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Core Competency Self-Reflection

All through this year, students have been practicing core competencies in their work and play.  In particular, students have worked on their communication skill of listening to others and sharing ideas.  Other specific facets of core competencies we’ve focused on include: Thinking – explaining your ideas, problem solving.  Personal/Social skills – knowing that others are different from myself.

Your child will bring home an envelope today that contains two self-reflections.  The first has your child’s self-reflection on how s/he did when telling his/her ideas to the group.  The gradient indicates whether your child thought the skill was shown “lightly” or “strongly”.  I scribed their explanation and included it with the sheet.

The second has your child identify a particular time in his/her school day where s/he noticed core competencies being used.  I scribed their explanation once they identified a core competency.

Please go over it with your child and discuss his/her responses and how you can work together grow and nurture these skills.  Continue the conversation over the summer to connect how his/her learning skills are always used, always growing. 

For more information on Core Competencies and self-reflection, please visit the Ministry of Education website at  

Book Fair Information

A favourite time of year is upon us — BOOK FAIR!

Please see the information below from Ms. Huber.

  • There will be no AR quizzes after school next week. AR classes will continue as normal during the school day.
  • The library will be open for book exchange on Monday, Thursday and Friday as per usual (no book exchange on Wednesday)
  • Students will have opportunities to browse the fair during their library classes.  Kindergarten to grade 2 classes are not permitted to bring money independently; they must purchase accompanied by a parent.
  • All sales are final so please purchase wisely.
  • Students are not permitted to purchase things for their friends or to lend money to their friends.
  • Ms. Huber sent an email with specific details.  Please look at it for more information.


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