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Core Competency Self-Reflection

All through this year, students have been practicing core competencies in their work and play.  In particular, students have worked on their communication skill of listening to others and sharing ideas.  Other specific facets of core competencies we’ve focused on include: Thinking – explaining your ideas, problem solving.  Personal/Social skills – knowing that others are different from myself.

Your child will bring home an envelope today that contains two self-reflections.  The first has your child’s self-reflection on how s/he did when telling his/her ideas to the group.  The gradient indicates whether your child thought the skill was shown “lightly” or “strongly”.  I scribed their explanation and included it with the sheet.

The second has your child identify a particular time in his/her school day where s/he noticed core competencies being used.  I scribed their explanation once they identified a core competency.

Please go over it with your child and discuss his/her responses and how you can work together grow and nurture these skills.  Continue the conversation over the summer to connect how his/her learning skills are always used, always growing. 

For more information on Core Competencies and self-reflection, please visit the Ministry of Education website at  

Kindergarden News

Sports Day!

  • Pray for dry weather! If sports day is indoors, spectators (parents, grandparents, visitors, etc.) will be asked to leave due to space limitations.  You’re welcome to stay if the games are (mostly) outside.
  • No need to pack a snack for tomorrow – students will have a slice of pizza and freezies during their break.
  • Please have your child bring a labelled water bottle and appropriate sun protection.  Label everything with your child’s name!
  • All students know whether they’re on the red or blue team.  Have your child wear his/her team colour.


  • Yesterday during Bible time, we learned about Jesus’ power over the unseen world (sin, spirit, etc.) and the students were very engaged and interested.  They had many insightful questions:
    • How can a person get an evil spirit?
    • What happens if you touch someone with an evil spirit?
    • Does Satan have a body?
    • If God made everything, why can’t he just make Satan good?
    • And many more….
  • If you child has more questions or wonderings about this lesson, listen and dialogue with him/her.  Give answers directly and simply.  If you don’t know the answer, it’s okay to say that.  Keep the lines of communication open so that s/he will continue to ask and learn from you.  You are their first and main spiritual teacher!

Year end field trip

  • Our field trip is next Friday! If you’ve not yet given consent for your child to attend, please log in to myschoolmanagement to do so.
  • Unfortunately, we will not be able to bring along the hot lunch next Friday.  I will ask the hot lunch volunteers to put our orders in the school freezer.  Feel free to pick it up at the end of the day or Monday.
  • Please bring a packed lunch for you and your child.  According to the permit given to us to use the park area, we have agreed for families to take home any garbage from your meal as much as possible!  The park garbage cans have limited capacity for a group of our size.  Thanks for your stewardship help!
  • If you are able to carpool for the field trip, that would also be helpful in case of a busy park day.


  • There are a few library books still checked out.  Please return the books directly to the library by the end of the day tomorrow  so that Ms. Huber can begin inventory.  Thanks!
  • Next week, students will begin bringing home school work and items.  Please leave a large bag/tote in your child’s backpack so that s/he can easily carry any excess.
  • Next week, I will also send home indoor shoes so that everything makes it home for the summer.

Prayer requests

  • For sunshine on Sports Day and on our field trip day!
  • For safety and well-being during these final days of classes.
  • For hearts and spirits to be prepared as students say good-bye and transition into another rhythm for the summer.


Kindergarden News

Miraculous Butterflies!

Students have been keen and eager to observe our butterflies and learn about its changes.  We’re looking forward to our field trip next week to free the butterflies from captivity!
Check out the students’ galaxy butterfly artwork in the classroom.  Students have also practiced their storytelling skills as they created a series of butterfly life-cycle stages and recorded each other (on iPads) as they described the process.  They were so proud of their work!

Next week, we will begin our inquiry into force & motion.  Students will explore how materials move and how its properties impact force and motion.   Once we begin, feel free to start discussing the home project with your child so that you have ample time to create and play together.  Please bring the kite to our beach field trip (Friday, June 14th) where you can test it out together.


