifer Rachel Melody Phoebe Lu Jonathan F Michelle

VIDEOS of Play presentations term 2 – Grades 2, 3 and 4

I have made a video of each of the presentations.  If you would like a digital copy, please bring a USB thumb-drive to my office after school and mention the class and the name of your child.  If possible, email me in advance to let me know that you are coming.  I am usually available Tuesdays and Thursdays immediately after school and Fridays beginning at 3:05.

Some videos were filmed using the Quicktime format, while most were filmed in AVI format.   I will not be able to make any dvds.  I am able to convert the Quicktime to Windows if you would like.  Please keep in mind that these videos were originally filmed for the purpose of grading, NOT for making any sort of professional production.  I thought it would be a good idea to share them to parents.

DVDs – How to practice with the DVD

In order to support the work covered in class, and to ensure student success and independence, much of the homework will consist of practicing the gestures and memorizing the play, song and dance.  The DVDs are an extremely useful tool to support the program and can be used as the basis for homework without the need for much parental assistance.  Although purchase of the DVD is optional, I highly recommend obtaining one to aid in language development.

Each grade will do TWO plays per year.

Here is the list of the DVDs being used this year.  I will be making ONE MORE DVD ORDER on the last day of school before Spring Break.  Please email me before Thursday, March 17. If you would like to purchase one, contact me directly at slai@richmondchristian.ca (Do not contact the office):

Grade 1:  2 different dvds:  La Poule Maboule & Le Petit Chat Cherche une Famille  ($15 each)

Grade 2: Histoires en Action #1 (blue dvd) + Histoires en Action Add-on (Red DVD)  ($25 each)

Grade 3: Histoires en Action Add-on (Red DVD) ($25)

Grade 4: Histoires en Action #1 (Blue dvd -same DVD as Grade 2) ($25)

Grade 5: Histoires en Action #2 (Light blue DVD) ($25)

After school French group

Some students have been invited to the after-school French group, happening on Mondays from 2:50-3:30 beginning December 13.  The group will resume in the new year on January 10.  If you are interested in having your child join the group, please contact me through email.  This group is primarily for new students at RCS this year and for students needing extra help with their current work.  This is not meant for enrichment purposes.  Stay tuned for an enrichment, or “honours” group in the near-future.

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