This blog is maintained by K3 teacher Mrs. S. Snider

I’ve lived in the GVRD for most of my life.  I completed my B.A. and B.Ed at the University of British Columbia.  I began teaching at RCS in 2008.  Things that I enjoy include spending time with loved ones, exploring the great outdoors, finding ways to be a good steward of the world, and anything to do with early childhood development!

Being able to work at RCS is a total “God-thing.”  I teach because it is what God wants me to do.  I also happen to love teaching so it’s a blessing to do it here in a Christ loving community.  Being able to regularly see students’ joy, eagerness, enthusiasm and simple understanding of God’s truths make living out obedience to God a rewarding, happy and satisfying experience.

Christian artist Jimmy Needham sings the line, “Maybe success is measured best by nothing less than our obedience.”  These words have resonated in my life.  My standards as a teacher are higher than what government or our own school regulate.  My standards come from God.  My life, actions and choices are accountable to God and this includes my teaching.  I purpose to measure success by whether my actions and development, my classroom and my students’ growth fulfills obedience to the character of God.  Having accepted Jesus at a young age, got to know Him better during high school, and developing a real relationship with Him in my late teens – my spiritual walk so far is best summarized by the word, obedience.

One of my favourite verses is from Isaiah 26:12  Lord, you establish peace for us; all that we have accomplished you have done for us.