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Kindergarden News

What a wonderful time we had back at school last week!  I was impressed to see our students eager to try and participate during our ice-skating field trip.  We will enjoy another skating time with the K2 class next week.


  • Look around our classroom and bulletin boards for winter themed art created by Kindergarten artists!  We are reading many winter stories and thinking about how people live during these cold winter months.
  • Students must be equipped with cold weather clothing.  We go outside even when it is raining!  Please ensure your child has extra clothing if s/he gets very wet while playing outside.  Water proof jackets with hoods are essential to playing outside comfortably in the wet weather.  Boots are helpful!


  • There are a few chores and tasks that require an extra set of hands or two.  If you’re able to help out, let me know and I’ll get you working 🙂  Thank you!

This week…

  • In math, students will begin to consider bigger numbers.  We will be constructing numbers from smaller numbers.  I will teach the students to create arrangements of items that are easily and quickly recognizable without needing to count.
  • In Bible, students are learning about the lives of Jacob and Esau and how God is in control of our lives details, even when we’re impatient and want to follow our own ways.
  • Keep up the great home reading!  I’m regularly checking many students’ folders.  I may send notes home to give you tips and pointers.  If you don’t find a note, then keep doing what you’re doing.  Also, please remember to bring back books as soon as your child is comfortable with it.  Return books back to its proper location.  Borrowing books that your child has already read before is also good practice!

Prayer requests

  • Pray that students will be eager and enthused to learn about God’s world and how to get along with each other while learning as a group.  This can be a challenging task for this age group, but with practice, they will gain the skills necessary to participate and contribute positively to the community.
  • Pray that families will get back into a good rhythm and routine after the Christmas Holiday.

Kindergarden News

Welcome to 2018!

We start the year with a Winter themed activity!  My apologies for the late consent form!  Please approve your child’s permission to go ice skating with our class this week, and in two weeks.  We will meet at the rink on the day of the field trip. Please do not drop off your student at 8:30AM.  After we’re done skating, transport your child back to school to resume the regular school day.

The arena has helmets and skates available for your child to wear. There are bars available to help those who do not know how to skate or are just beginning.  If you would like to skate with your child, you are welcome to do so. Parents are not required to skate.

This week we will also explore winter themed activities such as weather, habits and activities that occur during this frosty season.

Check your emails later today for the January Calendar.


Kindergarden News

What a beautiful Christmas Celebration it was at the Chan Centre last week!  Thank you for your participation and support in making the evening a success.  It was marvellous to celebrate Christ’s birth with this school community.  Here are a few photos another parent emailed to me:



Thank you!

  • It was good to see you model generosity and care as we raised gifts for the organization, Crisis Pregnancy Centre, over the past couple of weeks.  May this Christ-Spirit of giving continue throughout the next few weeks.  May you have opportunities to instil this attitude and habit with your children during this advent season.
  • To our volunteers who helped with our field trip last week.  Students toured the Canadian Artist exhibit and created landscape art that will be gifted to you for Christmas.  So pretend you don’t know about it 😉 Shhhhhh!

This week…

  • … is all about the birth of Jesus.  We will finish up our “What does God want for Christmas?” activities and continue to work on our Christmas Story Books.  You will find your child’s Christmas story book clipped in the book nook this week.  Feel free to tell the story with your child during Noisy Reading time each morning!
  • We will have a small celebration “Birthday Party for Jesus” this upcoming Wednesday.  Students will participate in small group activities (similar to the teddy bear picnic) and make ornaments to take home.  We will also have the leftover treats from the teddy bear picnic, but it will be a regular food day.  Please still pack a healthy snack and lunch for your child on Wednesday.
  • This Friday is a school wide dress up day!  It will be “Festive Dress Up” so if your child would like to participate, anything with a Christmas theme (red green/ugly sweater/dress like a tree) is fair game on Friday.  Enjoy 😉

Prayer items

  • For safety and travelling mercies over the holidays
  • For our hearts to be turned and attuned to the Lord’s working Spirit in our lives and our children’s lives.

Kindergarden News

huge thanks to all of you who contributed pot luck food to our teddy bear picnic last week.  And also to our parent volunteers – you made this picnic a success! Students enjoyed different teddy bear activities and treats as we ended our bear unit last week.

Christmas Concert

  • This afternoon is the matinee for non-ticket holders only.  It begins at 1:30PM in the large gym.  If you have a ticket to the concert tonight, please refrain from attending this matinee.
  • When you arrive at the concert tonight, be on the look-out for the kindergarten teachers.  We will assist you in getting your kindergarten student into the auditorium to sit with you.  Ushers will show kindergarten families where to sit so that we can gather together quickly when it is our turn to perform.
  • I instructed the students to have lots of rest time this afternoon after school.  I told them that they should play anything that can help their brains and bodies to settle, rest and be rejuvenated.  I instructed them to avoid any screen time (including ipads, tv, etc.) so that their brains have a proper rest also.  Please assist your child in having some down-time before a busy and eventful evening.