  • Next Friday is an earlier dismissal to encourage staff and families to attend the High School carnival.  There is no chapel on Friday to accommodate this schedule change.
  • There is no class for Kindergarten students next Wednesday.
  • Next week is the last week of Library!  Please return books as soon as possible.  If you have any books overdue, lost, etc., please see Ms. Huber to discuss .  Thanks!


Kindergarden News


  • Warmer weather means that we’re investigating bugs and insects! Earlier in the week, the K3 students discovered tiny bugs and caterpillars outside right before our butterfly larvae arrived.  The students are incredibly curious and interested in the specimen and came up with these observations and wonderings so far…

  • May sight words: said, big, be, like, are  Two bonus words: that, not.  Feel free to have your child play “I spy” for these sight words when reading, playing, etc.
  •  In the past, the May field trip was a school bus ride to Minoru park to release our butterfly specimen.  This year, we are modifying the butterfly release field trip to a neighbourhood walk to the Railway Walkway to release our butterflies.  The consent will be sent in the upcoming week.  If the weather does not cooperate, we will cancel the field trip.  Thanks for thinking ahead!
  • May calendar will be emailed to you shortly…
  • Scholastic orders were sent home this week.  If you still have the Christmas gift coupon, please use it on this order.  The coupons expire this June.  Please place all orders by the end of next week.  Thanks!
  • Class and whole school panorama photo is scheduled for May 6th.
  • Library will be closed in June!  Help your child remember to return library books to maximize their opportunities to borrow quality books!

Other notes…

  • If you’ve a bunch of tissue boxes sitting in storage, would you mind kindly donating a box to our classroom? We need 2-3 more boxes to make it to the end of the school year.  Thanks for your generosity!
  • Tomorrow’s chapel is cancelled due to scheduling conflict.  Our chapel performance is next week with a Mother’s Day theme!  Please come to encourage and support your child’s gift to you!  I will email information about Chapel attire (students will help me decide tomorrow…)
  • The June field trip is (tentatively) set for Friday, June 14th from 11AM-2PM.  It requires your help to drive and accompany us to Iona Beach Regional Park.  More information will come along with a final home project that we will use at the field trip.  All three kindergarten classes will attend this trip at the same time.


  • Thank you for your encouragement and prayers for my trip to meet my daughter.  It went smoothly and it was an invaluable experience.
  • Pray for students to enjoy the process of practising and performing something close to their hearts.  Pray for any nervousness or anxiety to be settled as we do it together.
  • Pray for administration and staff as we do end-of-year tasks: for wisdom, insight and time management to get it all done before Summer!


Kindergarden News

  • The field trip to the Nature Park was a great success! Students enjoyed exploring the trails and learning about the local flora and fauna (we spotted lots of hummingbirds!).  We even got to pet a garter snake!
  • We learned about the 10 plagues this week during Bible time.  Students heard about how Pharaoh’s heart was hard and God showed His power and control through the plague “warnings.”  We will take a break from Moses to focus on the Easter story over the next two weeks.  Students will be opening 1-2 plastic eggs each day to discover an object relevant to Easter e.g. donkey, coins, whip, etc.  Students will record their learning and write about the objects in their “Easter Sharing Book.”   Ask to see this book during noisy reading time next week and see what your child shares about Easter!
  • Our school supports a local organization called International China Concern (ICC).  Each year during the iCare for the World week, we raise money for ICC who cares for abandoned and disabled children in China.  We will be talking about love, care and sacrifice for others, particularly the abandoned and disabled children in China.  Your child received a donation envelope today.  If you wish to participate, you can donate either online or offline using the directions on the envelope.  Please return all donations by Monday, April 15.   Thank you for your generosity!

Prayer requests

  • Praise for a wonderful week back from Spring Break! Students seemed well rested and certainly grew a lot physically and developmentally, I’ve noticed!
  • For the students over the next two weeks as they carry on learning with different teachers.

