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Kindergarden News


  • Our Identity unit is in full swing! We started by sharing about our Winter Holiday activities with one another.  Students had opportunity to explain their activity and write about it.  I created a class book and during small group literacy rotations, students discussed how our activities are similar or different.  We talked about how observing similarities and differences help us learn and understand more about God’s world.
  • In Bible, students have been learning about Jacob and Esau.  We are learning how God is in control and can use sinful people and bad circumstances for His Glory.
  • Sight words for January: is, go, she, was, look


  • We are going skating with the other Kindergarten classes at the beginning of February.  I will send consents through my school management.  Please submit your consent as soon as you can.  Also, parent participation is needed for this field trip.  Thank you for your willingness to be a part of your child’s learning.
  • The home project for the Identity unit can be accessed by clicking the link.   ALL ABOUT ME parade-rfx9ox.
    This year, the project is similar to previous years with an intentional focus on an aspect of the student’s identity: what s/he wants to be when s/he grows up.  The cardboard “vehicle” of past years is now a parade float and can have symbols or items representing your child’s desired adult job.  I made a sample float that you can look at for idea of size and method.  It’s located outside the K1 (Mrs. Wong) classroom.  The due date for the float is Tuesday, February 19th.  The parade is scheduled for the morning of February 26th.  All floats will go home on February 27th.  Feel free to ask me if you have any questions!


  • Scholastic book orders are due next week.  I’d like to submit the order by next Thursday for a timely January delivery.  The Christmas book coupon can be used for these orders!
  • Please sign up on the Calendar for parent volunteer tasks.  I have things you can lend a hand with on a regular basis.  Thank you!


  • For health as there is illness going around that is quite lengthy.
  • For students to have a deeper understanding of who they are and how they fit into God’s story.

Kindergarden News

Thank you for your support and participation in the Christmas Concert last week. The students enjoyed performing! They were brave and sounded brilliant.  Merry Christmas!

It’s the last week of school in 2018…

  • Tomorrow is our field trip!  The school day will begin as normal, then we will take the school bus together.  Please have your child eat a filling breakfast before school.  Our snack time will be a bit later (about 11AM) when we return from the field trip. Pack a light snack so that students will still be able to eat lunch.
  • Please continue to model generosity and care as we wind up Gifts for the Manger.  This Friday’s chapel will be the gift presentation to the organization.  Donate baby items by Friday morning. Thank you!
  • Students have been learning about the people surrounding the birth of Jesus including: Gabriel, Zechariah, Mary, Joseph, Shepherds, Wisemen, and even the animals! We have been considering each perspective and how people may have felt when they learned about Christ’s birth.  We’re reading through a book called “What does God want for Christmas?” Also, we’ve been looking at advent symbolism: hope, peace, joy and this week – love and Christ’s coming.


  • If your child has brought home soiled clothing, please replace the used items in his/her extra clothing box.  Students go outside when it is wet – a hooded, waterproof jacket helps your child make the most of his/her time.  Fresh air and active bodies help students focus and regulate in the classroom.
  • Please send me an email if you will be away for any reason.  CC the email to Mrs. Teodoro for record keeping.  Thanks for your help!
  • Friday is a regular school day from 8:30 to 2:45PM


  • For safe travels as families are away for the holidays.
  • For Christ to dwell in our hearts and in the hearts of our children during this celebratory season.

Kindergarden News

Thank you!

  • The Teddy Bear picnic was a huge hit! Thank you so much for your help and willingness to donate food.  And thank you to the parent volunteers who provided extra hands on Tuesday – we couldn’t have done it without you! I appreciate it.
  • If you haven not received your food container from the potluck and you do need it back, send me a quick message and I can follow up for you.

Gingerbread decorating event

  • This Friday is a special family group event: the gingerbread decorating event.  You have already received emails from the school about this special day.  Please ensure the decorating items you send with your child DO NOT HAVE NUTS (e.g. peanut m&m’s, chocolate almonds, etc.)  A small cup of items will be enough for the 2 cookies.
  • This event will go a little bit longer than a typical family group event.  Students will be permitted to eat one cookie after decorating and the other will be saved for home.


