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Grade 6 Residential School Stations
STATION 1:  "WHEN I WAS EIGHT" VIDEO Please click the link below to watch this story about a young girl sent to residential school.  Afterwards, please sit with your group at table 1 and discuss what you learned about residential school from t (More)
How to use BookCreator app
Hello!  You have TWO ways to learn how to use the Book Creator app for your poem, an illustration and an audio recording. If you learn best by WATCHING, here's a video explaining what to do: If you (More)
McLibrary Olympics Keva submissions
For our library Olympics, one event had students creating structures of their choosing using minimum 100 blocks.  Here is a gallery of some of the most creative: &nbs (More)
BUILDER'S CHALLENGE 5: Disney or Sports scene
  Here are some of our submissions for our 5th builder's challenge- using any supplies students wanted:     Second prize goes to another Lego (More)
Builder's Challenge 3- RCS Staff
TODAY'S CHALLENGE: Students had a box of random odds and ends from which to create an RCS staff member of their choice.  Click through the gallery to see which staff members made it into the challenge, and scroll down to see our first and seco (More)
Builder's Challenge 2: Famous building
  Here are our contest entries for our second builder's challenge: SECOND PLACE goes to The Colosseum by Brayden and Owen in Grade 6: [gallery (More)

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