Welcome, March!

  • Thank you for coming to the student-led conferences on Wednesday. It’s an encouraging show of support and positive feedback for your child as s/he celebrates and shares his/her learning journey.  I love seeing the interactions between students and parents: the confidence, the pride and joy!
  • Look for the feedback letter you wrote to your child in your mail this week!
  • I emailed the March calendar last week.  Please take note when we have library days – if students do not have their own library bag, they will not be permitted to borrow library books. Thanks for your help!
  • Tomorrow morning is a special postponed chapel from the week of the snow day.  It is presented by a grade 4 class.  It begins at regular chapel time and a regular school day will resume afterwards.

Personal safety

  • For the rest of the Identity unit, students will be learning about personal safety.  Students will practice saying some of their personal information and why it’s important to know.  If you haven’t yet provided the phone number you’d like your child to (or your child has already) memorize(d), please write it on a post-it for me.  Students will be looking for table spots with their phone numbers instead of their name tags.
  • Students will also be learning safety tips such as knowing correct terminology for private parts, what to do in an emergency, and identifying safe adults to talk to when they are feeling uncomfortable or unsafe.


  • For safety as Spring Break approaches and families are out and about, travelling, etc.
  • For good time management and efficiency as teachers are wrapping up report card writing.