When doing Home Reading with your child, please remember the goals of the program:

  • to support pre-literacy skills
  • to enjoy reading
  • to build a daily habit of reading
  • to spend quality time together

This is an independent activity from school, so your child can move at his/her own speed. Read anywhere from 1 to 3 books a week.   Use the “I Am Sam” readers in order or the other pattern readers starting with Level A. You may go back and forth between the two types of readers as you see fit for your child’s needs.

Please keep the books for up to a week.  You may borrow any book that your child has previously read with you. If your child is not ready for independent reading, you may simply choose one word from the book for your child to “read”, as you read the book to him/her.

The home reading books are located in the bins by the coat room.

After you child has read 10 books, please have him/her submit the home reading form into the “Home Reading” basket.  I will check in with him/her and return the sheet.

Helpful hints for home reading:

  • Read the book to your child first. You’re the model that he will follow.
  • Point the each word as you read it.  If your child has difficulty doing this when it’s her turn, guide her finger.
  • Don’t worry if text is simply memorized at first.  This is a learning stage and it will pass.
  • Students are tired after their long work day, so make the session as pleasant and stress-free as possible.
  • This program is not more important than your family activities so do not feel badly if you don’t get to it sometimes.  A regularly habit of reading together will benefit your child!