Christmas is here!

  • Over the next two weeks, students will be learning about events and people associated with Jesus’ birth story.  We will work through a curriculum called “What does God want for Christmas?”  You can find the items on our discovery table if you wish to talk to your child about it.
  • Also on the discovery table are 2 different nativity sets.  Feel free to explore these items with your children during noisy reading.  Have them tell the story as best as they can.
  • Next week, we will have a small birthday party for Jesus.  It will not be a potluck; we will do various activities and have a little snack together (which I will provide.)
  • My apologies for not sending the December Calendar this weekend.  I will do so today!

Report cards

  • Reports for the first term are published today after school!  They are accessed on my school management.  If you’re having issues logging into your account, please contact the office for assistance.
  • If you’ve any questions or wonderings about student report cards, come chat with me!  I’ll be happy to discuss with you about your child’s growth.

Gifts for the Manger

  • Thank you for your generous example!  All new baby gift items should be submitted by Friday morning.  During Chapel, there will be a gift presentation to the charitable organization we are supporting.

Field trip

  • This Thursday is our field trip to the art gallery.  Students will be taking the school bus in the morning.  We will return and resume a regular school day.  If you’ve volunteered to be helper on this field trip, I will email you separately with details on your task.  Thanks for your help!

Prayer requests

  • For sensitive, fertile hearts for us all as we consider the coming of Christ.
  • For rest and rejuvenation as we have an eventful day today!  May God have all the glory as the students perform their Christmas songs.
  • For travelling mercies as families go on holidays all over the world!

Kindergarden News

Tomorrow is our teddy bear picnic!!  Throughout the day we will celebrate with various bear themed activities.  Feel free to pack your child a lunch if you wish, but there will be enough food for all students at the potluck.  Please remember to still pack a healthy snack for your child as our potluck will not happen until lunch time.  The students’ teddy bears can also go home after the picnic tomorrow!

When you bring food, especially if it requires refrigeration, please ensure that it is clearly labelled with K3 then place it on the fridge shelf labelled K3.  This will make it smooth and easy for the parent volunteers from each kindergarten class to set up the lunch.

December is upon us!

  • We are doing a baby necessities’ gift drive called “Gifts for the Manger.”  Please bring new items (or very gently used baby clothing or blankets) to donate to the Crisis Pregnancy Centre.  The donation box is in our classroom.  Thank you for modelling generosity to our students.
  • The calendar for December will be emailed to you later this week.  Thank you for your patience.
  • This Friday is the family group gingerbread cookie decorating event.  Students will be provided icing and 2 cookies to decorate.  Please send a small amount of decorations (small candies, chocolate chips, seeds, etc.) that can fit in a small ziploc bag on Friday.  Label the bag with your child’s name. A small amount (less than a cup) is adequate so that students do not eat all the sugar at school.  Please DO NOT send nuts.  Thank you!
  • Our field trip will occur next Thursday.  We will use the school bus so students will come to school at 8:20AM like a regular school day.  Thanks!

Christmas Concert

  • Kindergarten students will be sitting with their families in a special audience section of the Chan Centre.  When it is their turn to perform, they will line up with their class and proceed to the stage to perform.  After their performance, we will return the students to the kindergarten audience section where they can sit with their parents to enjoy the rest of the concert.
  • Kindergarten performers will receive a ticket so that they can be in the audience.  Please keep an eye on your email to receive further information on this.  Unfortunately, I don’t have more information at this moment.

Prayer requests

  • For students to have soft, teachable hearts during this reflective Christmas season.  May God’s spirit stir their own spirits to draw close to him and understand Christ’s work for them.
  • For students to be excited and eager to perform in their first Christmas concert.
  • For safe travels as families begin the holiday season.

Kindergarden News

This week…

  • We’re continuing our study of bears this week.  We will investigate how real bears look and what they eat.  Students will use non-fiction books to discover facts about real bears.
  • We will also continue working with our teddy bears for some literacy activities.
  • Please continue to practice the Christmas songs and verse; we will keep practicing several times a day so that the students are strong and confident for the performance.
  • This Friday is a professional development day.  There is NO SCHOOL for students.
  • Please submit any Scholastic orders by the end of the week.  There will be no more Scholastic orders until January 2018.  Thank you!

