Wintry weather!

  • Thank you for equipping the students to be ready to play outside even in subzero temperatures.  Continue to remind them that hats, boots, gloves, etc. are necessary and prepare us to be comfortable while being active outdoors.  Students were also reminded that it is fun to play with snow, but at school we do not throw snow at others.  Feel free to have snowball fights at home with family though 😉
  • We had a great time skating together last week. I was so proud to see students trying hard and encouraging each other on the ice.  If you have any great photos of our field trip, please email them to me. Thanks!  Our next field trip will be a school bus field trip in April to celebrate the return of Spring.  More details will be provided as we get closer to the date.
  • We had a great week being active and creative through our dance teacher Nando from Sound Kreation.  You have been sent a link to view our class dance alongside a grade 1 class.  If you cannot locate the link, let me know and I can send it to you.


  • In Bible, we have been learning about the story of Joseph and how God is in control and uses bad things for His Glory and for good things.  We are using picture cards to learn and retell the story.  Also, we have been watching sections of the movie “Joseph, King of Dreams” by Dreamworks as we learn the story.  During the upcoming student-led conferences, students will have the opportunity to share what they’re learning with you.
  • We have been talking about our personal identities this week and what makes us special.  We’ve read stories about being unique and different: “The Ugly Dumpling” and “You are special, Daniel Tiger” to help us think about our strengths.  Students will create a personal identity poster to represent who they are.  This artwork will be shared with you during the upcoming student-led conferences also.
  • Valentine’s day is on Thursday!  Please have your child bring the fruit that you signed up to contribute towards a class snack.  Usually about a cup (i.e. 250ml) or two of cut up fruit per item is enough to serve the class.  I serve the yogurt on the side as a dip, rather than mixed in with the fruit.
    On Thursday, if your child has valentine cards or treats to hand out, please have it all ready in a bag.  Leave it in their backpack or coat hook and we will have opportunity during the day to hand out cards and treats into our valentine mail bags.  Thank you for modelling generosity and inclusion with each gift giving season!


  • The home project “all about me parade float” is due after the long weekend next week.  If you’ve not yet started, the long weekend is a great time to work on the project together.
  • Thursday is our library day.  Remember that students must have a library bag to borrow books from the school library.  Reusable shopping bags, canvas totes, heavier plastic bags, work great for this.  Also, I have been asking a parent in person on Thursday morning to help return the full library bin to the library when the 8:30 bell rings, but sometimes I am busy with morning routines and miss the opportunity to ask.  If you are the last parent (or nearly the last) to leave, would you mind helping us to bring the full library bin to the school library for us on your way out? I’d appreciate that greatly.  Thank you!

Prayer requests

  • For soft, teachable hearts this term.  Students have become comfortable in the social environment and knowledgable of their peers; pray that students will have a deep understanding of themselves and others as they learn how to be a contributing member of a (classroom) community.