• The field trip to the Nature Park was a great success! Students enjoyed exploring the trails and learning about the local flora and fauna (we spotted lots of hummingbirds!).  We even got to pet a garter snake!
  • We learned about the 10 plagues this week during Bible time.  Students heard about how Pharaoh’s heart was hard and God showed His power and control through the plague “warnings.”  We will take a break from Moses to focus on the Easter story over the next two weeks.  Students will be opening 1-2 plastic eggs each day to discover an object relevant to Easter e.g. donkey, coins, whip, etc.  Students will record their learning and write about the objects in their “Easter Sharing Book.”   Ask to see this book during noisy reading time next week and see what your child shares about Easter!
  • Our school supports a local organization called International China Concern (ICC).  Each year during the iCare for the World week, we raise money for ICC who cares for abandoned and disabled children in China.  We will be talking about love, care and sacrifice for others, particularly the abandoned and disabled children in China.  Your child received a donation envelope today.  If you wish to participate, you can donate either online or offline using the directions on the envelope.  Please return all donations by Monday, April 15.   Thank you for your generosity!

Prayer requests

  • Praise for a wonderful week back from Spring Break! Students seemed well rested and certainly grew a lot physically and developmentally, I’ve noticed!
  • For the students over the next two weeks as they carry on learning with different teachers.