  • We’ve started to look at the Christmas story.  Students will hear about the various characters involved in the birth of Christ.  We will think about the emotions experienced as each person realized the miracle of the Messiah’s birth.
  • Also, students will be introduced to our Christmas gift drive called “Gifts for the Manger.” Families are encouraged to donate new (or select gently used) baby items for the organization Crisis Pregnancy Centre.  The items donated will support parents needing assistance with their young babies.  Thank you for modelling generosity this Christmas season.
  • The whole school Christmas concert is next week.  Kindergarten families must sit in a reserved section of the audience so that when it is our turn to perform, students can easily meet the teacher in the aisle and go up to the stage as a group.  After Kindergarten students perform, I will lead the class back to the same aisle spot to return to parents for the evening.

Other December news

  • Sight words for this month: and (also last month’s bonus word), to, me, it, he
  • If you’ve not approved the consent for this month’s field trip to the Richmond Art Gallery, please log in to msm and approve the consent.
  • If you will be away for holidays and missing school days, please send me an email with the days affected.  CC the email to Mrs. R. Teodoro as well.  Thanks!


  • For hearts to be changed and moved as we consider the joy of the season.
  • For students to continue to grow and develop into the people God created them to be.  Pray for teachers and yourselves (parents) to have wisdom and insight into God’s character and guidance to support the growth of these young hearts.

Kindergarden News

Classroom happenings…

  • Last week, students learned about Remembrance Day, the symbolism of poppies, and the sacrifice of soldiers to protect the peace.  We re-read the story “Four feet, two sandals” to consider war & peace in a current setting through the eyes of children.  We also reflected on what Peace feels like after reading the book “What does Peace feel like?”  By Vladimir Radunsky
  • In our study of real bears, students have had the chance to “research” information about bears based on their own wonderings.  After we compiled what students already know about bears, we created questions we had about bears then took to non-fiction books to discover facts.  Students were given opportunity to share their learning by writing, drawing or speaking.  The collection of learning is posted in the classroom above the pretend kitchen.
  • As students discovered the changing weather, they noticed some interesting “seed pods” at the playground.  Last week, they harvested a basketful and we brought it into the classroom.  We recorded our observations, asked questions and drew pictures of the specimen.  During rotations, I showed them my “guess and check” method of looking up information on google (which many students could identify! ) to discover that their discovery certainly is a seed pod from a sweet gum tree.  Next week, we are planning to plant the seed pods to see what will happen…. stay tuned!

Seed pods from sweet gum trees

Social, emotional, spiritual…

  • Students were introduced to the next chapel theme: Words.  They saw more object lesson/experiments today teaching the principle that our actions show what our words express; actions and words ought to match the love that God gives us.
  • We read stories a first nations story about how the feeling of safety and security is a gift that we can give to others and take away from others.  This story lines up with the lessons learned in chapel today.  Students also were reminded of appropriate reactions when expressing anger or upset including: walking away, using words to say ‘I’m mad’, stomping feet, talking to an adult.
  • This week, we began a little bit of critical and social thinking on the topic of speaking other languages.  I presented the fact that it is awesome that kids can speak multiple languages, that knowing another language is good.  But the challenge is that our classroom is a place where everyone should feel included and safe, so how can we as class community navigate the path of speaking other languages while ensuring others are included and safe?  It’s a big question, one that will take time for us to experience, reflect and practice.


  • Next week, I will send up a sign-up genius for our Teddy Bear Picnic Potluck.  The event is an in school event on November 27th.  It is for lunch food but if you feel like your child won’t be interested in the potluck items, feel free to send him/her a lunch that day as normal.
  • Next Friday, November 23rd is a Pro-D day.  There is no school for students.

Prayer requests

  • Safety in travel as there are still many families in our class that are away.
  • Excellent insight and time management as teachers prepare report cards.
  • Continual deep learning as the students live and learn alongside one another.

Kindergarden News

Rainy season is upon us. Please equip your child to be prepared for the weather.  Send them to school in boots and a waterproof, hooded jacket.  Ensure that extra clothing boxes are stocked with clean socks, pants, etc.


