Listed here are articles that parents may find interesting or helpful. These are articles that I have read or found online. Content, perspectives and views expressed in links may not be affiliated, supported or endorsed by the school. Please be prayerful and use discretion when considering information found on the internet.

The following links are meant for parenting but I’ve found contain principles applicable to teaching.  I hope it encourages you and provides positive support for you and your family.



How Inuit parents teach kids to control their anger

Watch your conjunctions in parenting 

How to discipline kids without yelling

Raise a smart kid who loves to learn

Lunch box photo gallery  

How to raise an intelligent, creative child

Spiritual development

Raising children who are confident in God

 Teach children that the bible isn’t about them


Child development

 Why so many kids can’t sit still in school today

 The many benefits of outdoor play in kindergarten

Lessons from research about children (Government of Ontario document)

School related subjects

The Measured Mom Blog (lots of ideas for home activities on school related subjects)

Fine motor at home

Fine motor practice (mostly home games and seasonal activities)

Fine motor activities 

Real life activities to develop fine motor (Montessori based but beneficial and easy to implement)

What not to say to emerging readers

How parents and families support phonological awareness


Hold on to your kids  By Gordon Neufeld

Einstein never used flashcards By Roberta Michnick Golinkoff and Kathy Hirsh-Pasek

The power of play By David Elkind

Discipline without Damage By Vanessa Lapointe

Parenting:14 gospel principles that can radically change your family By Paul David Tripp