Happy Family Day!

  • I hope you’re thoroughly enjoying today with family and friends! Thank you for all the generosity demonstrated last week for Valentine’s day!  The students were excited to share with others and all students tried some fruit salad, even if they weren’t sure at first.  One sweet student, who originally said right away that he didn’t want any salad, changed his mind when he found out that it didn’t have any vegetables in it 🙂

Parade float parking

  • Tomorrow when you bring your child’s “When I grow up…” parade float, please park it outside the side classroom door where it says “K3 parking.”  Park close together so there’s enough room for all the floats.  I hope you enjoyed creating with your child a project that represents who s/he is!
  • To wrap up our Identity unit, students will be learning about personal safety.  This includes knowing some personal information about him/herself, such as your phone number, so that s/he is equipped to self-advocate.  This week, please provide the phone number (just 1, please) that you’d like your child to memorize.  I will leave a post-it notepad on the whiteboard for this purpose.


  • Students must have a library bag to borrow library books.  Our library day is on Thursday.  Thanks for supporting your child.
  • Wet clothing happened a lot last week – regularly check and replenish your child’s extra clothing in the classroom.
  • Student-led conference sign-ups started last week.  If you’ve not yet signed up for a time, please do so soon.  This is an important event for you and your child’s relationship demonstrating your loving care and attention to your child’s learning.  It allows your child the opportunity to teach you, which helps him/her gain a deeper understanding and solidify him/her learning, and to provide insight into your child’s days at school.  Thanks for partnering in and for your child’s education.


  • For students to continue learning and growing in the interpersonal and personal skills to help them have success in a school environment.
  • For safety during this wild winter weather we’ve been having.