Thank you!

  • The Teddy Bear picnic was a huge hit! Thank you so much for your help and willingness to donate food.  And thank you to the parent volunteers who provided extra hands on Tuesday – we couldn’t have done it without you! I appreciate it.
  • If you haven not received your food container from the potluck and you do need it back, send me a quick message and I can follow up for you.

Gingerbread decorating event

  • This Friday is a special family group event: the gingerbread decorating event.  You have already received emails from the school about this special day.  Please ensure the decorating items you send with your child DO NOT HAVE NUTS (e.g. peanut m&m’s, chocolate almonds, etc.)  A small cup of items will be enough for the 2 cookies.
  • This event will go a little bit longer than a typical family group event.  Students will be permitted to eat one cookie after decorating and the other will be saved for home.


  • We’ve started to look at the Christmas story.  Students will hear about the various characters involved in the birth of Christ.  We will think about the emotions experienced as each person realized the miracle of the Messiah’s birth.
  • Also, students will be introduced to our Christmas gift drive called “Gifts for the Manger.” Families are encouraged to donate new (or select gently used) baby items for the organization Crisis Pregnancy Centre.  The items donated will support parents needing assistance with their young babies.  Thank you for modelling generosity this Christmas season.
  • The whole school Christmas concert is next week.  Kindergarten families must sit in a reserved section of the audience so that when it is our turn to perform, students can easily meet the teacher in the aisle and go up to the stage as a group.  After Kindergarten students perform, I will lead the class back to the same aisle spot to return to parents for the evening.

Other December news

  • Sight words for this month: and (also last month’s bonus word), to, me, it, he
  • If you’ve not approved the consent for this month’s field trip to the Richmond Art Gallery, please log in to msm and approve the consent.
  • If you will be away for holidays and missing school days, please send me an email with the days affected.  CC the email to Mrs. R. Teodoro as well.  Thanks!


  • For hearts to be changed and moved as we consider the joy of the season.
  • For students to continue to grow and develop into the people God created them to be.  Pray for teachers and yourselves (parents) to have wisdom and insight into God’s character and guidance to support the growth of these young hearts.