Current Sections for ALL GRADES

Dear parents,

Here are the current sections we are studying. Both Quizlet and AIM PORTAL sections will be the same, and are important for home review. Quizlet will provide English translations, while the PORTAL will aide with gestures and pronunciation.

Grade 1: La Poule Maboule, Sections A and B

Grade 2: Les Trois Petits Cochons, Sections D and E (ABC are good for review)

Grade 3: Le Chat et la Lune: Sections D and E (ABC are good for review)

Grade 4: Comment y aller, Sections A and B

Grade 5: Louis la grenouille, Section A

Don’t hesitate to email me ( if you have any issues with logging into either Quizlet or the Portal.

Mr. Lai

Welcome Back to School 2018-2019!

Dear Parents,

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If your child has entered Middle School, feel free to unsubscribe (there will be an option in the emails).

HERE is the welcome back newsletter for all parents from Meet the Teacher Night.


All students should aim for around 15 minutes (at least) per week of at home review. Grade 5 students will be averaging more, with occasional written homework.


Quizlet has been an amazing tool for home review. Here are the new Quizlet classes for home review of vocabulary words. I have reset all the class members from previous years. Last years classes are no longer valid. These are automatic links. Please join the class that your children are enrolled in this year. Sets/Material will be added throughout the year. They will contain French and English meanings of all words that we learn. If you haven’t signed up for Quizlet yet, please register for an account at You can also download the app (free) for your iOS device here. Tell your child the screen name so that they can relay that info to me.

You may print each list of words at your own leisure. Grade 4s and 5s will receive printed lists in class.







Your child will have the same username and password for accessing the  French ONLINE portal as last year. For MOST students, it will be the same login and password as AR. 

It is important to not go ahead of the assigned section.

Please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions:

I look forward to another year of languages with your child!

Mr. Lai

Current Sections for All Grades

Dear Grade 1-5 parents,

Here is the current pace for what to study on Quizlet and the AIM Portal.
In the portal, always choose the sections that are closest to the top of the section on the far right (The first set of actions from the top):

Each grade has different list of words. Most of the sections correspond exactly with the Quizlet Sections.

Grade 1
Sections A and B

Grade 2
Section E with review of Sections A B C and D

Grade 3
Section E with review of Sections A B C and D

Grade 4
Sections A B and C

Grade 5
Sections A and B

Reminder that the portal is and Quizlet is at and in the App Store. All students should be reviewing a minimum of 20 minutes per week total for both resources. This is monitored and will count towards their homework mark for report cards. Within Quizlet (In the browser), you can print off the bilingual lists using the … button.

Some students still have not yet logged into the portal and Quizlet. Please let me know if you need assistance with usernames and passwords.

Mr. Lai (

How to Leave Last Year’s Quizlet Class

To all grade 2-5 parents,

Most of you have joined the correct Quizlet classes for this year. If not, please scroll down a few posts to ensure you’re in the current year (2017-2018).

If you wish to leave last year’s Quizlet class in order to not have too many choices within the app, you can do so using a browser and NOT the Quizlet app. You can do this on, even from an iPhone or iPad.

  1. In the class mode, find the three dots “…”
  2. Select “Drop class”
  3. It will ask: “Are you sure?” Select “Yes, leave this class”

That’s it!


Dear parents,

Beginning this year, all students at RCS who are studying French will be using a new online student portal to access the French resources formerly found on the DVD. Even if you currently possess a copy of the old DVD, please use this new online portal instead, as I will be using it to track how frequently students are reviewing their French at home. I have told all the students that they should spend a minimum of 20 minutes TOTAL of both the PORTAL and QUIZLET per week. This can vary week to week. Quizlet is helpful for spelling, and the PORTAL is helpful for the actions, and things video related.

All students between Grades 2 & 5 have been introduced to this new French AIM PORTAL. I have shown each student their username and password. I will show the grade ones how to log in and give the grade 1 teachers the login information soon as well.

To access the AIM online student portal, please click on the following link, then enter your username and password. For most students, username will be the same as AR (There were a few exceptions where that username was already taken). For ALL students, passwords will be the same as AR.

For families with multiple students, each student must log in separately in order to access the relevant material.

