Grade 4 quiz – December 15

Dear Grade 4 parents,

Students were told of their next quiz last week. It will take place on Thursday, Dec 15.

It will consist of:

  1. Section B vocabulary – (Matching and definitions) Spelling in French is required
  2. Questions on the play COMMENT Y ALLER: Multiple Choice / Putting words in correct order (*new) / True and False (with corrections for false sentences – spelling does NOT count here)

Grade 3

Dear Grade 3 Parents,

Some of the students should have brought home their French duo-tangs this weekend. This was for people who did not manage to finish during the class time.

Students should refer to the French and English scripts available in the Downloads section. Students should visit me before school if they have any questions. There are NOT any written quizzes this term.

Students in grade 3 are assessed on their participation and effort during the class.

Grades 4 + 5: Last Quizzes of Term 1

Dear Grade 4 and 5 parents,

There is one more quiz for each grade for this term.

Grade 4S and 4E: November 21 (Monday)

Two study sets are beneficial on Quizlet:

  1. Section A vocabulary
  2. Comment y aller (with images)

There will be multiple choice questions and definitions in English and French. Students should be familiar with the play Comment y aller (They have the script). English copies are available in the downloads section.

Grade 5S and 5F: November 14 (Monday)  5P: November 16 (Wednesday)

Section A of Louis la grenouille and the set with images. Students do not have to know details of the play. There will be:

  1. Matching/definitions in English and French
  2. Fill in the blanks.

Grade 5 students should be using Edmodo and keeping up with announcements there.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Here are some notes from the Parent-Teacher Conferences held November 2 and 3. It was a good chance to meet with some of you.

1. Quizlet is mainly for vocabulary/English meaning review.

Quizlet is a great tool for language learning, but is not all that we do in French class. I do not spend too much time reviewing English meanings. Once students are taught new words, they are expected to know the meanings soon after. This should be done at home using Quizlet. All students in grades 1-5 should spend a couple times a week reviewing using Quizlet. If you have concerns about screen time, email me, and I can send you the same material to print if you prefer. Almost all students have joined. Please email me or visit me if you need help getting an account and joining the correct class.

2.  Depending on your browser, there may be a drop-down menu (on computers) to access the different sections on the blog.

Some of the Grade 1-3 parents were not aware of the Downloads for Parents section. It contains a lot of material that you can access. Please do not share with families outside the RCS community. It is password-protected. The password is rcsfrench (I will remove the password from this post in 2 days).

3. There is also the YouTube section on my blog for primary students to practice at home. You can play the videos directly from my blog.

4. DVDs

DVDs for Grades 2-5: There is a small number of DVDs left. We will not be purchasing additional copies any longer, as they have discontinued the DVDs with 3 plays on them, making instead individual DVDs for each unit at $15 each plus tax, making it too expensive to purchase each year.

We are looking into registering our school for the ONLINE portal for September 2017, where students can access everything that was on the DVD. The cost is less, and will be built into the tuition costs.
As of November 4, this is our current stock of DVDs remaining. If you are interested, please see the secretary to purchase.

Grade 1  1st DVD:  8 remaining   2nd DVD: 4 remaining

Grade 2 + and all of Grade 4 (Dark Blue): 5 remaining

Grade 3 RED DVD – 0 remaining

Grade 5 (Light Blue): 14 remaining

5. Here is the site I suggested for extra-curricular material:

6. If your child thrives in French, HERE is the form to complete if your child does any enrichment and would like extra credit. Print it off and complete it with your child at any time. Examples of enrichment would be reading French books from the public library, doing extra French online materials above, watching French videos on YouTube (check out “Petit Ours Brun”). Grades 4 and 5 students may want to check out the app DUOLINGO (free).

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at

Mr. Lai




Auctions for Grades 4 and 5


French with the grades 4 and 5 students has been a very fun and productive time so far this term!

Once a year, I will be asking each child to bring a prize (about $3-4 value) for our auctions (“ventes aux enchères”).

