Here are some useful links and resources that I came across during preparations for my workshop (2014).  Thanks for your patience, workshop participants.  I appreciated your support and feedback! – a web based cloud specifically for internet links. – an iPad/iPhone book app for kids under 12 years.

Online webinar for using twitter in the classroom

Ideas for tweeting in primary grades

Tweeting with Kindergarten

More twitter considerations

Article re: integrating technology in meaningful ways

Kathy Cassidy Blog – experienced teacher where tech is essential to her primary classroom; great info and tips.

Kathy Cassidy – why digital literacy

Kathy Cassidy – teaching literacy with iPads

Monster in my email – descriptive writing activity; probably for older grades, even intermediate.

Looking closely collaborative project – the #kinderchat group is a twitter based community.  The website has great resources though, not only for twitter users. – beautiful illustrations and book page formatting to help creative juices flow; probably for older grades, or with younger students, as collaborative writing.

Simple apps to incorporate with many different potential uses:
Shadow puppet, pic collage (or any photo collage app), tell about this

Dr. Ruben Puentedura’s SAMR model for incorporating technology in Education

The technology integration matrix by the Florida Center of Instructional Technology

Kathy Cassidy talks about safety and digital citizenship – great insight here!

Digital timers

Noise regulating app

Skype classroom

Online projects (usually collaborative with other classes)

Educational hashtags (for twitter, or even other apps such as Instagram)