Sports Day!

  • Pray for dry weather! If sports day is indoors, spectators (parents, grandparents, visitors, etc.) will be asked to leave due to space limitations.  You’re welcome to stay if the games are (mostly) outside.
  • No need to pack a snack for tomorrow – students will have a slice of pizza and freezies during their break.
  • Please have your child bring a labelled water bottle and appropriate sun protection.  Label everything with your child’s name!
  • All students know whether they’re on the red or blue team.  Have your child wear his/her team colour.


  • Yesterday during Bible time, we learned about Jesus’ power over the unseen world (sin, spirit, etc.) and the students were very engaged and interested.  They had many insightful questions:
    • How can a person get an evil spirit?
    • What happens if you touch someone with an evil spirit?
    • Does Satan have a body?
    • If God made everything, why can’t he just make Satan good?
    • And many more….
  • If you child has more questions or wonderings about this lesson, listen and dialogue with him/her.  Give answers directly and simply.  If you don’t know the answer, it’s okay to say that.  Keep the lines of communication open so that s/he will continue to ask and learn from you.  You are their first and main spiritual teacher!

Year end field trip

  • Our field trip is next Friday! If you’ve not yet given consent for your child to attend, please log in to myschoolmanagement to do so.
  • Unfortunately, we will not be able to bring along the hot lunch next Friday.  I will ask the hot lunch volunteers to put our orders in the school freezer.  Feel free to pick it up at the end of the day or Monday.
  • Please bring a packed lunch for you and your child.  According to the permit given to us to use the park area, we have agreed for families to take home any garbage from your meal as much as possible!  The park garbage cans have limited capacity for a group of our size.  Thanks for your stewardship help!
  • If you are able to carpool for the field trip, that would also be helpful in case of a busy park day.


  • There are a few library books still checked out.  Please return the books directly to the library by the end of the day tomorrow  so that Ms. Huber can begin inventory.  Thanks!
  • Next week, students will begin bringing home school work and items.  Please leave a large bag/tote in your child’s backpack so that s/he can easily carry any excess.
  • Next week, I will also send home indoor shoes so that everything makes it home for the summer.

Prayer requests

  • For sunshine on Sports Day and on our field trip day!
  • For safety and well-being during these final days of classes.
  • For hearts and spirits to be prepared as students say good-bye and transition into another rhythm for the summer.