Kindergarden News

Spring is [nearly] sprung!

  • The sight words for March: no, here, play, up, down
  • We’ve started to learn about the story of Moses.  Students will learn about God’s power and sovereignty as He frees the Israelites from slavery.

Safety topic

  • Students have been learning about personal safety.  We’ve talked about safe adults and strategies to stay safe. Today we learned about the “doctor words” for private parts.  Knowledge equips students to protect themselves.  Tomorrow, students will bring home a gentle and sensitive booklet to equip them in case of abuse.  Look it over and chat with your child about the booklet.  Demonstrate to your child that you are a safe person to talk to about any topic that may concern him/her.  Here is an article explaining the importance of using appropriate names for body parts.


  • Please wash and return rest time blankets/towels over the Spring break.
  • Upon returning from Spring break, we will go on a field trip to investigate signs of Spring at the Nature Park.  Please check your myschoolmanagement account to approve the field trip consent.  It is a school bus field trip.
  • Tomorrow’s chapel is presented by Mr. Paul.  The 2CH class presentation is rescheduled for Monday, April 29th at 8:30 due to sickness.
  • Term 2 report cards are published tomorrow on myschoolmanagement at 3PM


  • Pray for safety as families travel over the holiday.
  • Pray for rest and relaxation over the break.
  • Pray for health and recuperation as many students in our school is sick.

Kindergarden News

Welcome, March!

  • Thank you for coming to the student-led conferences on Wednesday. It’s an encouraging show of support and positive feedback for your child as s/he celebrates and shares his/her learning journey.  I love seeing the interactions between students and parents: the confidence, the pride and joy!
  • Look for the feedback letter you wrote to your child in your mail this week!
  • I emailed the March calendar last week.  Please take note when we have library days – if students do not have their own library bag, they will not be permitted to borrow library books. Thanks for your help!
  • Tomorrow morning is a special postponed chapel from the week of the snow day.  It is presented by a grade 4 class.  It begins at regular chapel time and a regular school day will resume afterwards.

Personal safety

  • For the rest of the Identity unit, students will be learning about personal safety.  Students will practice saying some of their personal information and why it’s important to know.  If you haven’t yet provided the phone number you’d like your child to (or your child has already) memorize(d), please write it on a post-it for me.  Students will be looking for table spots with their phone numbers instead of their name tags.
  • Students will also be learning safety tips such as knowing correct terminology for private parts, what to do in an emergency, and identifying safe adults to talk to when they are feeling uncomfortable or unsafe.


  • For safety as Spring Break approaches and families are out and about, travelling, etc.
  • For good time management and efficiency as teachers are wrapping up report card writing.

Hedgehog Maze

Over the last few weeks, students who were interested in building a maze for Mrs. Low’s pet hedgehog worked on this project using recycled products and help from Hanna’s dad, Mr. Nate, each Friday afternoon.  Thank you for lending a hand, Mr. Nate! And thank you for providing recyclable materials to create the project!

Today was the big day! Suika, the Low family hedgehog, came to visit and test the maze.  Here is the video of Suika.  (She was encouraged along by hedgehog treats – dried worms.)  Click the link to access.

Suika in Maze

Kindergarden News

Happy Family Day!

  • I hope you’re thoroughly enjoying today with family and friends! Thank you for all the generosity demonstrated last week for Valentine’s day!  The students were excited to share with others and all students tried some fruit salad, even if they weren’t sure at first.  One sweet student, who originally said right away that he didn’t want any salad, changed his mind when he found out that it didn’t have any vegetables in it 🙂

Parade float parking

  • Tomorrow when you bring your child’s “When I grow up…” parade float, please park it outside the side classroom door where it says “K3 parking.”  Park close together so there’s enough room for all the floats.  I hope you enjoyed creating with your child a project that represents who s/he is!
  • To wrap up our Identity unit, students will be learning about personal safety.  This includes knowing some personal information about him/herself, such as your phone number, so that s/he is equipped to self-advocate.  This week, please provide the phone number (just 1, please) that you’d like your child to memorize.  I will leave a post-it notepad on the whiteboard for this purpose.


