• All students at RCS who are studying French will be using the online student AIM portal to access the French resources formerly found on the DVD. Even if you currently possess a copy of the old DVD, please use this new online portal instead, as I will be using it to track how frequently students are reviewing their French at home.

To access the AIM online student portal, please click on the following link, then enter your username and password. For most students, username will be the same as AR (There were a few exceptions where that username was already taken). For ALL students, passwords will be the same as AR.

For families with multiple students, each student must log in separately in order to access the relevant material.

The vocabulary sections that you will need to be reviewing for homework can be found on the “regarder des vidéos”section of the website. Scroll down to “les actions”, and click on the relevant section.

ALL students from grades 1-5 are encouraged to spend an average of 20 minutes per week on the AIM Portal and on Quizlet. The AIM Portal allows me to track each student’s progress.  If you are finding this to be a challenge, please email me and I can make other suggestions.