Volunteer Request

  • For the Teddy Bear Picnic next week, I’ll need 2 or 3 parent volunteers to support some of our activities.  You will need to arrive by 10:45 AM to help set up, and stay until after lunch, approximately 1PM. Please email me if you’re willing and available.  Thank you!

Prayer items

  • Continue to pray for student learning, particularly for their spirits to be moved by the Holy Spirit as we enter the season of advent.
  • Please pray for wisdom, insight and excellent time management as teachers work on report cards over the next two weeks.

Kindergarden News

Thank you to everyone who was able to come meet with me for rescheduled conferences.  I hope the time was informative and constructive to you for your child’s experience in Kindergarten!

Christmas is coming

  • Students are learning the bible verse Luke 2:13-14 (NLT) to perform for the Christmas concert.  Practice with your child at home so that the students are confident and capable during the performance.
  • Here is the link for the songs the kindergarten students are singing for the Christmas concert.  Please practice with your child at home, or even listen to the music daily.

In class…

  • Please ensure all students have a stuffed bear at school on Tuesday.  We will begin to use our stuffed bears for various activities throughout each day.
  • We are beginning to work on sight words this week: I, a, the, see, and.  When working on home reading, feel free to point out these sight words to help students practice reading it on sight.
  • Students created beautiful poppy art in class last week.  We discussed the idea of peace and how soldiers do the difficult thing of putting themselves in danger to protect others.  Check out their work in the hallway!  Thank you for the poppy money donations.


  • Scholastic orders for November and December will go home this week.  If you’re planning to order gifts for Christmas, please do so with this order as there will not be another Scholastic order before Christmas.
  • A sign-up genius form will be sent out to you to select a pot luck item for your family to contribute for the Teddy Bear Picnic happening in our classroom on November 29th.  Your help and generosity is appreciated!  Thank you.
  • If your child has used extra clothing from his/her clothing box, please make sure you replenish it with clean items.

Prayer requests

  • For us to have soft hearts as we prepare for the advent of Jesus during this Christmas season.  For students to understand the joy and anticipation of Christ’s birth.  For students to be inclined towards Jesus and to each other as He shapes and grows us in His knowledge.
  • For teachers to have wisdom and excellent time management as we prepare report cards for the end of this term.

Kindergarden News


If you’ve not signed up for a conference rescheduled time, please do so by today.  There are a few more slots of time open tomorrow and Wednesday.  Remember that our time together is short; let’s make our meeting efficient by bringing any questions and/or concerns you may have.  Thanks!  See you during our meeting.

This week…

  • Bears, bears, bears!  Our class will begin learning about bears this month.  Please help your child select a stuffed bear that can stay at school until the end of November.  Choose a stuffed bear that won’t be missed or needed at bed time.  Bears should all be here by the end of the week so that we can do activities with the bears.
  • At the end of the month, we will celebrate our learning by having a Teddy Bear Picnic.  This is a classroom event.  I will email a sign-up genius form to have families select a pot-luck item to contribute for this shared meal.  Thank you for your willingness to support our learning!
  • This month, students will be learning about the story of Abraham and how God was faithful to him.
  • Home reading folders are available now!  Please help your child select a home reading book (up to 3) to read together at home.  Record the book title.  When your child has read 10 books, submit the folder into the basket for me to check.  If you have any questions, just come chat with me!  Enjoy your time together.
  • This month, our literacy goals include solidifying the knowledge of upper case letters, familiarity with letter sounds, identifying and writing initial sounds, and we begin work with the sight words: a, see, at, the, I
  • Before I was away on sick leave, we began working on the story: Talk and work it out.  We will complete the story this week and put the ideas into practice.  The story provides a structure for students to talk and work through disagreements or conflicts.  Use the structure in your daily life to help students solidify and practice the ideas.
    1.  Talk about the problem
    2. Listen to understand
    3. Think of ways to solve it
    4. Choose the best plan


  • Tomorrow is picture retake day.  Please let me know when you arrive in the morning if you’d like your child to have his/her picture taken again.
  • The upcoming weekend is a long weekend.  There is no school on Monday, November 13th due to Remembrance Day on Saturday.  Our library time will be rescheduled to next Wednesday, November 15th.
  • Scholastic orders forms will go home this week.  I will NOT send order form homes in December, so if you’d like to order gifts for Christmas, this is the time to do it.  Thank you!

Prayer requests

  • Praise for good health and healing for my family.  Continue to pray for everyone’s health.  Let’s pray that no one gets any major illnesses before Christmas!
  • Pray for excellent time management, wisdom and diligence as I “catch up” with work missed last week.

Kindergarden News

I thank you for your thoughts, prayers and well-wishes during this time of sickness for me and my family.  I’m grateful for your love and understanding.  Please stay healthy!