Items from home are welcome as well as prizes.

Examples of prizes include toys, stationary, stickers, books, candy, souvenirs, etc. The prizes are greatly appreciated by Monsieur Lai and all the students. Students earn euros throughout the year to spend at the auctions, held every two to three months.

Also, the number of euros each student receives is also recorded for marks. They can receive euros in the following ways:

  • Doing well on quizzes/tests/homework
  • helping the teacher/friends, and
  • answering questions in class.

I appreciate your help with these. I will bring some prizes myself to each class as well. If you have any questions, please email me.

***Auctions will occur during in the months of:

1. End of October

Grade 4 1st auction: Monday October 31

2. End of January

3. March (before Spring Break)

4. June (end of the year)

Please Join Quizlet (If You Have Not Had A Chance Yet)

img_3537Dear Parents,

All students have been introduced to Quizlet by now. (The Grade 1s were taught how to join today). Grades 4 and 5 have already signed up. So far, Grades 1-3 students have about a 30% signup rate.

Quizlet is an essential way to practice important vocabulary at home on any device (computer/phone/tablet). I have also just created new sets with images for all five grades. Please have your child practice as much as needed (1-2 times a week minimum).

If you have not joined yet, please take two minutes and sign up. Create a username and password. Then join the appropriate link for 2016-2017. Click here to get the links.

Quizlet has proven to be an excellent way to review material at home. Test results have been very good since we have begun using Quizlet.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for your support at home!
Mr. Lai




Grade 4 and 5 quizzes Coming Soon!

Dear Grade 4s/4E and Grade 5 parents,

We will be having some written quizzes coming up.

The First Grade 4 quiz is on NO EXCUSE WORDS on Monday, October 17.

The quiz will consist of:


-Matching and English Definitions of the No-Excuse words list

Quizlet will definitely be beneficial.

Grade 5s have their second quiz on Thursday October 20 for 5F and 5P and Monday, October 24 for 5S

This will be on LES CONTRAIRES. Please have them study the list on Quizlet. Spelling does count. (Please note that this will be more difficult than their first quiz last week.)

Welcome back 2016-2017!

Dear Parents,

Thanks for reading the French at RCS blog! Please subscribe to it by adding your email in the box.

If your child has entered  middle school, feel free to unsubscribe.

Here is the welcome back newsletter for all parents.

Here are the new Quizlet classes for home review of vocabulary words. These are automatic links. Please join the class that your children are enrolled in this year. Sets/Material will be added throughout the year. They will contain French and English meanings of all words that we learn. If you haven’t signed up for Quizlet yet, please register for an account at You can also download the app (free) for your iOS device here.

Grade 1:

Grade 2:

Grade 3:

Grade 4:

Grade 5:

DVDs: Check out this post to see which DVD is appropriate. DVDs are available at the office.

I look forward to meeting the new parents! Please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions:

Grade 4 Quiz April 27

4S and 4E will have a French quiz this Wednesday, April 27.. The quiz was announced on April 14. It will be similar to the past few quizzes we have had. It will be on

-Vocabulary fo Section A of L’arbre Ungali

-Multiple choice questions based on the play

Students should study the various sets in Quizlet, along with downloading/reading over the scripts (in English and French) here on this blog. Finally, they should look over their work on pages 18-21(in their duo-tangs) that we covered during the past two weeks.

New Quizlet Sets with Images Added!


Quizlet has proven to be a very effective way for students to study vocabulary at home. Many new students this year have done a great job “catching up” by reviewing at home on their iPads or computers. Students can review the flashcards first and then play different games.

I have just added and updated the current sets with images.

This is our current pace:

Grade 1: 

Le petit chat cherche une famille, Sections A B and C

Class link here

Grade 2:
Boucles Violettes – Vocabulaire avec Images 

Grade 3: 
Les Animaux du Bayou – Vocabulaire avec Images

Grade 4:
L’arbre Ungali, Sections A B and C

Class link here

Grade 5:
ER Verbs

and soon, Noé

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