Spring is [nearly] sprung!

  • The sight words for March: no, here, play, up, down
  • We’ve started to learn about the story of Moses.  Students will learn about God’s power and sovereignty as He frees the Israelites from slavery.

Safety topic

  • Students have been learning about personal safety.  We’ve talked about safe adults and strategies to stay safe. Today we learned about the “doctor words” for private parts.  Knowledge equips students to protect themselves.  Tomorrow, students will bring home a gentle and sensitive booklet to equip them in case of abuse.  Look it over and chat with your child about the booklet.  Demonstrate to your child that you are a safe person to talk to about any topic that may concern him/her.  Here is an article explaining the importance of using appropriate names for body parts.


  • Please wash and return rest time blankets/towels over the Spring break.
  • Upon returning from Spring break, we will go on a field trip to investigate signs of Spring at the Nature Park.  Please check your myschoolmanagement account to approve the field trip consent.  It is a school bus field trip.
  • Tomorrow’s chapel is presented by Mr. Paul.  The 2CH class presentation is rescheduled for Monday, April 29th at 8:30 due to sickness.
  • Term 2 report cards are published tomorrow on myschoolmanagement at 3PM


  • Pray for safety as families travel over the holiday.
  • Pray for rest and relaxation over the break.
  • Pray for health and recuperation as many students in our school is sick.