This week

  • Unfortunately, our conference times will need to be rescheduled for a later time.  Please be on the look out for rescheduling directions.  If there is difficulty scheduling time for you to meet with me, let’s be patient and flexible with each other so that we can find a time that works. I really appreciate your understanding during this inconvenient week.  Thank you!
  • November calendar will be emailed out to you today.
  • This Friday is another Family Group event.  Also, it is superhero dress up day!  If students desire, they may dress up as a super hero or an every day hero such as doctors, firefighters, police officers, etc.
  • Our class was supposed to begin home reading this week but due to my absence, that will have to be postponed until next week.  When the home reading folders are handed out, feel free to select the “I see Sam” books or the level A readers to begin with your child.  Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
  • I’ve received a few Home Project Pumpkin pictures.  If you’ve not yet sent in pictures, feel free to do so any time before the end of next week.  Enjoy your time together!
  • This week, students will read a story call The Pumpkin Patch Parable.  It is a wonderful analogy about carving a jack-o-lantern to represent the work of Christ and his Life shining within us.  Here is a link of the story being read.

Next week

  • Student photo retakes are being taken on Tuesday, November 7th.  Please remind me on Tuesday morning if you’d like your child to have their photo re-taken.
  • We will be wrapping up our pumpkin study and beginning our study of bears.  To participate in this unit, please have your child select a stuffed teddy bear that can remain at school for a few weeks.  Bring your bears next week.  Ensure that it isn’t a bear that has to go home every evening to help him/her go to sleep.  Thank you!


  • Please ensure that your child’s extra clothing box has clothing s/he can use in case of wetness.
  • Students go outside to play even in wet and windy weather.  Waterproof layers are necessary for school.  Thank you for preparing your child to be all-weather people!
  • If you’d like to complete volunteer time at home, making play dough for our class is your opportunity!  Please email me if you’d like to take part.  Thank you for your sacrifice and willingness.

Prayer requests

  • Pray for a speedy recovery for me and my family.
  • Pray that no body else gets the virus and that we can stop the spreading of illness promptly.
  • Pray for students to have a smooth and comfortable week that is a little bit different and out of routine.
  • Pray for teachers and parents to have efficient and productive conference times with one another.

Kindergarden News

Great Field Trip!

Thank you God for the sunshine during our field trip.  And thank you to parents/grandparents who made this excursion possible for our students.  We had a great time exploring the farm, learning about vegetables and animals, and picking a pumpkin!  Please send me any great photos you may have captured.  Here are a few that I got:



  • We will be finishing up our study of Noah this week.  Students will be reflecting on how God keeps His promises to His people.
  • Last week, students completed a class book illustrating what it was like inside Noah’s Ark.  Feel free to read the book during Noisy Reading!  The book truly celebrates how each student is different and unique.  I took several pictures of their “giraffe” drawings, each one representing another perspective of God’s creation.

  • Students have been learning about the pumpkin plant’s life cycle.  In addition, today we discussed how sin has affected creation as our pumpkin was very mouldy and rotten.
  • How are you doing with the pumpkin home project?  Here is the beginning of our pumpkin measurement.  The orange string is the class pumpkin.  You can email me any project photos as soon as you take them. Thanks!

Literacy Night for Kindergarten 

  • Come to school this Thursday, October 26th at 7-8PM to hear about Kindergarten Literacy.  Learn about what we do to support literacy development, our home reading program, and how you can support your child’s developing reading skills.  This is an adults only event.  Hope to see you there!

Home volunteers needed

  • If you’d like to complete some volunteer time at home, this may be the job for you!  I’m looking for a few families to make play dough on a regular basis for our classroom.  Each batch you make and donate will be equivalent to an hour of volunteer time as you will be contributing your time and resources.  Email me if you’re interested in helping our class!  Thank you for your willingness.


  •  Parent/teacher conference sign-ups will be available soon.  Ensure you sign up for a time to meet with me.  To make our conference together most efficient, consider the questions you’d like to explore regarding your child’s transition into kindergarten.  Think about your child’s social development (friends, pro-social behaviour, choices, etc.), emotional development (reactions/responses, moods, coping strategies, etc.) and academic/classroom progress (behaviours, attention & participation, abilities, etc.)  Try your best to be punctual as the meeting isn’t long (only 15 minutes) and we need to be efficient with our time together.

Prayer requests

  • Pray for continued good health and hygiene as the weather cools and the sniffles are upon us.  Remind your children to use soap regularly.  Have them practice hygienic coughing and sneezing practices (i.e. coughing and sneezing into their arms and elbows).
  • Pray for upcoming parent-teacher conferences.  May He give us insight and wisdom to educate and teach students for His glory!
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