The vocabulary sections that you will need to be reviewing for homework can be found on the “regarder des vidéos”section of the website. Scroll down to “les actions”, and click on the relevant section. I will soon be uploading the wordlists under the “DOWNLOADS for PARENTS section”.

Mr. Lai

Grade 4 and 5 Quizzes!

Dear Grade 4E, 4S and all Grade 5 parents,

Last quizzes of the year are next week. Students were told of these dates over a week ago.

Grade 4 (Monday, June 12)
L’arbre Ungali, section B, plus questions based on the play.

Questions will be very similar to what has been assigned for homework:
a. Multiple choice/fill in the blanks

b. Total Questions – We have worked on these for a while now.

c. Put sentence words in order

If students feel like they need the script during the quiz, please let me know.

Online practice quiz: 

1. Open in your browser
2. Enter the 6-digit game code 600455 , and click “Proceed”
3. Now enter your name and click “Join Game!”
4. You will get an avatar, and then see a “Start Game” button. Click it to begin!

Grade 5 (5F and 5P: Thursday, June 15, 5S: Wednesday, June 14

-ER verbs (meanings and conjugations)

-All related worksheets should be studied.

-students must know the meanings and endings of the subjects (Je/tu/il/elle/etc)

Practice quizzes are available online; all info is on Edmodo.

Grades 3, 4 and 5 Quizzes Upcoming!

Dear parents,

As we approach the end of the year, we will have some assessments in next few weeks. Quizlet is beneficial for all grade 3-5 quizzes coming.

Grade 3s will have their first official written quiz on Wednesday, May 24. 

There will be multiple choice questions / true false / sorting on the story we have been studying: Les Animaux du Bayou 

Spelling does NOT need to be memorized for gr 3.

Grade 4S and 4E Quiz: Thursday, May 18

Only one week notice for this, as it is only on vocabulary (Section A of l’arbre Ungali), and not the story. Spelling does count. There won’t be full sentences required for this one.

Grade 5 quiz information is on Edmodo. Lots of information and attachments are there. Please ensure your child has been checking there regularly.

5F and 5P: May 25 .
5S: May 24

Vrai ou Faux, with corrections in full sentences for “les faux”
Mets les mots en ordre . 3-4 sentences
Questions Totales 3-4
Questions Partielles – Know all the question words and what is required

Less focus on the vocabulary, as that was quiz #1. There will not be a “definitions” section.

Upcoming Written Quizzes for Grade 4 and 5

Attention Grade 4 and 5 parents,

As the end of term 2 approaches, we will be having written quizzes in the near future. As usual, regular practice at home using Quizlet is necessary for student success.

Grade 4S et 4E will write two (smaller) quizzes on February 20 and 27:

1. Feb 20 will be based on the French O Canada

Spelling does not count, but students should study the Quizlet set to ensure they know the meanings. They should be able to fill in the blanks for majority of the anthem.

2. Feb 27 will be on sections C and D of Comment y aller. There will also be general questions about the play, as well as definitions in BOTH languages. Spelling counts, but half marks will be given if there are spelling errors.

“Les Phrases Bizarres” (Coloured good copy) are due February 16.

Grade 5 will have their “Double verbs” quiz on February 20 (5F and 5S) and February 22 (5P)

All info is on Edmodo. Students should be reviewing their worksheets and the two different sets on Quizlet. All students should be practicing the online quiz

1. Open in your browser
2. Enter the 6-digit game code 743467

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Monsieur Lai



This is a message to all grade 1-5 parents,

All students will be learning the French lyrics to our national anthem. I have included the lyrics (and translation), along with two videos to help with home practice. I have also created a brand new Quizlet set that will help with vocabulary.

O Canada Traditional:

O Canada Faster version (Juli Powers)

French After-School Group Resumes January 16 in the 1C room 3-3:30PM

Dear parents of new and 2nd year students in Grades 2-5,

The after-school French group for new students will begin next week (January 16). It will take place in the 1C room from 3:00-3:30PM on Mondays. There is NO NEED to register online like the other clubs.

If your child is new to RCS this year, they are expected to be there. If they are in their second year, they are invited but not obligated to come.

We will follow the club schedule, so I will let the students know when we take a break until the Term 3 group begins. When there is the group, please plan to pick up your child promptly at 3:30pm. All students in the group are allowed (only) one unexcused absence

If you do not wish your child attend, please email me as soon as possible at

Monsieur Lai

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