  • Last week, students read a story called “The Pumpkin Patch Parable” which encourages us to be transformed by God and allow His light to shine out to others who see us.  Students created their own pumpkin faces using oil pastels.  We also started a new reading challenge pattern book this week called “Pumpkin life cycle.”
  • Continue to read the reading challenge books that come home periodically to encourage your child to practice and build on those early reading skills.
  • Pumpkin home project presentations begin next week.  If you have pictures for your child to present, please email to me by next week.  This is a simple presentation time.  I will display the photos on the T.V. and ask the students to tell us about the picture.  It is short and your child can be prepared by just chatting casually with you about what you did together (e.g. remember when we cut the pumpkin? can you describe how we did it? etc.)
  • Bears, bears, bears!.. is our theme for November.  Please have your child select a stuffed bear that can remain at school for the month of November.  We will do activities with our bears throughout the month.  Select a bear that is not a favourite i.e. required to sleep at night, as the stuffed bears will stay until November 30th.  Thank you!
  • The sight words that we will work on this month are: I, a, at, see, the (bonus word: and)  You can reinforce your child’s sight word recognition by pointing it out and allowing him/her to read that particular sight word when you read books together, when you see it in the environment, play guessing games while you drive (e.g. I’m thinking of a sight word that only has 1 letter… etc.)
  • We need to make a schedule change to the order of our specialty classes (Music, Art & Gym)  The order effective next week will be: 11AM Gym, 11:25AM Music, 11:55AM Art.

Home Reading

  • Home reading folders will go home next week.  The goal of the home reading program in Kindergarten is to develop a habit and enjoyment of reading.  Please read the letter found in the folder for information.  Also, feel free to switch between the sight word series (Sam) and the pattern reader books (begin with Level A).  Home reading books should not replace enjoying library books and favourite stories that you read regularly.  Keep reading together!

Thank you

  • Your generosity and love is so greatly appreciated! Thank you for all the wonderful books you’ve contributed to our classroom through the book fair wish lists.  It is, and always has been, such a giving and kind community.


  • For health, safety and wellness during this season of sniffles.  We also have a few families that are travelling this month.  Let’s remember to pray for them.
  • For hearts and minds to be prepared for Remembrance Day next week.
  • For teachers to have good insight and time management as we embark on report card time this month.  Thank you!


Literacy night powerpoint

Here are a few of the slides from the Kindergarten Literacy night for your personal reference.

Kindergarten Literacy Night-20zxnna

Book Fair Information

A favourite time of year is upon us — BOOK FAIR!

Please see the information below from Ms. Huber.

  • There will be no AR quizzes after school next week. AR classes will continue as normal during the school day.
  • The library will be open for book exchange on Monday, Thursday and Friday as per usual (no book exchange on Wednesday)
  • Students will have opportunities to browse the fair during their library classes.  Kindergarten to grade 2 classes are not permitted to bring money independently; they must purchase accompanied by a parent.
  • All sales are final so please purchase wisely.
  • Students are not permitted to purchase things for their friends or to lend money to their friends.
  • Ms. Huber sent an email with specific details.  Please look at it for more information.


Kindergarden News

October is in full swing! I have already received some fall home project photos.  Continue to send pictures as you do activities with your children.  Students of this age love sharing about their experiences and learning.  They will have opportunity to share in the first week of November.


  • Students have been considering feelings and what makes us feel various emotions.  We’ve come up with ways that we can calm down when we’re feeling upset or angry.  Take a look at the poster in our classroom and point out ways that *you* as a parent calm down.  See if the two of you can think of more ways that help calm yourselves when you’re feeling upset.
  • In math, students are becoming more creative with their patterns.  Recognizing and working with patterns become the basis of understanding more complex concepts and mathematic operations.  It helps people to develop generalizations and relationships to understand the world better.
  • Last week, students read a pattern reader called “Leaves on the pumpkin”  Throughout the day, students can choose to do “Reading Challenge” – where they read the book to a peer, record the peer’s name and is given a sticker for their reading practice.  The students are feeling very encouraged and excited to “read” this book independently and I’m excited that they’re pumped about reading, and practising their writing at the same time 😉
  • In Bible, we have been learning about the story of Noah.  We’ve been discussing how sin separates us from God, and how His heart breaks when he’s separated from His children.  We will learn how Noah represents God’s faithfulness to his creation and the principle that God keeps His promises.

Emergency procedures

  • Today the students learned about Lockdown and Hold & Secure drills.  These procedures are intended to protect students in the event of a safety threat.  I approach the topic by addressing that since there is sin in the world, sometimes there can be danger and hurt.  I also kept it matter of fact, that when we know how to listen and follow directions, know who the safe adults are in the school, we can help keep ourselves safe.  Students were very attentive and curious.  They asked appropriate questions and had interesting wonderings: what if all three emergencies happen at the same time? What if the building doesn’t keep us safe? What if during a lockdown there is a fire?  I addressed all their concerns, but know that they may have more questions as they process this information.