  • Students must have a library bag to borrow library books.  Our library day is on Thursday.  Thanks for supporting your child.
  • Wet clothing happened a lot last week – regularly check and replenish your child’s extra clothing in the classroom.
  • Student-led conference sign-ups started last week.  If you’ve not yet signed up for a time, please do so soon.  This is an important event for you and your child’s relationship demonstrating your loving care and attention to your child’s learning.  It allows your child the opportunity to teach you, which helps him/her gain a deeper understanding and solidify him/her learning, and to provide insight into your child’s days at school.  Thanks for partnering in and for your child’s education.


  • For students to continue learning and growing in the interpersonal and personal skills to help them have success in a school environment.
  • For safety during this wild winter weather we’ve been having.


Kindergarten News

Wintry weather!

  • Thank you for equipping the students to be ready to play outside even in subzero temperatures.  Continue to remind them that hats, boots, gloves, etc. are necessary and prepare us to be comfortable while being active outdoors.  Students were also reminded that it is fun to play with snow, but at school we do not throw snow at others.  Feel free to have snowball fights at home with family though 😉
  • We had a great time skating together last week. I was so proud to see students trying hard and encouraging each other on the ice.  If you have any great photos of our field trip, please email them to me. Thanks!  Our next field trip will be a school bus field trip in April to celebrate the return of Spring.  More details will be provided as we get closer to the date.
  • We had a great week being active and creative through our dance teacher Nando from Sound Kreation.  You have been sent a link to view our class dance alongside a grade 1 class.  If you cannot locate the link, let me know and I can send it to you.


  • In Bible, we have been learning about the story of Joseph and how God is in control and uses bad things for His Glory and for good things.  We are using picture cards to learn and retell the story.  Also, we have been watching sections of the movie “Joseph, King of Dreams” by Dreamworks as we learn the story.  During the upcoming student-led conferences, students will have the opportunity to share what they’re learning with you.
  • We have been talking about our personal identities this week and what makes us special.  We’ve read stories about being unique and different: “The Ugly Dumpling” and “You are special, Daniel Tiger” to help us think about our strengths.  Students will create a personal identity poster to represent who they are.  This artwork will be shared with you during the upcoming student-led conferences also.
  • Valentine’s day is on Thursday!  Please have your child bring the fruit that you signed up to contribute towards a class snack.  Usually about a cup (i.e. 250ml) or two of cut up fruit per item is enough to serve the class.  I serve the yogurt on the side as a dip, rather than mixed in with the fruit.
    On Thursday, if your child has valentine cards or treats to hand out, please have it all ready in a bag.  Leave it in their backpack or coat hook and we will have opportunity during the day to hand out cards and treats into our valentine mail bags.  Thank you for modelling generosity and inclusion with each gift giving season!


  • The home project “all about me parade float” is due after the long weekend next week.  If you’ve not yet started, the long weekend is a great time to work on the project together.
  • Thursday is our library day.  Remember that students must have a library bag to borrow books from the school library.  Reusable shopping bags, canvas totes, heavier plastic bags, work great for this.  Also, I have been asking a parent in person on Thursday morning to help return the full library bin to the library when the 8:30 bell rings, but sometimes I am busy with morning routines and miss the opportunity to ask.  If you are the last parent (or nearly the last) to leave, would you mind helping us to bring the full library bin to the school library for us on your way out? I’d appreciate that greatly.  Thank you!

Prayer requests

  • For soft, teachable hearts this term.  Students have become comfortable in the social environment and knowledgable of their peers; pray that students will have a deep understanding of themselves and others as they learn how to be a contributing member of a (classroom) community.
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