  • Tomorrow’s special event led by Mrs. Schneck as you approved in my school management.
  • There is rain in the forecast.  Please help your child dress appropriately for the weather and ensure there is a good supply of dry clothing.
  • Thursday is library day.
  • Thursday evening is Kindergarten Literacy night.  If you attended the kindergarten literacy night last year, feel free to take the evening to read at home with your children 😉 The format is exactly the same as last year.  If you attended the kindergarten literacy night in previous years, please come again as it is different from before.  Thank you for partnering with us for your child’s education.

Prayer requests

  • For attentive, calm students and safety for tomorrow’s special event.
  • For the upcoming parent-teacher conferences that it may be a beneficial and productive time to touch base about the students’ development.
  • Praise for how God has helped students in our class feel comfortable, settled and connected with one another.  I am enjoying the front row seat in watching them grow together!

Kindergarden News

This has been a wonderful week filled with sunshine, learning and PUMPKINS! If you have any great photos of our students on our pumpkin field trip, please email me a copy.
I have already received evidence of the fall project from some families.  Enjoy this opportunity to do fun family activities with your child to connect learning from home and school.  Email me photos of the fall project activities by the first week of November (5th-9th).


  • This week, students learned a new activity with Mrs. Low called counting collections.  This activity is done with a partner and allows students to practice math skills such as counting quantity accurately, social skills such as taking turns, and problem solving skills such as using different ideas to count items (e.g. counting in a line, in a group, on a 10-frame, etc.).  It also allows them to practice printing numerals as they record their collection number.
  • Students learn to print letters in a particular way to help them master writing and develop connections in their brains.  Help your child form letters in this way when you can – remember, encouragement is positive and productive tool when young children begin the writing process.
    For the letter “a”: At the leaf begin. Go round the apple this way. Then add a line down, so Annie won’t roll away.
    The letter “c” is: Curve round Clever Cat’s face to begin.  Then gently tickler her under her chin.
  • This week, we will take a close look at the process of identifying our emotions and finding a way to help ourselves calm our feelings.

Emergency procedures…

  • Today, students practiced our first earthquake drill.  We instruct them to stop & listen, cover (under a table), and hold (the table leg) throughout the shaking.  When the shaking stops, we count aloud to 60.  Then students wait for teacher direction to line up and evacuate the building as quietly, quickly and safely as possible.
  • Next week, students will learn about a hold & secure and lockdown drill.

Prayer requests

  • Thanksgiving – thank you for your prayers and well-wishes during that busy time around the teacher’s convention. It went smoothly and well.  I appreciate your love and support.
  • Pray for students to be calm and settled as we practice various emergency procedures.
  • Continue to pray for good health and well-being as cold & flu season is at our door.

Kindergarden News

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving long weekend. Students seemed very rested and ready to return to our class this week!


  • Last week, students reflected on Thanksgiving.  We wrote down what we’re thankful for as a class and also individually in student journals.  We read a story called “Four feet, two sandals” to consider what other children might be thankful for.  This story is available to read in our book nook.  It is a powerful story about two girls in a refugee camp in Pakistan.  From the mouth of babes: “That was a good story.”
  • We have been exploring the changes in the weather – Fall is here! We’ve been collecting fall treasures to share with the class.  With the treasures, we notice similarities and differences and observe with our senses.  Continue to walk outside with your children and collect fall treasures together!
  • We began our phonics program, Letterland, this week.  Students learned to write the letter c from the top to the bottom of the curve.  Ask your child to show you what s/he learned!
  • In numeracy, students have started to learn about patterns, practicing and noticing them in our environment.  Students will also begin counting and writing numerals this week.
  • Tomorrow, we will read a story about pumpkins. Look for a term 1 home project to be emailed to you this week.  Home projects are opportunities for your family activities to connect with our school learning.  Students will have a chance to share about their home project with their classmates.  It is a source of pride for them to share what they do together with you!


  • Our field trip is on Tuesday.  Please refer to the consent form sent to you for information.  Thank you!
  • Thursdays are our library days.  If your child doesn’t bring his/her library books on Thursday, feel free go with your child to return the books and borrow books after school.
  • If your child has returned with soiled clothing, please ensure you replenish the box with the necessary items.  The weather is turning wetter — we need extra clothes handy! Thanks!

Prayer items

  • For good health and wellbeing so that we can all be ready to learn.
  • For relationships with peers and teachers to continue establishing in a strong and secure  manner.
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